Tuesday, 1 July 2008

1st July 1979

Sunday 1
Go to Stafford for the day
My niece's 5th Birthday (ooo she is 34 today .....)

Got to Stafford at 11.45

Went to the Post Office (see here we go again going to a post office on a Sunday??)

Went for a long walk to Gayton (again- see this time last year?) (huh????)

Went to the Woolpack
Came home at 10.45

Miss Sam already xxxxx

The number one this week in 1979 was this

It is what I would call 'Boy Music. My brother played it loads ... I hated it. Where had the boogie on down sounds gone?

Here is the top ten for the first week in July 1979

1. Tube Way Army ~ Are Friends Electric
2. Anita Ward ~ Ring My Bell (hated this too.. the former number 1)
3. Squeeze ~ Up the Junction (another boy tune.. but I actually like this one)
4. Earth, Wind & Fire ~ Boogie Wonderland (That is more like it )
5. Quantum Jump ~ Lone Ranger (what is this??.... OMG it is awful!!!)
6. Roxy Music ~ Dance Away (ohhhh how fabulous, only Bryan Ferry could get away with wearing lime green lol )

7. Blondie ~ Sunday Girl (cool Blondie fix!)
8. McFadden and Whitehead ~ Ain't no stopping us now (I have danced to this many times since the 70s.. I defy you to not 'toe tap....)

9. Edwin Starr ~ H.A.P.P.Y. Radio (more boogie!! oh yes a great dance track)
10. Gerry Raffety ~ Night Owl (chilling Gerry R )

Hope these help you get through Wednesday :-)


John said...

androgeny at it's beginnings. Later to become such things as Human League and a guy singing a song called 'Cars'.

I miss...things. Oh geez, you got me all emo again, woman!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'll take one Blondie please and a cardigan ....... thank you

diane said...

Earth, Wind and Fire! Now you are talking - I LOVE them. I cannot sit still when they are playing. Thumbs up to Gerry Rafferty and Blondie too....and as for Bryan Ferry - sooooooo cool!

I used to work in a fashion store (or boutique as we quaintly called it in those days)in Manchester. Half the boys were little David Bowie wannabees and the other half were Bryan Ferry wannabees. Although there was one guy who wanted to be Barbra Streisand.....

70steen said...

JC~ It is the guy from Tubeway Army who did Cars (Gary Newman) ... he had a number one later in 1979 with it.
There were some surprisingly handsome fellows who wore eyeliner back then lol

You were an emo??

70steen said...

DP ~ I didn't think that blonde guy in the cardi was your type ???

70steen said...

LOL Diane ... Barbara Streisand :-)

So where did you work back then???

Shane said...

Soooo glad I was an 80's/90's kid.

Big Hair and MC Hammer Pants for me!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm not fussy at my age - tee hee

70steen said...

hee hee Shane .... yep there were some big hair do's and what cool pants

70steen said...

Dp~ that is what is written on the back of the door in the cupboards loo *snigger*

Teenage Rock Opera said...

The Quantum Jump single was a hit thanks to DJ Kenny Everett playing it non-stop on his Sunday radio show, inviting listeners to call in and try to replicate the gobbledegook opening vocals.

Kenny was the "influential" American Idol of his time, responsible also for breaking "Bohemian Rhapsody" a few years earlier.

How do I know this? a) I used to listen to Kenny's show and b)I was stood behind a record shop counter in 1979 selling copies of "The Lone Ranger"!

70steen said...

Ah TRO ~ Welcome :-)

Thank you for the huge memory jog there, I had forgotten about Kenny Everett and his association with that 'tune'... loved Kenny through the 70s and 80s & remember his show so well (now), he so made me laugh... but, however, I can not forgive you for your part in the promotion of such a 'bad' track lol :-)

diane said...

I used to work in a fashion store called "Guys and Dolls' on Oldham Street, in the days when C&A and Chelsea Girl were on Oldham Street too. G&D was huge 4 floors of really great fashion, a record store, cafe, trendy kiddies clothes and a hairdressers, all under one roof! Ahead of it's time really!

Good luck for your exam tomorrow :)

Claire said...

I love Earth, Wind and Fire! mainly because of the mum, she went to see them a few times.

70steen said...

Diane ~ thanks for the information. Not being from these parts I don't recall the shop but I shall tell my mate about it ,,, she is Manchester born & bred.
Do love Oldham Street today, it is the funky quarter of Manchester with Affleck's Palace, Cafe Pop, Piccadilly Records etc :-)

70steen said...

Claire ~ so glad the eagle has landed & I hope your Mum is doing ok so she can bop about to EW&F soon :-)

Claire said...

The mum is doing well, thanks for asking :)

She prefers Scouting for Girls and Stereophonics at the moment, ha! :)