Thursday, 24 July 2008

24th & 25th July 1979

what are they looking at??
Tuesday 24
Worked 10.00 - 6.30 = very busy
Got a letter of Sam it was lovely

Wrote him back

He phoned at 11.00
Said he had bad news about his job (so what was it?? doh! )

Wednesday 25
£20.00 wages

Didn't work
Fi is having problems with Chris again
Round to Fi's in the evening

Spoke to Sam 3 times
I'll miss him lots
I am going on holiday tomorrow

We've not had a quiz in a while... so seeing as how it is Friday ........Oh it has a stupid matrix to fill in with your scores. Just t
hink of it as a game of bingo

And now the matrix

70s turned out like this

Answers tomorrow :-)

As it is Friday some dancing ......
Really love this track (reminds me a of a very special person) but never knew it was out in the 70s... cool & happy track :-)

Even more happy cool stuff... dear dear Fracas has just posted her 1000th post... some going there dear friend and secretary to the deranged.
Especially for you I rustled up a few guys and a sexy pair of shoes (note I said 'pair' not one flip flop lol)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

A sultry 6 1/2" - what can that be referring to I wonder .......? ... oooooo ........ and hurray for Fracas for being so old....

Can't do that quiz, it looks like rocket science to me ......

70steen said...

Shoe size!! and the 1000th is not her age.. how could you after all the bending over in short skirts she does for you?? tsk

mm act you age not your shoes size DP lol

OMG just seen the time? Should you be up this late?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Did the quiz and keeping my fingers crossed. :p

70steen said...

SB ~ wtg... quiz results will be out later :)

Anonymous said...

wow you really made us work doing that quiz didn't you?