Wednesday, 2 July 2008

2nd July 1979

Monday 2
Worked 11.00 - 6.00
Not busy
Phoned Sam at 8.00
He had gone to Manchester.
I phoned him at 11.00
He didn't sound happy at all
Fi came round

Since I started this blog most of my fashion posts have been about 70s girls fashions apart from the odd dodgey tasche.

So tonight I thought the men should have a look in.
It will be interesting if any that are shown below strike a cord with my more masculine readers??
Before and after!!

A little crochet number or a denim safari suit perhaps??

Y~society and matching lycra

Some SERIOUS plaid

Shirts and Socks

mmmmm? Someone looks a bit familiar up top there with blue sox??
Shane be grateful you were an 80s/90s boy lol
DP I can quite see you in that little knitted yellow number with a cravat !!


Claire said...

That is very very disturbing fashion!

Anonymous said...

My mother-in-law could crochet a set of his an her vests just like those and my husband swears the blue suit is the one he wore to his grade 8 grad.

70steen said...

Claire which bit ??? Oh you mean all of it !! lol (It is isn't it!)

70steen said...

Anniegirl Hi :-)
Wow bet your mother-in-law was in demand back then.... I am, however, grateful that fashion trend ceased....
Ah your husband had great fashion taste then???... you can't beat a good denim safari suit lol :-)

Anonymous said...

Jockey has revolutionized over the years. Well! thankfully :D

Daddy Papersurfer said...

This blog is beginning to illustrate my worst nightmares far too accurately ...... I have a friend who wears a cravat - apart from that he's quite nice really .... going to have a lie down now ..... for ages

70steen said...

SB ~ Jockeys just seem to have been around for ever (since 1902 ... have just looked it up )

70steen said...

so DP which one did you succumb to??

You know some one who wears a cravat??? My oh My lol

John said...

I prefer the plaid socks. They clash less with my fearsomeness.

I also wear a Speedo in group shots. :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

ahahahahahaha!!!! Serious plaid ... socks!

Oh dear, I'm dying here.

Claire said...

Yes I meant all of it! lol :)

70steen said...

JC ~ do you wear them up to your knees as well.... ??? I would be afraid ... very afraid

DM~ such cool dude .... not!!lol

70steen said...

Claire ~ yep I thought so... be grateful you didn't have to live through it for real:-)

Drowsey Monkey said...

You know, I'm looking through all these patters, and what's cracking me up isn't the pattern, or the sweaters ... it's just the way the models are posed. So cheesey!

Of course I'm not sure how any models could make those socks look ... normal.

lol ... I have tears ... I'm going to come back to this post everytime I need a chuckle! Thanks!

Drowsey Monkey said...

I meant, "patterns" ... my "n" is not working!