Sunday, 29 July 2007

1975 April/ May

Mon 28th April
Kate came down. Went for a walk round the village no one was out. It was so boring

Tues 29th April

Had a visitor. It was Nick (the lad from Art Class) I nearly died when I opened the door Christ!! Mum didn't seem to mind (yes but I bet her hearing was on radar mode!!)

Wed 30th April
John from the 4th year wants to go out with me. I think Gaz is ace he played football with us at lunch time (who were all these boys??)

Thurs 1st May
Had a massive argument in Art about who was the best BCR or Mud. I love Mud. I nearly got beaten up (mmmm ? slight exaggeration me thinks?)

Sat 3rd May
Went to Art Class. Went into town with Nick, he bought a shirt. I chose it (arrrrr!!!)

Sunday 4th May
Washed my hair and did my homework

1975 April

Wed 23rd April St.Georges day Went to the Morris Dancers for tea. Kate's dad got a new car an Allegro (Oh my oh my what a dreadful car that was, it was the colour of chewed up and discarded chewing gum)

Sat 26th April
Went to Art Class. Have finished my coil pot and I am now making a prison. ( now I got a load of stick for making a prison, why I wanted to make a prison I have no idea. I just figured at the time I could use different techniques in clay, each brick was individually made and it was the first time I had used glass in the firing. I remember this as I defended myself over the decision to continue against the lecturers and friends pleas. Well my prison is still with me today, it lives in the garden and despite its bars not withstanding the test of time my little prisoner decided not to escape )

Sun 27th April

Three Degrees Concert

It was cancelled.
Had a massive row with Mum (know how that is being a Mum of a teen!!)

Thursday, 26 July 2007

1975 April

Mon 14th April
Went into town...... kept bumping into Brian (yuk!!) (now what happened here last year he was a 'cor'! oh how fickle the crushes of a teen!!)
Went to the dentist with Jackie.

Bought 'All I Want is You' Roxy Music (how gorgeous does Bryan look... I may have to watch it again )

Wed 16th April
Washed my hair
Went to the youth group

Thursday 17th April
Watched Top of the Pops

Sat 19th April
Art Class.
J asked Nick to go out with me and he said he didn't know , he said I was a nice girl (well I am :-))

Sunday 20th April
Washed my hair, had a bath
Did my homework. Bed 11 pm

1975 April

Tues 8th April
My brother and wife came over. My neice has got 4 teeth now, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom

Wed 9th April
Stayed in and washed my hair

Fri 1th April
Went to Jackie's. Kate has gone funny in the head, I spoke to her cousin Jack and he wants to go out with me. Kate went mad

Saturday 12th April
Art Class.
Went in to town after and bought some pink denim material to make a waistcoat.

Sunday 13th April
Stayed in
Made waistcoat
Washed hair

(I must have been going through that greasy teen stage ... washing my hair twice in a week! I do remember my mum buying me Batiste dry shampoo that was like talc, made your scalp white and podwery, infact I recall using talc on my hair when I ran out of Batiste as I figured it had the same effect .... how gross can't believe people still use it !!!!)

Sunday, 22 July 2007

It was doing my head in so I have removed it!! Must do another without sound

here is the silent one

1975 Random entries

Thurs 27th March

It snowed ... I put a snowball down Pete's neck (now I know I wasn't going to mention his name again but had to get that in... what great satisfaction was that for a teen!!!)

Sat 29th March
Went to see 'Murder on the Orient Express' it was rubbish

Sun 6th April
Went to see Showaddywaddy at the Floral Hall.... it was top ( I am getting a bit concerned here it would seem my love of Donny is fading???)

1975 March

Still no key until..........

Sat 22nd March

Mud - went to Mud concert at Floral Hall it was great .... (in a drawn heart is the name 'Les Gray'!! OMG what was I thinking? God rest his soul)

Sun 23rd March

Rubettes Concert......... it was cancelled

Went to see Dr Zhavargo instead (I guess that is Dr Zhivago?? No comparison really... The Rubettes & Sugar Baby Love and Omar Sharif & Julie Christie in the depths of the Bolshevik Revolution????)

Thursday, 19 July 2007

1975 March

I had lost the key to the secret hiding place of the small diary .. namely my jewellery box. But this entry is in the 'master ' diary. Mind you I was grounded so probably did nothing anyway!

March 4th 1975
Netball tournament at Birkdale

Saw Tay today at the tournament, he said he didn't know I was a 2nd year but he doesn't seem to care (no I bet he doesn't!!)
He has got my Liverpool scarf he said he will return it on Friday when his team plays our 5th form boys. Tay plays centre forward.
Today we beat St. Wyburns, Scarisbrick Hall, Bright Helmstone, The High School and Birkdale. Lost to Christ the King and Meaols Cop (the 2 hard schools) we drew against Stanley. We came 4th all together. I played as Goal Attack.

1975 Last week of February

Mon 24th Feb
Netball Practice: Parents Evening. Mum spoke to my games teacher and she said that I didn't push myself hard enough (ok I get the message I have it in writing already!!)

Tues 25th Feb

Played netball after school. I have my own netball team and Kaz has one too

Wed 26th Feb
match against S.P.H cancelled. My team played Kaz's team and we drew 4-4

Thurs 27th Feb
Lads won against Scarisbrick Hall 4-3 it was a great match

Fri 28th Feb
Played football, have done my ankle in again (now I remember 'doing my ankle in' the first time...... doing what I was told I shouldn't do ~ running down the corridor in school in studded hockey boots, ripped the ligaments... it still gives me jip now!!)

Sat 1st March
Methodist Church Disco. (over to the master diary)

I fancied this boy for ages (yes a week ok!!) and Lou asked if he would go out with me. He said 'I might as well!' (god how I am cringing!!) and we started necking in the middle of the dance floor. We sat down and started necking again. He undid the one button at the front of my blouse and started exploring. I managed to get him off though. We were together from 9.20 - 10.30 pm (clock watching again I see!)
His name is **** but everyone calls him 'Tay' he is 16

(now what is not mentioned here and something I will never forget. We were 'necking' outside the disco and I was about to walk home with my mates when............ my Mum rolls up in the car !!! She had been out and was passing and thought she would give me and my friends a lift home. Yes she saw everything her young teen in the arms of an older teen in a big full on snog. God was I in trouble, it wasn't called been grounded then but the punishment was the same but I think rather more scarey)

Sun 2nd March
Baby sat my niece got 50p

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

1975 February

Mon 17th Feb
Went to Jackie's, she didn't want to go to town so I went on my own. I bought a grey skirt for school £1.99 from Etams. I lost my other one.

Tues 18th Feb
Washed my hair and had a bath (oh my it isn't Sunday is it?)
Electric man came £36.00 in the box and £2.35 rebate.. disgusting (obviously my mum talking here that I have repeated as I would not have a clue as a teenager!!)
Mum finished my jumper for school it is great (now if I had kintted a jumper for her for school she would be mortified now..... we do have a standing joke where when she wants something I say 'ok I will knit you one')

Wed 19th Feb
Singed a big mark in my new jumper
(now this was one of the biggest dilemas in my life. We were on the poverty line. Mum had sat up after working all day and looking after us kids, to knit me a jumper for school. I vividly recall being cold at home and putting the jumper on and sitting with my back to the gas fire..... I could smell singing but alas it was too late. I big yellow singe on my brown jumper. For weeks I washed it myself and coloured the back in with brown felt pen, I felt so bad at the effort Mum had made to do this for me. Only when I thought a resonable time had passed did I 'cough' to the crime. I was made to wear it though, so I kept colouring it in and didn't take my blazer off. Such a big lesson in life)

Thurs 20th Feb
Netball Practise (hey we are on 1/2 term??)

Fri 21st Feb
Kate came down
Went shopping in the supermarket

Sat 22nd Feb
Had my hair trimmed. Saw this lad, I don't know his first name but he known as 'Tay', what a cor!

Sun 23rd Feb
Went to Kate's house (what no bath .. oh yes I had one Tuesday !)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

1975 1/2 term school report

On the last day we got our reports

Form Tutor ~ 'Generally good' (man of few words!)
Music - A/2 ~ 'making pleasing progress. Her work is always well thought out' (unlike on here lol)
Mathematics ~ B/C 2 'always works well and is making progress' (you have to be kidding I hated it)
Home Economics B/2 '... she is an able needlewoman' (oh a natural domestic goddess)
Chemistry ~ C/2 .. worked quite well and progress is satisfactory, but her examination result was disappointing' (& I cheated too dam... dropped this subject as soon as I could)
R.E ~ B/2 '... works well with interest' (well I did go to church)
Physics ~ C/2 '.... a satisfactory start to a new subject' (another dropped as soon as)
Biology ~ C/2 'a satisfactory rate of progress' (subject not dropped as he was gorgeous!!)
P.E. ~ B/2 .... an able game player....valuable contributor to the lessons and team.....think she could push herself harder' (I loved P.E.)
Art & Design ~ B/1 '...continues to show great interest in the subject and is working to the best of her abilities' (hey that should be A/1!!)
English ~ B+/1 'excellentwork all term' (oh he just couldn't go that extra step and give me an A)
History ~ B/2 'more intense preparation for tests needed. Her work is generally quite satisfactory but, of course, could do better' (story of my life )
Geography ~ C/3 (oops) '..capable of achieving a very high standard in this subject but tends to be lazy at times and does not always give her best. She should resist the temptation to chatter to her friends ' (I really liked geography too... but it was the kick up the backside I needed)
German ~ B-/2 '... worked very steadily and I am pleased with the progress' (Vielen Dank)
French ~ C/3 '..... not making the effort she can do, tending to sit back and take things too easily' (merd!!)

1975 February

Mon 10th Feb

Netball Practice.

Kaz has not been picked for the team she is so upset as Jackie has.

Tues 11th Feb

Played Birkdale won 5-3

Wed 12th Feb

School Disco.

Bev nicked some Vodka from home we mixed it with coke.

Terry M put his arms round me and tried to snog me YUK!!!

(now the interesting tale about the vodka is we did not feel in the least bit squiffy..... we found out later (quite sad really) that Bev's mum had a drink problem and would fill the bottles up with water!!!)

Thurs 13th Feb

Athletics practice

Went to Kate's after tea

Fri 14th Feb

Break up for1/2 term. Got a Valentine it was shoved in my locker, I have no idea who it off, it has a cute teddy on it.

Went to town and bought a football (a football!!!!! what about make up and girlie things??)

Sat 15th Feb

ScoutHut Disco

Jackie asked MickeyT to go out with him but he is still going with someone (how embarassing 'my mate fancies you will you go out with her?)

1975 February

Mon 3rd Feb

Went to the Ideal Homes Exhibition at the Floral Hall. Also got tickets for Mud concert (Yeah)

Wed 5th Feb

Played netball against St Wyburns we won 9-7. Kaz and Jackie were off with flu so I was captain (mmm? Jackie was well enough to party on Saturday!!)

Thurs 6th Feb

Netball Practice.

Went to the pictures (no clues!!!)

Sun 9th Feb

Saw my neice, she hasn't half grown. She is 7 months now and has one tooth at the bottom

1975 Last week of January

Mon 27th Jan
What a boring day, Kaz, Jackie and Loz were off sick.
Watched T.V. and did history hmework

Tues 28th Jan
Dentist. Got flouride tablets for my teeth (now I am not sure if these were them but I remember getting some red tablets that you chewed. When you had finished chewing them if you had plaque on your teeth it would show up blood red on your teeth, then you had to scrub like mad until it had all gone... which equalled all the plaque had gone. Great invention!)

Wed 29th Jan
Lads C.S.E. and G.C.E. mock exams (I presume the girls were invited to sit mocks too lol!)

Sat 1st Feb
Scout Hut Disco. 4 randy lads were after me and Jackie.
Got a bomber jacket (I remember this one it was black shiny satin with big elasticated cuffs and waistband ... so trendy.)
Micky T was with his girl

Sun 2nd Feb
Had a bath. Did Maths homework

Monday, 16 July 2007

1975 January

Wed 22rd Jan
Today our school was meant to be having a fight with Christ the King... none turned up, we did.

Thurs 23rd Jan
Got a pair of school shoes for £5.99

Fri 24th Jan
(Guess who's birthday?)
Went to dinner at Thorpes Tavern then went to see 'Day of the Jackal' it was great (non of this 'having' to go and see a film when it was released in my day....... The Day of the Jackal was out in 1973!!!)

Thorpes Tavern was a Bernies Inn all gammon & chips (with an egg or pineapple on top, steak & chips infact anything with chips, oh and I think this was the first time I had scampi in a basket.... life long love of scampi began lol)

Sat 25th Jan
Art Class. Finished my design for my maxi dress. Went into town on my own

Sun 26th Jan
Washed my hair (god I hope I had a bath too)

Sunday, 15 July 2007

1975 January

Mon 15th Jan
Kate's granddad died today. It was very sad he was working on the farm until the end.
(Kate lived with her grand parent's and the farm house was traditonal one with a great farm kitchen, arga, wooden scrubbed table and it massive with loads of rooms... it scared me to death as a teen)

Thurs 17th Jan
Went to the dentist at 10.30 am. He tightened my brace it hurts like mad
(now this brace actually lived in my school blazer pocket in the day, eventually the dentist gave up on me ....... yes my teen has had one too
and I insisted she wore it as instructed, and she did, and she has the most gorgeous smile now..........)

Sat 18th Jan
Scout Hut Disco. Got asked out by Stevie S but I want to go out with Micky T

Sun 19th Jan
Washed my hair and had a bath (yes it would seem we were a once a week bath and hair family.... might mention that to the teen who has a daily hourly laze in the bath !! She would be horrified, quite frankly I am too!!)

1975 January

Mon 6th Jan
Went to Jackie's at 1.30 pm then went to town

Tues 7th Jan
Back to Colditz

Wed 8th Jan
Gran had a stroke she is very confused and frustrated.
She is now nearly 85 (oh my dear granny she lived for about another 5 years after this)

Sat 11th Jan
Went to Art Class. It is great everyone is really nice.
Went to see Juggernaut.
Got whistled at by 3 boys.
The film was great (hee hee)

Sun 12th Jan
Stayed in . Washed my hair
Played footie with my brother and his mate (now when I say 'played footy' I was probably in goal having the football kicked at me or when I was aloowed to dribble with the ball I would have had a kick to the shin or two and pushed over... no I am not bitter lol)

Bringing in the New Year 1975

Tues 31st Dec 1974

Got up at 11.30 am. Didn't do much. Cut my brothers hair (can you imagine... a young teen in charge of a pair of scissors! The only hair I had cut previously was that of my Sindy doll & what a bloody mess that turned out to be)
Stayed up to see the New Year in. Didn't go to bed until 2.30 am

Wed 1st Jan 1975
Went to see Sweet Sensation at the Floral Hall it was ace. There were loads of really nice looking lads there. This lad with blonde hair followed me every where. (mmmm? a slight exageration me thinks!!)

Thurs 2nd Jan
Went to Jackie's, did some dancing

Fri 3rd Jan
Went to town with Mum and brother. Got a pair of shoes reduced from £7.99 to £5.99 to £3.00

Sat 4th Jan
Went to town. Went to the disco at the Scout Hut with Jackie, it was great

Sun 5th Jan
Went to church. Stayed in all day and watched T.V. Tidied my room at 10.45 pm (now my teen did this the other week......... I was heard to say 'what on earth are you doing that at this time when you have had all day, get to bed!! ooooops!)

Saturday, 7 July 2007

1975 A life long passion begins

It was during this year that I cemented the foundation for my passion of Art, which has served my creativity extremely well over the years. Encouraged by my art teacher, I joined (on my own) Saturday Morning Art Class at the local Tech.

I started with fashion design as I was always sketching out designs for clothes and making awful creations. I recall Bill Tidys daughter was in the same class too, who was really nice (can’t remember if she was good at drawing but I bet she was quick).

It was good but a bit quiet for me particularly as I could hear hoots of laughter coming from the next classroom. I made enquiries and found it was the pottery class. I instantly swapped.

What a fabulous decision that was, not only was it a medium that is great to work with, I also met a girl called ‘J’. Quickly we realized we lived in the same road, there were a couple of years difference in our age and she was new to the area after moving from Belfast, oh and we went to the same school. Without that class swap I would never have met my life long friend. We have been through thick and thin over the past 32 years, cried laughing in each others company unable to speak for ages as the tears roll, and we have provided comfort for each other in the dark days that occur through life. It is hard to express the love and friendship we have except to say we are female soulmates & we have often mused to the thought if ever found our male equivalents life would be perfect.

Just have to add that the hoots of laughter in the pottery class were mainly, ok solely, due to J and her completely wacky sense of humour of which I share of course.

J’ went on to study art at Manchester then took her MA at the Royal College of Art, London. I feel really honored as she has asked me to take part in a roving art exhibition with her and (so far) 8 other artists in 2009 (the Art of Invention). If she will grant me her permission I will link her website and later our exhibition

As an aside and never one to miss an opportunity to clear up a mystery and being a lover of such fine art .... a friend of mine has this lovely piece of marquetry created in Russia C1971, the detail is exquist and I originally thought the light birch was mother of pearl as it so fine. We have discussed its history and it sheds no light on its creator (plus I hope he reads this & the urgent need I have told him to have it framed under glass soon!). I do hope some one spots it so this talented artist can be recognised.

'tis 1975

I am giving this year a different approach than 1974. Really because the diary is tiny and there are only a couple of lines per entry. The ‘Master’ diary has a couple of 1975 entries so if they are worthy (& not too embarrassing) I will add them.

The tiny brown diary, in essence, is smattered with my ‘love’ for a 5th form boy. For the sake on anonymity I will call him Pete.
This I suspect was my first real crush, the others before were just fancies (I see this with my teenage daughter and her friends, a different boy is ‘cute’ almost daily… & certainly 1974 showed that too. I wonder if with out the diaries I would have remembered that?)

Anyhow back to Pete. He was a good-looking lad I recall with blonde hair and quite a stocky build (most unusual for me as I am usually attracted to men with dark hair and the lads I mentioned in ’74 had just that).

These are (a few) of the extracts about him from the diary (chronologically):

Phoned Pete but he was out, he rang back at 10.00 pm
Went into town saw Pete don’t think he was pleased to see me.
Pete was a great laugh today he kept putting his arms around me
(The next day) Pete was a bit quiet today, he told me he fancies Jane (Gutted what a b*****d)
Pete has been really sweet to me, he has also been a big tease too but I enjoy it
Played footy with Pete. He is being so nice lately.
Pete was very nice to me today, every time he sees me he gives me a big hug. He got kicked off the bus but told me he wants to go out with me
Pete got kicked off the bus again. I waited with him at the bus stop till next bus came
Pete went to the cop shop for shoplifting. (obviously he was a good lad!!!!)
Pete was acting strangely, I him if he still liked me and he shouted ‘yes of course I do’
Pete was nice to me today. Mum has told me to keep away from him but she won’t say why. (smart words Mum but did I listen????? Ermmmm !!)
Pete put his arms round me and kissed me
Pete has been suspended for throwing stuff during his G.C.E. exams
Pete is back and he has a new jacket with black checks yuk!!
Had a row with Pete he is going out with this new girl at school. (C'est la vie!)

& there I will end the sorry tale of Pete. I will give no further mention of him in my tales of 1975, but I guess you can guarentee there will be more boys mentioned!

However, amusingly me some 10 years later, I was working as a manager for a high street store in Newcastle and I was sent home for a Christmas posting. Whilst sorting out a till discrepancy with a member of staff in walks Pete. I nearly died. He was ‘much’ stockier and he had lost most of his blonde hair … and I swear that he had that same black checked jacket on. I think the till girl thought I had lost it as I ducked down behind the counter pretending I had dropped a non existent pen.

Friday, 6 July 2007

And finally for 1974

15th December
Went to see Wizzard in concert at the Floral Hall.
Petite Phillipe was there with Bigsy and they asked us to smuggle them in (seem to be making a habit of that!!!)

When I went to get Phil he said 'sit down I think you deserve a kiss for this'

So we were sat there necking for 20 minutes then we were at it again for another 15 mins
(what I was clock watching? It was probably only a few minutes but seemed gloriously longer)

When we went in and sat down he put his arm around me.

Oh My Oh My .... my first kiss.

It has made me smile, as I have said he was short but he did have the foresight to ask me to sit down !!!

Oh well what a very pleasant end to 1974..... ..... must see what I have for 1975?

Thursday, 5 July 2007


21st September

Went back to the hospital. They x-rayed my finger. Nothing broken just sprained. (hey it may have only been sprained but it darned well hurt!!)
Very weird but Vonny broke her finger the same day ... what a co-incidence!!

Skipped on a bit

20th September

I hurt my wedding finger at school playing basketball with the lads at break. (I was such a Tomboy, maybe it was because I had 2 big bros, the rougher the sport the better I was)
I had to go the infirmary on the way to Kate's birthday dinner at the Carlton.
They strapped my fingers together. It was a laugh trying to eat with my fingers bandaged up!

Day 4 in the second year

Friday 6th September

Hstory, French, German, English, Maths, Games

( I so loved games I was in the netball and rounders team and trained in atheletics 3 nights a week... cross country running and hockey were the worst things ever so dipped out when I could)

Day 3 in the second year

Thursday 5th September

Timetable - Double Art (pure heaven!!), English, History, Maths (pure hell), Science

Day 2 in the second year

Wednesday 4th September

(now this is from the other diary and posts from now in '74 are sporadic/random)

Timetable - English, History, German, Geography, Maths, Music, French

wrote an essay on 'Violence on T.V'...... (now we think this a 21st C problem obviously it started in 1974 ish... can't think what violence there was then except the mal treatment of Lassie!)

had my first German lesson it was frightening (maybe I learnt ' ich mag Wurstchen sehr gerne' or 'Danke, ich mochte eigentlich keinen' or 'Das schmeckt ganz merkwurdig' and 'Ich mochtemein geld zuruckhaben' )

I told Carrie I fancied a lad called **** (name has been totally obliterated as if it is the same boy I am thinking of then I met him some 20 years later and work with him!! how sacrey is that as we live no where near were we went to school!!) that I fancied him so she goes and told him and his friend and asked them to go out with me (Oh my a menage a ......hee hee!!)
They don't know who we are as we run inside but the Prefects chucked us out again.
Shaz is Prefect and so is her gang (shiver, shake) (mmmm am I being sarcastic here?)

Have got Pop P for History. He is queer (erm not in todays speak) I think he is from my brothers school if so I am done for (as an aside this teacher was brilliant he held my attention in all things historic... the Magna Carter, The Treaty of Versailles and so on he loved wha work I did and inspired my love of history)

Now I know why I was sick

Tuesday 3rd September

Go back to Colditz (yes it is that bad)

(Now as if that would wash with Mum, feeling sick the day before back to school, I think not... but hence the 9.15 to bed!! That is all that was written in the Summer of 1974 A5 lined Lion Brand Exercise book for events. There is, however, a hastily written Top 10, from the radio.. oh and the words to 'Willie and the Hand Jive... )

1. 3 Degrees

2. B.C.R.

3. Hues Corp

4. Eric Clapton

5. Mud

6. D&M

7. J. Ruffin

8. G. Macrea

9. R.Stones

10. Stylistics

(a prize for naming the songs ??? Hues Corp must be 'Rock the boat', which reminds me of te fairground & Eric - Willie and the Hand Jive)

In a vain hope I had recorded more elsewhere I consulted the 'master' diary the one that I have added to in the years periodically that have passed and blow me down I had written there!)

Jackie called for me at 8.30. God all the lads it is enough to scare you out ya wits (another school locally had closed down ... yes a boys school and mostly they came to our school and they were 'older boys'!)

Got our timetable 4 lessons of German a week (yuk and double yuk), Maths everyday (sick spew) (yes I hated Math).

Our English teacher ain't bad, he's old but he's got a great sense of humour, today he nearly had us falling off our chairs laughin'

( I guess as teen to be old and have a sense of hunour is a novelty ... now when I say 'old' he was probably not much older than I am now !! I do remember him though, he taught us the 'circles of life' . In brief when you are down you are at the bottom of a circle so the only way is up to the top again. Ok when you are at the top you will realise that yo will go down again at some juncture... but it could be just a small circle and you are back up again in no time at all. I hope that made sense in the quick explanation.

I have carried this theory with me through life, when things have got tough, and my word they have been at times (C'est la vie) I think 'the next stage is up' and when things are going really well I think ' ok treasure this moment as it won't last forever and the downward spiral may not be severe but if it is then I will go up again'.... has worked for me and served me well over the past 30 odd years :-) )

Freak & Toffee have grown beards they look terrible. We have loads of new teachers.

Shaz now goes to our school, she will probably bash me before the weeks out HELP!!

Summer of '74 ~ week six day 3 (& the holidays are nearly over)

Monday 2nd September

Got up at 10.00 am. Didn't have ny dinner because I felt sick (oh poor me I wonder why?)

Jackie came. Made up a dance to the Osmonds record.

My brother came round with my Bryan Ferry record. (I am gutted .. he had it merely 24 hours.. I have just realised he was probably humouring me .....a teen who was trying to impress I suspect!!!)
Phoned Kate but she wasn't in.
Washed my hair and had a bath.
Went to bed at 9.15pm (wow that is early!!)

Summer of '74 ~ week six day 2 (& the holidays are nearly over)

Sunday 1st September

Went to Woolton to visit Granny and then we went to my Aunties in Halewood. My cousin and husband and kids were there.

Came home and had tea. Went to my godmothers.

Baby sitted for my brother and his wife while they went out. My niece is two months old now (she is 33 now with kids of her own!! How old does that make me feel)

Took her out for a walk in her pram. Debbie and her gang were out actin' hard threatening to do us in again. Saying we were hard wearing Parrells (I guess that is parallels hee hee) and that I was a flirt (even funnier) We're scared honest. (I recall her 'offering me out' at school and arranging a fight, I turned up, she chickened out...... face bullies head on is what I say lol)

My brother came home and gave me 50p for baby sitting (hey big tipper!!)

Lent his mate my Bryan Ferry LP. he thinks Bryan is a talented artist - I fully agree .... (see I was not alone!!)

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Summer of '74 ~ week six day 1 (& the holidays are nearly over)

Saturday 31st August
Went to Southport.
Bought Showaddywaddy and The Osmonds

and that is it I am afraid........ so off into the world of internet for more information, I think it would have been easier to go up into the loft and root out the singles from the dark recesses!!

Showaddywaddy - they won New Faces in April 1974 and their first single was 'Hey Rock 'n' Roll'.

On the 2nd August 1974 they released 'Rock 'n' Roll Lady' and this is what I must have bought (goodness knows why?)

Now the Osmonds, as you would expect, are a different matter :-)

'Love Me For Reason' was released in 1974, fabulous song also covered by I think Boyzone in the 90's!!!!

I know that this 45 is lurking in the loft. (Thank god it wasn't 'Crazy Horses' I so detested that then and even more now!)

Hope you notice that Donny is co-ordinated with purple (his favourite colour and the colour of my bedroom then..... great teen girl PR!!)

Also lurking in my loft is 'Let me In' (is that a spot I see on Donny's face??).

'Love Me For Reason' and this are still favs with me (Let me In is an all time fav......yes I know I am an old romantic) and of course I still know all the words, but the dance moves have me a bit flumouxed now & NO I wouldn't go to a Donny concert with 40 something women swooning all over the place, so undignified lol!!

Summer of '74 ~ week five day 7

Friday 30th August

Got up at 9.30 and Kate came round.
We went to Liverpool on the train.
I found £2 in the road so I went quits with Kate and gave her a quid.
Came back home. Then went into town to the flicks.
Went to see 'Live and Let Die' and 'On her Majesties Service'
I have seen them before but Kate ain't.
We got through a box of mint match makers in a few minutes (I am glad to say that is a talent I have retained into adulthood lol!! although these days I am swinging more towards the coffee ones)

Must admit George Lazenby and Sean Connery were my favourites.....

that was until old chisel cheeks Daniel Craig arrived (adult cor!!!)

Summer of '74 ~ week five day 6

Thursday 29th August

Got up early and went to Llandudno for the day with Mum, my brother and Kate and her dad (I expect no ferry this time as Kate's dad had a car)

Went and played crazy golf and bingo. Had butties sat on a bench.

Bought a picture for £1.00, some candy floss and rock (I was obsessed with obviously buying tat!!! but you can't beat a good old bit of seaside tat usually made out of shells that look like they have been stuck together with chewing gum and sand!! lol)

Saw 'de gang' whe we returned.
Kiefer asked Kate to go out with him. But (sensible girl) told him where to go.
Petite Phillipe put his arms around me, the nerve of it. I offered him a chip but he didn't want that he said he wanted me ... cheeky beggar!

(Oh My what a line !!!! Oh well you have to admire the tiny lads cheek, I was easily 7 inches taller than him, probably more like 18 inches in my wedgies!)

Summer of '74 ~ week five day 5

Wednesday 28th August

Got up at 9.30. Went to Southport Zoo with my brother. They nearly kept him in the monkey cage

(I loved Southport Zoo but as I grew up I realised, & you don't see this as a kid, the shocking conditions the animals were kept in. Cages too small and the sad looks on their faces.
Thankfully the Zoo was closed down a couple of years ago)

When I got home I phoned Kate and spoke to Harry (surely not!!!!!!!)

On the way home I saw a workman at our school (faint)
(My secondary school was built in 1973 & I was one of the first pupils in the school. Quite a good thing really in the transition from primary to senior school as there were no 'big kids, waiting to stick your head down the toilet', as my brothers had graciously informed me would happen if I had gone to another school! It was just us first years and every thing was brand new albeit it unfinished. When they started to build the school they found methane gas (oh and rare natterjack toads) in the ground so it was built up on stilts, the wind that howled under those buildings in the winter would cut you in half and being close to the sandhills and beach meant cross country running over them onto the beach... what a killer !
Unfortunately the school closes in August which is a real shame it has not had a chance to have much tradition attached to it in its short life also the reunion/ closure/ night to remember ball that had been arranged has been cancelled too.
But in honour (and our hotel is already booked) a school friend & I are having our own knees up this month and will we visit all our old haunts... I think the West End is beckoning !!! don't think we will remember much by the end of the night lol)

I was instrumental in the design of the school badge, much to the hilarity of my mates now !!