Tuesday, 26 February 2008

26th February 1979

Monday 26
Got a letter off Sam
Wrote back
I do miss him

Missed my train this morning

Fi came 4th in the hairdressing competition
tan & Mike phoned
Phoned Fi & Sam
Still don't know what is happeni
ng this weekend? (what is happening this weekend??)

I don't usually do two quizzes on the 'bounce' but a certain 'peabrain' (aka GoG or DP) has mooted he wished he was a goddess (god forbid) so he could do a quiz. So to stop any un natural chance of nature I rooted around and found this in the 'Best of Jackie'. Published Circa mid 1970's and is pretty 'peabrain' material :-) The pictures are quite 'scruddy' and I have added some of my own.... so are you ready for ...

'Everyone responds to the world around them, even without realising it. And the way you react to your surroundings reveals a lot about your personality. So look closely at each of our illustrations and decide which statement is closest to the way you feel.............find out the hidden personality secrets you revealed!!'

1) Clouds
a) they make you forget the everyday world and feel like floating away?
b) They make you sad because they cast a shadow
c) They're dramatic, striking and some times sinister
d) They make you feel quite indifferent
e) You enjoy trying to see faces, castles or weird animals in them

2) Trees
a) They make you feel secure, you want to shelter under them
b)You're not interested in them
c) You'd love to paint them
d)They make you feel a bit creepy as they are full of insects
e)You like to think of birds nesting in them and furry animals burrowing under them

3) Mountains
a) They make you think about eternity because you know they will be there after you have gone
b) They make you feel lonely and insignificant
c)You think they are hostile because men die trying to climb them
d) You've never stopped to think about them
e) They give the impression they are protecting you and keeping you safe

4) Black Holes in space (70s Ed- I did think to post a photo of my teens bedroom here lol)
a) They're scary
b) You'd love to measure how deep they are
c) They're strange and unfathomable
d) You wish you could travel on and on down to discover what is at the bottom
e) You have no interest

5) Roof Tops
a) You love to see them when they are wet and gleaming after the rain
b) You dislike them
c) You are always worried in case they fall down
d) You imagine crafts from outer space landing on them
e) When you look down you imagine a child's building set

6) Raindrops
a) They don't affect you
b) You'd like to see them through a microscope
c) You love their strange and interesting shapes
d)They make you feel like singing to their pitter patter rhythm
e) they make you feel about tears and tragedy

7) Stones
a) You love to hear your feet scrunching over them
b)Their shapes are really interesting, like a modern sculpture
c) A stone is a stone
d) They are grey and dreary
e) They make you think of the end of everything

8) Shadows
a) They make you shiver and feel anxious
b)You pay no attention to them
c) You think it makes people look like cartoon characters
d) You imagine they could lead an independent life of their own
e) You are interested in how they are actually formed

9) Splashes of paint
a) Each one is bright and gay and makes you think of something funny
b) Every splash troubles you
c) Each one is like a modern painting
d) You wonder how the paint splash got there, was it by mistake?
e) You think it's sloppy and a waste of paint

10) Human Body (the second piccie is from a book called 'Bathing Beauties' that I picked up from a book shop for 50p. It is great. Full of old postcards picturing 'real' women :-) )
a) It's so awkward looking
b) It's a poem in perfect harmony. So natural
c) It's interesting from a scientific point of view
d) It looks like it came about by accident
e) It is rather ridiculous

Ok this Comp is not about 'how many A;s, B's etc' note them down and tomorrow I will tell you what each A, B etc scores and the results ;-)


70steen said...

I got 81 btw :-)

shle3pyb4by said...

here's my answer!! 1e, 2d, 3b, 4d, 5e, 6d, 7a, 8c, 9c, 10c.

uhuhhhh... i wonder what it tells! :)

*twirl naturally!!*

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Now, this is better!!

The problem is, that for each question I answered a,b,c,d and e.All those thoughts might go through my head as well as loads of others.

I wish that there had been a question about llamas - my attitude towards them is pretty straight forward.

Roll on Friday - tee hee

Anonymous said...

three of my answers are the same as b4by's... womder what that could possibly mean?

love the bathing beauty

shle3pyb4by said...

daddy is trying to avoid this quizz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! daddy just do it, or i will be so pissed!! :(

nm, we got the same answers? :) we'll see what it looks like... uhh, when is the answers coming out??

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I am NOT trying to avoid anything - I can never answer these quizzes - really.

I am one big grey area - tee hee

70steen said...

I have just got in so I will see to the results in a mo!!

So NM & B4by have similar selections..... I have just been looking for mine but I must have chucked them after I added them up doh!

Oh DP do you know how long that took me to do that post last night after your pleading tsk!!!!