Thursday, 14 February 2008

14th February 1979

Wednesday 14

Hair permed 11.30 = Curly (OMG... mistake I think!!)
Cost £9.30

Got a Valentine's card off Sam's sister ????? (erm yes????)

He got 2 cards
Phoned him
He sounded pretty cheerful
Wish I could have been with him today

Fi Phoned

Once I had manged to battle my way into the house tonight, through the bouquets of red roses lol, I found a lovely surprise waiting for me.
A parcel.
Well you know how much I love parcels :-)

It was first class airmail from America
Such excitement!!!

It was my Laga handbag.
A little while back
Linda (at Lindas) ran a fabulous competition in conjunction with FuelmyBlog. So never one to miss an opportunity 'to put my hat in the ring' I entered.
My little ditty that you could sing-a- long to with Dolly Parton actually won. Yes I was amazed too!!!

I had a selection of prizes to choose from... truffly chilling bath things, kitty mittens, candles oh and loads loads more.
My choice was made when I read about Laga handbags. The company was established following the awful tsunami that hit Indonesia and surrounding areas on Boxing Day 2004. An event I certainly will always recall after seeing the graphic TV footage that day and for some time afterwards.

The bags are all handmade by tsunami victims in Aceh. Eventually it is hoped that Laga will employ 1,200 local people to make these exquisite bags and bring a renewed economy to the stricken area.
The embroidery designs are based on original Acehnese work that has been passed down through many generations.

'Laga' means 'beautiful' in Acehnese and beautiful they are indeed.
I am proud to now own one, no two bags are the same and I doubt many people in the United Kingdom have one (what a unique feeling that is) ..... & yes Roy (VanBroekhuizen, Chairman of Laga) I certainly will let you know the UK's response when I get them.
This gorgeous bag is coming with me to work tomorrow that is for sure & thank you so much Laga, Linda & FMB :-)

even the bottom of the bag is embroidered
(this will definitely not be put on the floor!!)

Oh and a very Happy Valentines Day everyone xxxxx

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Daddy Papersurfer said...

Are you missing me? I knew you were ...........

70steen said...

Of course I am ...... I thought I had woken up in I am Legend this morning

tNb said...

Oh, a very belated V-Day to you!

How many times did I perm before I realized my hair was never meant to be curly???

Anonymous said...

gorgeous bag! and a very happy belated valentine's to you too my lovely friend xx

sylvie d said...

The bag looks great! what an excellent timing, happy belated Valentine!

70steen said...

tNb~ yep it took a long time to sink in with me too that curly permed hair is not cool (only one advantage if it rained your hair still looked the same)lol

70steen said...

NM & Sylvie.... the bag is tres gorge... I love it :-) x

Linda said...

Yay! Glad it arrived. Let us know how they liked it at work, too!


fracas said...

70steen - You deserve a fabulous bag! How neat that it arrived on Valentine's Day.

DaddyP - I think there are some people who are missing you. I can't say exactly who those people might be, but, well... ummm.. the forest talks when a person is hovering over a cauldron.

70steen said...

Linda~ I will keep you posted (I work mostly with men ... so I doubt many would notice.... lol)

70steen said...

Frac~ Thank you my dear Covern Leader :-)

Tell me who they are and I will send them the number for my therapist lol ;-)