Thursday, 17 July 2008

16th & 17th July 1979

a step too far!!!!!
Monday 16
Worked 10.00 - 6.20 = not very busy
Was chief butty maker today (translated I made sandwiches all day. I was usually on ice creams. Making butties was quite cool and I loved the fast heat sealing machine we used lol)
Sam hasn't rung!
Made a button through skirt
I am very tired
He phoned at 11.20
He had been working in the Woolpack

Tuesday 17
Work 10.00 - 6.30
= very hot and humid (I wish! Today it has been cold and wet)
Not that busy
Drew £5.00 out of the bank to get a skirt, but couldn't get one
Fi phoned Dave
I phoned Sam at 7.00
He hasn't phoned back yet
Sam phoned at 11.20 & 11.50
Cos he put the phone down on me
He had been to the pub

Sorry for the internet silence ... I think, however, it bothered me more than my readership lol. All due to my ISP who denied all knowledge it was their fault, told me it was my PC and in a pretty patronising tone .. i.e. I was dumb!! tsk!
No matter I am back now :-)

I wanted to see if there any actual videos about real people in the 70s & by jove there are loads!
This one is a protest about CB radios .. rubber duck looks like we have a convoy.. and all that. I seem to recall there was so
me sort of ban on Cb radios??

Whilst surfing I came across this clip about the borough I live in
Classic the reporter (with a posh voice... must be from
down Souff) says 'I stopped a chap in flat hat' lol I drive down that bit in the opening titles everyday (when I drive into work that is!)

But this must be the best home movie lol ... a Walton House. Oh what fun !!!!!?????

Good Night John Boy

Oh before I go

Doodle of the day is Vacation ... a postcard from the edge ......welcome to your holiday in the UK :-)

Doodle week


Drowsey Monkey said...

Love your doodle :) It's raining here, I actually love the rain.

I loved the Walton's too! I've never seen that doll house before...I would have loved that as a kid. Okay, I'd still love to have it.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

We've all got posh voices down here don't you know young lady.

I also like your doodle - you should start a postcard range and sell them on the interweave [10% commission please - thank you]

fracas said...

So who was your favorite Walton boy? Come on... you know you had one. Which Walton boy would the actual 70steen have dated?

nursemyra said...

that Walton Home?

want want want

70steen said...

Thank you DM ..... it is so wet and cold too ... this is supposed to be our summer. I think we are suffering from global colding!!!

I know! I have never heard of the Waltons Country Home over in the UK but would have loved one :-)

70steen said...

Oh Mr Lar de dar DP ~ 10% ?? Can we negotiate?? :-)

70steen said...

ooo Frac .... I have to confess it would have been Jim Bob

not sure as today !!!

70steen said...

NM ~ There are not even any for sale on e bay ... I have looked for you :(

diane said...

I was born in Manchester but that is one dreadful song. I think it's the school choir (remember 'There's no one quite like Grandma'?) that I find particularly awful or maybe it is the flat cap on the singer....
...Oh my God! I'm turning into a Southern snob....and talking all posh.....I need rescuing!!

Although the weather is much better down here....

70steen said...

D ~ eeewww the Grandma song !! Did you have to. I have shivers up my spine.

I am a NW snob who talks posh... if I can get this mic to hook up you will hear it.. a Northern accent with a twist .. my teen thinks I have a 'vestibule' voice (i.e. say vestibule in the poshest accent you can think of lol)

rescuing ?? Stay where you are I am heading Souff for some sunshine ;-)

fracas said...

I was always partial to Ben. Must be the red hair. LOL. It couldn't be his penchant to be rebellious, now.. could it?