Monday, 25 February 2008

25th February 1979

Sunday 25
Got up at 10.00
Walked Fi to the bus stop
Phoned 'J'
Sam phoned 2x .. really pleased
My brother went to Morecambe
Fi phoned
Tried to do an essay on the 'Working class Tory Voter
'Strange my writing slants way over to the right now!

Well folks thanks for taking part in the 'How Sexy Are You?' quiz yesterday.
Be thankful you didn't get mostly D's!! lol !

Mostly A's
Wow! You're certainly conscious that you are female! In fact you emphasise it so much no one could fail to notice it. This is great if it is what you really want. It could however lead to trouble like the wrong kind of boyfriend (70s Ed ~ how do they work that out???). If you want a more successful and deep relationship you need to calm it down a bit. Try and forget being a flirt for a bit and concentrate in being a more steady person (70s Ed ~ oh come on???)

Mostly B's
You have the nicest type of sex appeal. You manage to be very attractive to boys without making it obvious that you want them to be attracted. It all come naturally (70s Ed~ it has taken years of practice lol). You have a strong sense of humour and a genuine interest in people. You seem to be doing ok so far! If you can avoid being smug about it you will have a happy life and the males in it will mostly be the right ones (70s Ed ~ I guess I must have been smug along the way lol)

Mostly C's
You are going through a rather self conscious phase at present, so you are not making the most of your attractiveness to the opposite sex, in fact you seem a little scared of boys. It will improve with time. Try and enjoy yourself in male company. Just relax and let life take its course and soon you will be wondering what you were worrying about (70s Ed~ I wouldn't have been worried before this advice but as for after?????....... !!)

Mostly D's
You are just not trying! Your prickly exterior is putting people off and no wonder! (70s Ed~ I would like to point out that my solitary 'd' was coz I like to wear jeans and a jumper after wearing a suit all week at work!! phew!) You've got to get it together; you have only one life to live. Start on a course of conscious self improvement. Take a critical look at your clothes, your hair, the expression you usually wear on your face- it can't be all that bad. Go on, smile at yourself in the mirror, thats a pretty good place to start! (70s Ed - wow thank goodness non of us were prune faces .... all a bit harsh!!!)


shle3pyb4by said...

OMG!!! but u know i didnt do sexy thing or what so ever... OMG! *but i am grinning, as i thought it was fun tho'*

uhuhh... i guess im always in trouble!! tee hee... :)

70steen said...

Stay as you are b4by, full of fun (steady is dull lol) :-)

tNb said...

I must have been really smug! ;-)

70steen said...

tNb~ lol shall I get us some 'smug club' badges made *snigger* :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

ay, thanks 70steen! i got the sexy secretary award! tee hee!! :)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Sometimes I wish I was a goddess ...... got any quizzes for peabrains?

Sugar Queens Dream said...

Hi ya 70's back and glad to be visiting your blog first~~

70steen said...

WTG b4by great award :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ I have only got quizzes about 'peabrains' but for you I will see what I can do :-)

70steen said...

YEAH SQ ~ Welcome Back hun. Hope you had a great break away .
You have missed DPs fan club... get signed up and if you have any doubts read my fanzine

Hugz :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

hi 70steen... :)
actually, my internet got blocked. some stupid thingy with the provider. but now, im online with someone's else wifi! hahaha....

just now i nearly cried as i cant get online. silly me!

uhuh, anyway... you heard about my award of being a sexy secretary eh? i wonder how that happen! i thought i couldnt be in the category! te eheee... :) *SUPER twirl*

70steen said...

ssshhussssh about stealing wifi!

You should SUPER twirl as the award is justified :-)

fracas said...

Not that you really wanted to know, but I was tied with equal a's and b's.

Oh sex-quiz guru of the 70s, what does that mean?

(Yeah.. uhhh, I didn't mean you DP, rofl.)

70steen said...

Well dear Frac I think that confirms you are one heck of a Fraccy Sister in my book .... feminine, flirty with a natural sex appeal.... go Frac go !! lol :-)