Friday, 30 November 2007

Last Friday in the month (just)

As promised to NM I would publish a T-shirt on the last Friday in the month ...... this is early 80s in Marbella after the Spanish Police had searched me and Sam ... a random pull in their book but a traumatic experience in mine

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

1978** November ** 2007

November 28th 1978

Missed the 8.40 train
next one 9.05 got to Tech at 9.20 =ok
Sam met me at 3.00
Went Christmas shopping bought 'J' a pair of leg warmers (hey they are back in fashion as I have bought my Teen some)
Got home at 5.30
Sam came round at 6.30 & left at 11.00
Listened to my brothers records on eery sound = very funny (no idea what this was??)
Sam has decided what he is buying me for Christmas but won't tell me

November 28th 2007
What a wet morning, so dismal and grey
Struggled to get up coz it was so warm and comfy in bed
Did the usual routine
Got the 9.10 train which was on time for a change
In work for 9.45
Did some stuff and long discussions over frustrating work issues.
Went to a security meeting
At lunch nipped (well it was supposed to be a quick visit) to Waterstones to get Christmas presents for Fi et al who are off to Australia for a month over Christmas.
What a wonderland of books and ideas..... got lost in the wonder of 3 floors of magic
Had a preparation meeting for my 2 day trip down to the South Coast tomorrow
Called in Tesco in town on my way home. Spotted Bernie Nolan shopping there. (one of the Nolan Sisters) I hadn't realised just how petite she is. She must be practicing her panto bit at the Opera House I think she is the Fairy God Mother in Cinderella.

she is the main singer on here and doesn't look a year older
Caught the 17.45 which was 15 minutes late.

Gorgeous boy rang me whilst I was on the train. Lovely to hear from him except the woman opposite was also on the phone and SO loud. She was like someone of Trigger Happy TV (HELLO, YES I CAN YOU HEAR ME )... even GB said tell her to shut up & I can't hear what you are saying! Some people just have no consideration .............

Home at 18.45
Made tea
Washed up
Surfed whilst cooking
Phoned Mum
Got an e mail off Sam. He is resigning his job on Friday and setting up his own company. How exciting for him I am pleased. e mailed back to congratulate
B& B

Wonderous Wednesday

Not sure who he is? he is cute though & to use an early 70steen expression......cor !!!!!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

1978 *> November <* 2007

November 27th 1978
College at 9.00
Got 60% for my essay on Vandalism & Delinquency (I wonder what I got for my essay on Flour?)
Didn't see Sam during the day today
Bought Mar part of her Christmas presy (wow I was far more organised then on the Christmas front)
Got home at 5.30
Talked to K on the train
Washed my hair
Sam came round at 6.20
Went to the railway at 7.45
Met Fi at 8.15
Went to school for the Chrimbo Fair but it had finished (doh! too much time spent in the pub me thinks?)
Went back to Fi's - got a taxt 51p (OMG the last taxi I got home cost me £20)
had a great laugh
Got the bus at 11.12 (sorry that is so precise) nearly missed it
Sam stayed at Mike's
November 27th 2007
The usual morning routine ...... gosh isn't being an adult boring at times lol
Decided to drive to work, had little fuel so stopped at garage on the way.
Got blocked in at a pump that wasn't working properly was there 15 minutes whilst they sorted it
Got to work at 9.50
Did on line course on Economics ahead of classroom event
Dealt with some urgent e mails
Meeting in the afternoon
Worked through lunch as I wanted to leave early as Manchester United where playing Sporting Lisbon in the Champions League so the traffic would be hell

Finally left at 16.45....... Got home at 18.15
I live 10 miles from the office. Managed to get into 3rd gear after an hour..... first 5 miles took 1 hour 20 minutes the last 5 miles 10 minutes (Bar humbug... definitely taking the train tomorrow)
Put tea on
Was forced to watch 'America's Next Top Model' by Teen.... what a load of rubbish!!
Rang Mum.
Blogged and did e mails. Got one off my 'seasoned blogger' , he's doing ok!

Monday, 26 November 2007

1978 ~ November ~ 2007

November 26th 1978
Got up at 11.30.
Woke Sam up
He left at 12.40
Had a bath & washed my hair
Went to Waterloo at 2.30
Sam bought a 'zone ticket' for £4.70 (why oh why would I want to put that in a diary??)
Stayed in all afternoon, had a great time (eeeek!!! I suppose it has been a while!!)
Went into Southport at 8.00
Went to the 'Brick & Rummies
Weather = very cold & icy - winter is here again (erm doh it IS winter, it's not going to go away and come back in a matter of days!!)
Sam is in a fantastic mood (I bet he was!!)

November 26th 2007
Got up at 6.00. What a struggle this morning to not hit the snooze button more than once.
Shower & hair wash.
No time to take pup out, throwing ball up the garden only this morning
Got teen up, fed her then out the door
I had a meeting arranged at 9.00.
Opened e mails and found out meeting was cancelled (Doh!!)
Got stuck into a report ... in fact had a very productive day
Got home at 18.30. walked the pup. What a wet, damp evening.
Had left over lasagne for tea
Couldn't put it off any longer had to do Mount Everest ironing pile, watched Coronation Street (not seen it in ages, but still know what is going on ... oo Maria is pregnant!!)
Picked up Teen at 20.30
Did a bit more ironing whilst watching 'I'm a celebrity..get me out of here' (what is that about???)
'J' phoned, had a good old girly chat putting a few wrongs to right

Sunday, 25 November 2007

1978 << November >> 2007

November 24th 1978

Got B1 for Business Studies
Ordered red roses & pink carnations for brother's girlfriend for my brother they cost £5.00
(I wonder what that is in real terms now, what about 30 quid maybe??)
Got home at 4.30
Washed my hair & had a bath
Sam came round at 7.30
I am really glad to see him
Went to brother's girlfriends 21st party
It was very good, booze = cheap
Me, Sam and my other brother and his girlfriend = a bit drunk
Danced a lot
Got home at 2.00 am ish. Sorry about the writing hic!
November 25th 1978
Worked 11.00 - 5.00
£4.00 wages
Weather = freezing, hailstones and the lot
Sam met me from work at 5.00
He went to the Railway until 6.00
Went to Ainsdale Cricket Club disco = 60p to get in
Was there 8.30 - 12.00 = ok (those were the days when I could party 2 nights on the trot and still feel ok!!!!)
2 of my teachers from school were there
Came home, got really soaked and freezing cold.
Watched an old film 'I believe in you' 1952
Sam stayed

I do love him

November 24th 2007
Got up at 8.00
Took pup out, it is bitterly cold and lashing it down
Cleaned downstairs

Picked up teen at 10.00 from her mates house, more tales of McFly (she certainly had a great time, there is nothing better than live gigs!)
Went to pick up 'J' from Piccadilly Station at 12.15.
It is so great to see her
Dropped Teen off at her mates to go ice skating
Came home, had a cup of tea, some toast and a gab then we went off to the Lowry Centre

Did some shopping, then did some culture, a tour round the art galleries
Stopped for a cappuchino and some orange and Mascarpone cake =gorgeous
Came home via the supermarket, bought an Indian takeaway and some wine
Ate, drank and were very merry
Bed at 1.30 am
November 25th 2007

Got up at 9.00
God my head hurts
Made some pikelets for breakfast (when I say 'made' I opened the packet and put them under the grill!)
Took the pup out on the field. It was very muddy but dry and fresh today
Lots and lots of Earl Grey later, picked up teen from mates house and took 'J' back to Piccadilly Station for her train home.
Came home via Mcdonald's (great hangover food)
Teen was home for 1 hour then went to the Trafford centre with her mate to do some christmas shopping
Caught up on the washing and generally vegged out this afternoon
Made lasagne for tea, picked Teen and her mate from bus stop
E mail off 'J' she got home ok albeit her train was late
Phoned Mum
So tired ... early night for me

Friday, 23 November 2007

1978 !! November !! 2007

November 23rd 1978
Got up at 10.00
Tidied and polished the living room
Went to college at 12.00
Made flaky pastry in cookery. (now what a phaff that was, I can safely say I have NEVER made it since, if the urge to make something involving such pastry has come over me (it has been rare) then it is straight to the supermarket to the chiller cabinet for ready made, even Delia has a 'cheat' recipe which she describes as 'doesn't involve the turning, rolling, resting and all the palaver that goes into the real thing'. )

Got home at 6.45
Watched T.V. all night
Wrapped Mum's present for my brothers girlfriend
Sam phoned
He was only on for about 3 minutes
Can't wait to see him tomorrow

November 23rd 2007
Over slept ... got up at 7.10 (darn that snooze button)
Train was late , got into work at 9.55
Transcribed business notes from this weeks meetings
Went looking for a snazzy Christmas outfit = failed
Bought a few stocking fillers for teen
Drew the short straw, I am not taking Teen's to McFly but I am picking them up
Did loads of research into parts of the Law I am involved in .... why oh why do they make it so complicated?
Beautiful day, sunny, cold and not a cloud in the sky.
Train home was late ... home at 19.15
Gorgeous Boy texted, he is out on the 'beer'
Text of 'J' she is arriving tomorrow at 12.15, can't wait to see her, not seen 'J' since Easter
Cleaned & hoovered upstairs, made up bed for 'J' and put washing in
Phoned Mum
Surfed a bit
Left at 21.45. Car frozen over. Minus 3 on the car thermometer, so sat for 20 mins whilst car defrosted
Picked up Teens from M.E.N. (wasn't the best idea to take the pup as she loves everyone & she got a bit squished with the 1000's flooding out, ended up carrying her)
Teen's said that McFly was the best concert they have ever been too... money well spent then!
Dropped my Teen and other teen's at one house
Got home at 23.10
Wine, B & B

Thursday, 22 November 2007

1978 {{{ November }}} 2007

November 22nd 1978
Geography II resit
Entered myself for the wrong Syllabus- entered syllabus B instaed of A.
They may not accept my exam... it explains why it was quite diffiult (gosh you numpty young 70s!!)
'J' came round for 1/2 hour
Fi came round & she cut out a pattern for a blouse
Bought a necklace from the sweetshop with a peace symbol on it (from the sweetshop??)

Sam phoned he says he likes his job
I got a bit fed up alter on thinking what is the future for me & Sam
Weekend - weekend relationship basis but I still love him
I am ok now though

November 22nd 2007
Rush morning wanted to get out for 8.30 train but missed it so came home picked up car and drove in
Traffic wasn't too bad. Got to work at 9.20.
Meeting 11.00 - 16.00 it was a sucess so all my planning was worth it
I am exhausted though, full on concentration.......
Back to the office
Read though some Legal stuff .... must revisit it tomorrow not much went in this afternoon
Got home at 19.00.
Teen is at the Trafford Centre getting her mates birthday present

She rang to say she can't find anything as is going to the pictures instead (doh!!)
Took pup for a quick walk .. my it is cold
21.15 Took pup out again to meet Teen off bus, close encounter with a large, gorgeous looking but not too friendly Old English Sheepdog!!
Panic rush around getting all her stuff together for McFly tomorrow... now where are the tickets???

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

1978 ^ November ^ 2007

November 21st 1978
Biology resit am

Really difficult another 'U' to add to my list
Fi skived French
Got home at 3.30
Letter off Sam
Wrote back to him
Revised from 7.15 - 10.30 with short intervals
Bound to fail Geography again
Sam phoned - said he was in an office by himself and it is hard work with Maths & we all know about Sam's mathematical ability (ermm? ok what about mine??)
Tried to learn some Russian = good... (I do recall learning 'there is a cat' Vot Kot & there is a table and chair - vot stol e stule.. now that is a phonetic version as you may have already realised!! .... love languages and since school (I over came the dreaded abuse over French learning I had) I have had 6 months intensive Greek language training for my job ... and I find it fascinating how so many 'tongues' have developed over the years.... also I can even decipher text and MSN speak lol.. hey my gg grandfather was a Professor of Languages!

November 21st 2007
Got up at 6.45
Had the best nights sleep for a long time
Decided to drive to work as weather was so yuk! very grey and rainy

Got to work at 9.35. Traffic was great until I got to Town
Meeting at 10.30... very intense. Why oh why is Law so bloody complicated when it is so darned obvious??
Out for an hour at lunch
Back to a meeting at 14.30 - 17.00
All prepared for the 4 hour presentation tomorrow
Home at 19.00
Traffic was hell..... accident on my junction of the M6
Went to Supermarket in way home.. need 3 things.... spent £26 .. forgot to get one of the 3 things on list DOH!
Had tea, surfed and fuelled
Mum phoned
Phoned Fi
Put washing in machine (inc top for Teens visit to McFly concert on Friday)

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Wonderous Wednesday

No sexy men or boots today (sorry) ...... just some suggestions/dares to help you get through 'Hump Day'

1. Every time you get an e-mail, shout "you have mail!.
2. At the end of a meeting, suggest that for once, it would be nice to conclude with the singing of the national anthem..
3. Leave your fly open for one hour. If anyone points it out, say, "Sorry, I really prefer it this way".
4. Walk sideways to the photocopier.
5. While riding in an elevator, gasp dramatically every time the doors open.
6. When in an elevator with one person, tap them on the shoulder and pretend it wasn't you.
7. Finish all your sentences with "In accordance with the prophecy".....
8. Don't use any punctuation in your e-mails.
9. Interrupt your conversation with someone by giving a huge dejected sigh.
10. Use your highlighter pen on your computer screen when showing somebody something.

Although to some this maybe normal behaviour

1978 / November /2007

November 20th 1978
Got 74% for Business Stuidies assessment (wow that was good seeing as how I hated it)
Bought brothers girlfriend's a teddy £9.95 = gorgeous. She is 21 on Friday
Bought Sam's crimbo card (my god woman it is only November)
Got home at 5.30
revised (or tried to revise) Biology but couldn't concentrate.
Phoned Sam
He's got a job (yippeee) (& about time too!!)
I cannot say how pleased I am for him
It's for a trainee surveyor on a 6 months 'Government Youth Employment' or something
(I too did one of these a couple of years later 'Youth Opportunity Scheme' (YOpS). I had the choice of working in a Bank or in a fashion boutique. being a Teen you can guess which I chose! Gathered banking would be boring. So I worked 6 days a week for £36 for a bloke who was into sexual harrassment. Strangely enough I got sacked when I told him to Foxtrot Oscar....& Sam wanted to belt 7 bells out of him ....... but that is another story!!)

November 20th 2007
Got up at 6.00
Shower, hair, makeup , pup, teen, breakfast routine
before I left for work chap came to measure up and do the final sign on the dotted line for a porch on the front of my house.
Should be getting done in the next 4 weeks...... can't see me getting my hall & new porch plastered and wooden flooring down by Christmas though.
Got to work at 9.50, the train was late again.
Meeting all morning til 13.30. Think I ruffled a few feathers ... oh well!!
Got my lunch at 14.30.
Home at 18.15
Cooked tea 'bangers and mash' :-)

Washed up, phoned Mum
Darn it, we are out of cat food. Out to the garage to buy some
It is raining very cold sleety rain
B & B

Monday, 19 November 2007

1978 # November # 2007

November 19th 1978
Got up at 12.00 noon (oh what joy can't say I have slept til 12 in years lol)
Revised a bit
Watched 'Brigadoon'

(one of the best films ever and a great song, as a younger than teen I would watch Saturday films on the black and white TV, the musicals such as Carousel, 7 Brides, Oaklahoma and so on plus some weepy Lassie ones, where my brothers would tease me coz I cried.......couldn't find a clip of Gene Kelly on You Tube so this will have to do!)
Revised most of the rest of the day
Watched the 'Saint' (what a great series I was such an avid watcher then)
Washed my hair
Put a highlighter on = no difference
Sam phoned he had been to the RAC Rally
Revised some more and went to bed at 11.00

November 19th 2007
Teen had a nightmare during the night so ended up me, her and a puppy in bed.... slept dreadfully
Alarm went off at 6.00, got up at 7.00
same routine but very rushed
Drove to work, took 45 minutes
Thus commences the week of meetings
Went to meeting on HR stuff at 11.00 (soooooo mind numbingly boring)
Came back and dealt with 20 e mails (I was only away 2 hours), worked some more on power point presentation, researched some legal matters, god I wish they would speak plain English!!
(sneakily looked at some blogs too lol !!)
Home at 19.00 traffic was rubbish. M602 backed up all the way. Must get train tomorrow
Fuelled and surfed
Had tea
Picked up teen from mates house at 20.30
Phoned 'J' sorted out what train she is getting to come here on Saturday juggling around me dropping off Teen for Ice skating.
B&B (blogged and bed)

Sunday, 18 November 2007

1978 *November * 2007

November 18th 1978
Fi woke me up at 7.00am after 3 hours sleep
Went back to sleep until 9.00 then I went to work
Worked 11.00 - 5.00
Got 34.90 wages
Had my dinner in the Art Centre
Got home at 5.30 it pissed down (awww naughty!!)
I phoned Sam
He seemed in a much better mood. I'm really glad.
He bought himself a new pair of trousers £13.99 - checked straight legged
Revised Geography
Got a letter of 'J'
Went to bed at 11.00
Boomtown Rats number one - Rat Trap

November 18th 2007

Got up at 9.30 (hadn't realised it was after 1.00 am I went to bed this morning)
Made Croque Monsieurs & Madam's for the teens breakfast. They all went to bed at 3.00 am.
Took pup out, it was raining and oh so cold (it is weather like this when you wish you didn't have to walk the dog !!)
Made teen tidy & clean lounge after her mates left!
Had a long hot bath .... bliss
Fi & her husband called round on their way back up North
They stayed for a coffee and a long old chat, it was great to see them
Made Sunday roast - chicken, mashed potaoes, roasted parsnips, potatoes & sweet potatoes, broccolli, cauliflower cheese & stuffing with lashings of gravy
We are all so stuffed
Phoned Mum
Washed up
Need to iron Mount Everest pile of washing, just can't be bothered. Did school uniform for teen
Blogged, loaded photos onto Flickr and answered e mails
Early night for me I think I am so tired

I believe this is number one now in the UK

Saturday, 17 November 2007

1978 ^ November ^ 2007

November 17th 1978
College at 9.00
Sociology cancelled
Came home at 4.30
Sam phoned at 4.45
We argued. He is in a nark as I am going out tonight (ooooo!!)
I phoned him from Hillside station, then he phoned me at Fi's (checking up on me hey??)
I phoned him at 12.00 am, he seemed in a better mood, thank god
Fi's brother had a kind of party
Went to bed at 3.30 had a great time

November 17th 2007
Got up at 9.00 (wow brilliant!!)
Have a bit of a hangover, the Wolfblass went down too well last night
Fuelled , commented and surfed
Teen got up at 10.00
She went into town at 12.00 as she has to have some new gear for McFly's concert next Friday at M.E.N arena

Took pup for a walk and nipped in the petshop where she was given loads of treats by the lady (one happy pup)
Cleaned house for the rest of the day (what a way to spend a Saturday :-( )
Teen home at 17.00
She bought a tutu, angel wings, UV eye shadow and a whistle (OMG what is she going to look like ??)
Went to Tesco spent £70 on groceries (how did that happen? .... I broke the golden rule 'never grocery shop when you are hungry!')
Cooked tea
Teen was going to a sleep over but changed her mind, I have ended up with a house full of teenies sleeping over and if I hear McFly one more time I will scream!! HELP!!!

It is pouring down
Watched Casualty & blogged

Friday, 16 November 2007

1978 + November + 2007

November 16th 1978

Hospital 2.00pm
Got up at 9.00
Washed my hair
Went to college at 11.30
Went to hospital at 2.00
I don't have to go back unless I get pain in my spine (needless to say I have been back a fair few times since 1978!!)
Made disasterous Lemon Merignue pie & croquette potatoes
Fi = resitting her Physics O'level
Sam phoned he is not coming up this weekend
He has an interview on Monday for a trainee Quantity Surveyor
Hope he gets it
Miss Argentina won Miss World 1978

November 16th 2007
Got up at 6.45.... what a struggle this morning
The usual routine
Left at 9.00 got to work at 9.30 ........ where was all the traffic??
Did some HR stuff
Cake sale in work for 'Children in Need'
Went for a 'Thank God it is Friday' swift half & some cheesey chips at lunch
The afternoon flew by
Left at 18.00 home at 18.30
Sorted washing out
Rang Mum
Picked up Teen from mates house at 21.00
Opened bottle of red label Wolfblass Chardonnay
The weekend is here YIPEEEEE!!
P.S I've done mine ......... where are yours ?????

Thursday, 15 November 2007

1978 $ November $ 2007

November 15th 1978 (11 months)
Paper I Geography O'Level - p.m. (resit)
Woke up at 9.30
Revised agriculture
Sam came round at 11.00
He stayed for dinner then went to Formby
Geog exam = ok (ish)
met Sam (accidentally) on the station
Went round town
He goes back to Stafford tonight
Got home at 5.15
Wrote and essay on flour & Vandalism & Deliquency (I reckon they were 2 different essays but they go quite well together lol)

Fi rang
My brother is off work with 'flu (obviously man flu)

November 15th 2007

The usual morning routine... shower, pup, Teen, breakfast etc
Decided to drive in ... car thick with ice... -1 degrees on temperature display
Hardly any traffic on roads, in for 9.35
Beautiful sunny, dry, crisp autumn day

Designing a powerpoint presentation most of the day (great fun it is like sticking & gluing all day)Had lunch with gorgeous boy & went for a coffee in afternoon with a colleague
Left work at 18.00 home for 18.30
Had chicken dippers for tea and vegged out watching 'Casualty' from Saturday
Phoned mum
Phoned Fi
Washed up
Clear sky again tonight it will be frosty again tomorrow

38 thing interlude

Sugar Queen sent me this. Don't usually do this stuff but thought it interesting and SQ is so sweet how could I refuse .... 38 things about me

Name one person who made you laugh last night?‘J’ on the phone
What were you doing at 0800? – walking the dog
What were you doing 30 minutes ago? – talking to Mum
What happened to you in 2006? – I went to Madrid for the first time ( I loved it!!)
What was the last thing you said out loud? – stop eating the cat’s food (to the pup)
How many beverages did you have today? – loads of Earl Grey
What color is your hairbrush? - electric blue
What was the last thing you paid for? – tuna melt pannini for lunch
Where were you last night? – here
What color is your front door? Oxford Blue
Where do you keep your change? – on my dresser in the dining room and on a shelf in my bedroom (not for long the Teen scoops it up)
What's the weather like today? – dry, sunny and cold, a gorgeous fresh autumnal day
What's the best ice-cream flavor? Either Cornish or Mint Choc Chip
What excites you? Life
Do you want to cut your hair? No just had it done
Are you over the age of 25? Possibly I am 70steen after all
Do you talk a lot? Only on here I am fairly quiet really
Do you watch the O.C.? What is that??
Do you know anyone named Steven? – Yes
Do you make up your own words? – Yes & I type them on a regular basis lol
Are you a jealous person? No
Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A' – Amanda
Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K' – none
Who's the first person on your received call list? – My teen
What does the last text message you received say? – Quit your jabba jabba fool….I luv you loadz mum xxxxxxxxxxx (Mr. T’s saying is a fav expression of Teen)
Do you chew on your straw? - No.
Do you have curly hair? – No coz I don't eat my crusts
Where's the next place you’re going to? – Apart from home-work-home……. Portsmouth
Who's the rudest person in your life? Don’t have any
What was the last thing you ate? – chicken dippers (lol)
Will you get married in the future? – yes if that knight in shining armor happens to pass my way and makes an offer I would be foolish to refuse ;-)
What's the best movie you've seen in the past 2 weeks? – Something’s Gotta Give on DVD
Is there anyone you like right now? Loads of folk
When was the last time you did the dishes? – just before I filled this in
Are you currently depressed? – No too many positives in life but feel deeply for those who do
Did you cry today? yes but no through saddness but by a really funny double entendre
Why did you answer and post this? Because SQ asked so nicely
Tag 5 people who would do this survey? Bill Blunt, Mister Woppit, Sylvie, JohnC, shle3pyb4by

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

1978 # November # 2007

November 14th 1978
Wore my new boots to college (so much for keeping them 'til Christmas!!)
Had a debate in Business studies
Tried on foundation, perfume & eyeshadow at Boots (glad to see things don't change that is what my Teen does now... great fun)
Got the 3.15 train home and watched 'The Sullivan's' (this was one of my 'had to follow' programmes about a family in Australia... very pre 'Neighbours' )
Revised for 3 hours
Sam phoned
I said he couldn't come round but changed my mind
he came round at 9.30
I went to the doctors today about my ear, got 2 bottles of pills = dead sleepy
Argued with Sam, everything =ok now

November 14th 2007
Up at 6.30
The usual shower, hair wash and out with pup
Water suddenly went off ??
Put washing in machine
Missed early train and next train 15 minutes late
In work for 9.45
Busy morning planning and going forth with delivery
Business lunch in pub (so civilised)
New Agency announced, I am seriously considering a career change to join them in next 12/18 months (must get CV up to date and keep a watchful eye for posts)
Phone call on train home from my gorgeous boy who pointed out that the moon was orange tonight
It was fabulous
Home at 19.00
Mum's taxi at 20.45 to pick up Teen from mates house
Fi phoned she is coming over on Sunday
Phoned 'J' on phone for 2 hours
Had such a laugh (30 odd years nothing changes there) Confirmed why we called 'onion bum' onion bum..... it was 'J's' Mum's nickname for him as he had a very rounded ass in tight trousers
'J' is coming up on the 23rd
Numpty award given to me! Took washing out of machine...... it is not washed! Oh Doh the water went off this morning so machine did cycle with no water!!!!
Surfed & bed

Wonderous Wednesday

must get my winter boots out

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

1978 ^ November ^ 2007

November 13th 1978

Business Studies & Sociology assessments
Sam goes to Stafford
Alarm clock didn't go off but I got to college in time (don't you just hate those types of 'wake up'?)
Still feel rotten
Sam met me at 12.00 & he left at 3.00
He got the 5.04 train from Liverpool
Bought a pair of red ankle boots from Russell & Bromley £13.99 they are supposed to be for Christmas (these are the ones I tried on. They were great. A bit like red Kickers in style. I wore them until they fell apart :-( )
Watched the 'Mackintosh man'
Finished sociology essay
Wrote to Sam

November 13th 2007

Got up at 6.50 (oops.... just kept hitting that snooze button)
Shower, hair wash, took pup out.
Got to work at 9.45
Sorted papers from yesterdays meeting.
Organised another meeting for a fortnights time
Worked through lunch
Meeting 13.30 - 15.00
Caught up on some HR stuff
Left at 16.30, home for 17.05
Left home at 18.00 to go to family business meeting in Southport
Grabbed a sandwich from the garage
Got to Southport at 19.45... traffic was hell

Home at 22.00...
Blogged and bed

Monday, 12 November 2007

1978 *November * 2007

November 12th 1978

Got up and woke Sam at 11.00am
He left at 12.45
'J' rang said she had a great time in Colamendy
Went to Waterloo this afternoon. (hey I was at the other Waterloo on the 10th 2007)
Stayed for tea
Went to Southport at 8.00pm
Went to the 'Brick and Rummies bar
Saw Fi & her boyfriend
Saw Leah's boyfriend on the station
Sam was not happy coz he fancies me (what a joke) (lol)
The Golden Inn was burnt inside, 3 fire engines & a salvage truck was there (result no more waiting on for me if I returned to the cafe next year... no it wasn't me who did it btw!!)

November 12th 2007

Alarm went off at 6.00, hit snooze button til 6.40 (why does that happen on a work day I could stay in bed soooo much longer yet at the weekend I am up & awake early? The optimistic part of me says I want to make the most of my weekends!! )
Shower & hair wash (hair looks good this morning)
Woke Teen (fairly not grumpy she even laughed at pup jumping on her head)
Took pup out for a walk
Made breakfast
Did a couple of fuel visits
Left at 8.10 in work for 9.15
Traffic was hell
Nearly got wiped off the road by a taxi with 2 ASBO's (yes they had their hoods up) in the back
The minute taker for my meeting off sick! Bugger !!
Managed to find a sub
Meeting 11.00 - 15.00
Back to office.
Dealt with 30 emails (6 of which were telling me my mail box was over it's limits... if they didn't send them then it wouldn't be!!) and left at 16.30
Home at 17. 15
Brother was at my house to fix Teen's wireless connection (RESULT!!!)
I have been briefed how to do it myself (like I understood any of it??)
Text off 'J' she is feeling much better and we will chat on Wednesday

Surfed & posted, visited Daddy P, Mr Woppit & Papersurfer, (seems he is having internet problems), Sylvie & NM.... must go and fuel and visit some more blogs.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

1978 ~ November ~2007

November 10th 1978
‘J’ comes home from Colamendy (just can’t spell that place !!)
Got 7/10 for essay on vinegar (lol)
Met Sam at the station at 4.30.
He stayed for tea
Went to the laundrette & the Railway

Went into town at 8.00
Met Fi & her boyfriend, we went to Rummies bar
Talked a lot to Sam and I have got the impression we are drifting apart.
I still love him but I can see the strain of a weekend affair.
I can’t go there cos of work & I can’t expect him to keep coming here (oh dear !!)

November 10th 2007
Got up at 5.00am
Showered and washed hair.
Fed the cats – left them loads of food

Need Earl Grey
Left at 6.00 to get 6.40 am train to London.
Bought a cappuchino and 2 cookies &
Harpers Bazaar to read on train
Read up on stuff for work that I didn’t get done yesterday
Read Harpers .. oh how I wish I was rich!
Need more coffee

Listened to the radio on Virgin pendolino train.
Laughed out loud as there was this excellent DJ, don’t know what the radio station was as there were no adverts just this chap and his records
(couldn’t make out if he had an Asian or South American accent!). He played loads of disco and he was singing along. He was so happy & soooo funny. What cracked me up was (now imagine this in a very weird accent)

‘ Now my friends this is a lovely song all about monogamy and love’ then he played

Don't ever let me get an MP3 player.... I was so immersed in the music I know I was boogying and I so wanted to sing -a-long too!!!

Met my cousin who is over from Australia, under the clock at Waterloo Station at 10.30.
Went for a Starbucks.
It is a beautiful warm day
Got train to Wimbledon and then a taxi
(£20) eek to Mitcham Road Cemetery, Croydon.
(Now you either love this hobby or hate it but my cuz and I are doing the family tree, that is how we met searching for the same family- her great grandmother and my grandfather were siblings)
We went to the cemetery to find the grave of a great Aunt who was born in Fran
ce C1840 but settled in London.
Found the grave…… it was marked with a bamboo cane
Walked miles to visit the house were she lived then walked miles again to get a train (via Clapham Junction) to the National Archives in Kew.
No trains from Clapham only a bus service…. Had one hour in the National Archives before it closed

No trains from Kew as vandals had nicked some cables (huh??)
So taxi to Hammersmith to drop of cuz and onwards to Euston (£22… not bad but I think however he wasn’t a real taxi!!)
Just made train.
Horrible journey home due to the people that sat by me
Home at 23.30… blogged and posted
….. bed at 1.00 am

November 11th 1978

Worked 11.00 – 5.00
£7.20 wages. There are so many lovely shoes, I will have to save up
click image to see more shoes
Went to see Fi at lunchtime
Sam met me at 5.00
Went to the railway in Formby got the bus there with my brother
Got 11.15 train home
Sam and my brother are off to the Scarisbrick then he is staying here
I have got earache and can’t shake off this cold
Fi rang

November 11th 2007
Woke up at 7.00 (what is that about???)
Had breakfast and then a long soak in the bath....bliss
Went to collect pup from the kennels.

She was so excited but smells
Watched some of the Remembrance Service on TV
Teen home from her dads
Bathed pup. (awww she is all fluffy now)
Pup has slept all day
Cleaned conservatory and kitchen.
Made tea
Watched some TV… channel hopped… with pup on my knee…. I am so tired
Blogged and answered e mails
Downloaded photos from yesterday
Watched My Boy Jack = very good
Bed now I think!!!

11th November


Friday, 9 November 2007

1978 ^ November ^ 2007

November 9th 1978 (47 weeks)

It's a year today since I first met Sam (at the Black 'n' White do)
Mam woke me at 7.30
I don't have to be in college til 12.00
Made filleted plaice & glazed French Apple pie in cookery this afternoon
Got home at 6.45 pm
Made 3 loaves of bread
Phoned Sam
He's meeting me at 4.00 tomorrow (well he is supposed to be)
Fi phoned

November 9th 2007

Got up at 7.10 - a bit of a lie in as I am working at home today Yippeeeee might try a *twirl* ouch Woke Teen - what a grouch
Showered and washed my hair

Why doesn't it look like it did when the hairdresser did it doh!

Got pups blanket, food, toys and chews together

Took her for a long walk on the field then it was 'that' walk to the kennels

It's her first time in eeeek!
She was really excited until she came face to face with a Rotty (don't know who was more scared!!)
Couldn't look at her little sad face as I walked away :-(
Started doing work

I read & read & read until my eyes ached... I do wish legal stuff was written in plain English
Had a break and decide to clean upstairs
Horror upon horror - Teen's room was such a tip
(worse than I thought once I started moving things)

I can hear me being my Mum - 'it's a bloody disgrace!!'
So 1 1/2 hours later sparkly clean room
Back to reading & work planning

Cooked tea and took Teen to her father's

Very, very quiet house... no Teen and no pup :-(

Poured a glass of wine (it is Friday) and blogged
Early to bed tonight ... up at 5.00 am to get the 6.41 (hee hee) train to London

Thursday, 8 November 2007

1978 * November * 2007

November 8th 1978
Hand in Sociology essay
Saw Tony R and his girlfriend on the train this morning

They were asking all about
Fi and her new boyfriend
Saw the new boyfriend in the
refractory and he said he does want to go out with Fi
Met Fi at 11.00 told her the good news
Bought my stuff for cookery tomorrow
Came home at 12.00
Went to games at 2.00

Saw 2 new trains (yip)
(yip???? sad more like!!)
Revised Geography & Business Studies

Sam phoned he was on for 25 minutes

Love him dearly

Fi rang 2x
Still got 'flu

November 8th 2007
Got up at 6.30

Showered. Didn't need to wash hair as new hairdo remarkably stayed in place (not the case by the time I got to work though!!)
Still got a cold but it is getting better

Teen feels a bit better
(only because if she stays off she will not be allowed to go to her mates after school!)

Missed 8.45 train - 9.10 came on time for a change
Not a bad day in work.
Papersurfers blog (and a few others at lunch) laughed out loud in a very quiet office reading Nurse Myras comment... got some very strange looks.
Saw an ace pair of shoes in Office £195 reduced to £80.... but really couldn't justify the expense :-(

Christmas lights switched on in Manchester tonight, the traffic was hell... so glad I was on the train until the 6.15 was very late and the sleet started .... it was soooooo cold
Came home
Fuelled, Blogged & emailed (got a mention on
Fracas's buttless blog ... rowdy indeed??)
Picked up Teen at 20.45

Kicked off my computer as Teen's wireless is still not working and she MUST go on MSN to talk to mates she has been with all day !! (job for Sunday me thinks.... well actually my brother as I am rubbish!)

'J' texted she has a violent sickness and poopey bug, poor lass.
Spoke to Mum

Camera batteries on charge for trip to London

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

1978 ~November ~ 2007

November 7th 1978

College at 9.00
Got 7/10 & 8/10 for Sociology essays
Came home at 3.30
Hoovered the living room
Started Sociology again
Phoned Sam then he phoned back later
His dad has got a new job
Sam got an application form for Lotus shoes
Fi came round at 9.15
She talked and talked and talked about her new boyfriend
She left at 11.00
I think I am getting the 'flu (must be the time of year)

November 7th 2007
Got up at 6.00, don't feel as bad today ... bad cough etc
Showered and hair washed
Teen moaning coz I got her up at 6.50. She has got a sore throat (oh no!!)
Out the house for 7.55 arrived in work 8.35 not bad in rush hour traffic
Some sarcy remarks about 'couldn't you sleep' ... bit tongue knowing I am in the office way after they go home
Busy old day again ...
Left at 2.30
Teen, Teen's mate and I had our hair done at 3.00.
Love the cut and the hilights. Teen said I look 10 years younger (result lol)
Train tickets have come for London
Went to do weekly shop in Tesco ... it was so quiet (another result)
Cooked tea (well put some holes in the lids and put them in the oven .... hey it was 19.30 by now)
Watched Trinny & Susannah 'Undress the Nation' about womens bra sizes being wrong... Teensaid I look like Susannah. (must be the new hair do!!)
Phoned Mum
Washed up, hoovered, put washing in the machine and I am looking at a 23.00 bed I think!!!