Sunday, 13 July 2008

15th July 1979

what a goddess!
Sunday 15 (19 months)
Worked 10.30 - 6.45
= quite busy
Phoned Sam at 2.10 & 7.30
Me = shattered
My niece and nephew were down for the day (they are now 34 & 32 with a couple of kids each...eek!)

Had a bath & hair wash

Watched TV

When Annie Mouse stayed a couple of weeks ago, she did insist on bringing her Cliff Richard collection with her.

I was filled with dread. It is something that Annie and I agree to disagree on.... because I simply just don't 'do' Cliff. Sorry !!
I know he has talent and is popula
r but he doesn't do it for me musically or otherwise in any shape or form... & after seeing him posing in a pair of leather pants (trousers) on a calendar I bought Annie one Christmas... he does even less!!
But as I say we agree to disagree........

Anyway after a few glasses of fine white I was pleasantly surprised as I flicked through the folder.
On the back of the Cliff stuff was a wealth of 70s stuff hee hee :-D

wow a TV guide from some time in the 70s! Did ITV shut down early evening back then? What no 24/7 television?

Oh I loved Clapperboard.
It was a kids film review programme that kept you up to date what was on in the cinema. No DVDs and only the start of videos back then. If you joined a video shop you had to pay a huge membership fee, which my mum refused to do. Even when my brother brought a state of the art betamax video recorder home in the late 70s from the Middle East (it was a HUGE top loader)

Flockton Flyer ... I do sort of remember this programme now I have looked it up. It was a 2 series thing for kids about a steam train. A family struggling to open a branch railway line.
It had Patrick Mower and Gerald Harper in it at one stage
Tiswas was a dream kids programme. Custard pies, raucous humour, Spit the Dog, Lenny Henry ... superb.
Have a dabble in their web site
I love these clips as I met both of them when I was an usherette in the 70s.... Wednesday was wrestling night!

There was also Charlie's Angels. What girl then didn't want to be Farah Fawcett Majors or Jaclyn Smith
Oh I almost forgot to mention. On the front was this image (Oh I never thought Cliff would feature in my blog lol)

& just for you Annie the only Cliff song I can actually tolerate as I love the film
(what a fun adventure)


Anonymous said...

what no comments, not even from DP,

Anonymous said...

that is the one song i can't stand as they made it into a song about our headmaster a few years ago.

it was worth the suffering with the wealth of 70's stuff on the back of cliff.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Give us a chance young Annie ...... I've forgotten what I was going to say now ......... oh yes - I'm slightly ambivalent about Cliff .... as he is ....... OK, going now to doodle something .........

Anonymous said...

funny you should mention lenny henry today. my son went to see his standup routine last week and walked out halfway though......

Teenage Rock Opera said...

Girls wanted to BE Farah or Jaclyn. Boys, on the other hand, wanted to.... *ahem*

70steen said...

Oh Annie .... oops sorry :-)

70steen said...

Yes Annie DP isn't as fast as he used to be lol

70steen said...

really NM~ was he that bad??
I suppose that happens as people popularity drops

70steen said...

TRO ~ ahem!!!