Friday, 25 July 2008

Interlude ................ x2

Ok I have double interlude here

First off is Nurse Myras T~shirt Friday. I posted a few way back, but as it was way back ... maybe? just maybe I can sneak them in again.........!! but I can't compete with the loveliness that is NM

Circa 1978.. and one of my fav t~shirts .. it is Porche

Second interlude is a meme posted by Diane at 'Much of a Muchness'.
I have stolen it to pass on. As you will know I don't 'do' memes as a rule unless they strike a cord... and this did!

Ok it is about '4'

4 jobs I have had?
Shoes sales gal
Ice cream Queen in a cafe
Manager of a multi national retail store
Buyer/seller of leather clothes (buying of raw product and selling on the finished article)

4 Movies I could watch over and over
Cinema Paradiso
White Chicks

4 TV shows (now I am struggling as I don't 'do' TV very much except for...)
Dr. Who
Time Team
Any corset busting drama the Beeb put on

4 places on Vacation
Morlaix, France

4 favourite dishes
Is Tapas allowed?
Home made lasagne
Sunday roast (with roast and mashed potatoes, yorkshire puddings, stuffing and at least 3 veg & tonnes of rich gravy)
Tuna bake
Cottage Pie

4 Bogs I visit
Diane (of course)
Daddy P (for my daily abuse)
Nurse Myra (for educational reasons you understand!)
Olga (such a great house guest)
.. I hate to be limited to 4 as I visit so many more ...................

Now who can I pass this on to?? I know DP & NM will not take up the challenge... so??


Drowsey Monkey
The Rev

70s has challenged you to the '4' meme ;-)


nursemyra said...

you look a little wanton in the photo :-)

hey you'd be easy to cater for if you ever came to visit me. I can cook all of those dishes

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

What's nursie talking about?!? I don't think you look like a little wonton?!

Sure, I'll do the meme...just as soon as SOMEONE springs me from the bra-nappers! Where the heck is Evil Willy anyway?

Do YOU KNOW anything about EW, 70's?!?!? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

scratchbags said...

Thanks for tagging me 70s, I'll do it. And did I tell you that you are the first person in the blogosphere who has ever tagged me for something.:) I think I should also start maintaining a diary of these sweet nothings.

You worked as Ice Cream Queen in a cafe, it must be so much fun. Did you get free ice creams?

Ahh! penguins. Haha! I always used to end up extending my time on Drowsey's blog playing with them, and now I'll be hooked here as well. Aww! they are so fat and cute. Gotta go! need to spend some time with them:)

scratchbags said...

Let me also visit Nurse Myra's blog to check what education she is imparting.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Nice penguins ;)

I was just reading this meme at Babs' and thought it was, so yep I'll give it a go.

fracas said...

Ok sis, I need a good excuse to lie about myself again. ;-)

Scratchbags... nursemyra imparts an education one never forgets! And Olga... I agree, 70s does not look like a little wonton.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

That photo combined with the buying and selling leather goods gives me a fair idea of the real truth ...... tsk.

Do apologise to your penguins - I had them head banging this morning ....

.... and Scratchbags is going over to visit Nursey!!!! ...... crikey

nursemyra said...

oh dear I hope scratchbags is ok....

scratchbags said...

I just visited Nurse Myra, I am kinda okay. My eyes are really wide open and they don't seem to blink. I need to have a lie down!

I think I'll be a regular student there, a unique school.


Annie Mouse said...

my son will be very upset with his auntie 70's.

70steen said...

oo HM ~ do I? oops lol

Yep I am easy to please cuisine wise as long as it isn't eels, peas or tomatoes :-)

70steen said...

Olga~ O have been described as a bit of a dish (in the past that was) but never part of a chinese recipe ;-)

Glad you are prepared to take up the challenge once your straps are re;eased. I trust your captors are treating you well .. I do worry about a singleton bra travelling the world there are so many perils....

E.W. mmm?? all I will cough to is the fact that he mysteriously appeared in Claire's handbag (what a huge bag it was!) on that strange day in Liverpool when we met..... how he got there is anyones guess ;-)

70steen said...

oo SB~ I should have done a public warning about NM's site.... not for the faint hearted but NM is gorgeous though..... are you ok after your eyes smarted .... sometimes don't read it at breakfast lol (you know what I mean NM!!)

Wow I am your first tag ... shucks I feel so honoured I will pop along and see your work in a bit :-)

being Ice cream Queen was one of the best jobs ever as a teenager ... I loved the chocolate flakes that went onto the 99's

Love the penguin's and did spend time whizzing them around at Dm's ... so I hate to say that I stole them... it doesn't feel good that I did steal them nut DM has said it is ok .... phew!!

70steen said...

DM~ great answers .. I have just popped along and commented :-)

70steen said...

dear dear Frac ~ Look forward to your 'fess's
I hope SB is ok after her 'education' ;-)

70steen said...

DP ~ what is it about men and leather? maybe I should direct that Q to NM? lol

It was the best job ever ....

Crikey is the word when I read young SB was venturing to Gimcrack... I am sure she is fine ...

70steen said...

NM / SB so glad you have become acquainted :-)

70steen said...

Sorry Annie ... but the penguins are soooo cute (just don't tell yours son I have defected!!)

Anonymous said...

they are evil and will take over the world and you will be sorry and expect me to say i told you so. and too late he already knows. how could you,

scratchbags said...

It was such an event. Everyone got worried. he he.

When I first visited my reactions were what?? really??? If I had been reading her blog with my friends we would have been giggling throughout. But hands down it's the best 'Kama Sutra Entertainment' blog that I have discovered so far. You get loads of pictures in the interweave on various topics but it's only Nurse Myra who can impart real education. lol

I'll take your word of caution about not visiting her blog before the breakfast. She may come up with loads of surprises. And I am okay now!:p

It's Sunday, so I'll do my meme today.:)