Monday, 28 July 2008

28th July 1979

He looks a bit suspicious... I think he is trying to steal that head light!!

Saturday 29
Got up at 8.30
Went to Tranches market
Then to the beach

It was quite dull but now it is boiling hot
Went to visit friend's of Fi's parents in
Mothe Achard = really great

The first photo is of Tranche, the second one is of Ainsdale were I grew up .... so similar ... except the sea it always there at Tranche this is not the case at Ainsdale. Check out their webcam over at Tranche.

Well it is not long before I go on my jolly holidays to Madrid ... 13 days to be precise ... yipee

So I have been starting to root out the cossies and summer stuff that you only tend to wear when on holiday.

Found some pictures of holiday wear from 1975, and I tell you I would quite fancy some of them to wear now!! (obviously if I were slimmer and a heck of a lot younger!)

Well I wonder where Olga has been bra-napped to ........ Claire certainly must be worried after searching the bars or is that bars of Liverpool and only finding booze.
Something that Olga must have set up before her disappearance arrived this weekend.
My Earl Grey tastes soooo bodaliciously good out of it .......... Thank you and I hope you are found soon ... the Posse are getting twitchy again and I see that the Willy's have been called to arms too (ok they don't have arms!!)


Claire said...

Hey it was hard work searching and I got thirsty! really thirsty!

She has been recovered now :)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

...... and Claire is in 'recovery' - tsk.

Madrid huh? Bet you're not flying - tee hee.

Some of those outfits are quite nice - is it wrong to be attracted to a drawing?

Anonymous said...

love all the cute shoes

Anonymous said...

Wow! lovely pictures. I love wearing halters and strappy tops but India is a conservative country so, don't get to wear such clothes much. But my collection keeps increasing and all these fancy clothes come out on my birthdays and vacations. I could relate myself with this post so much. ha ha! The pictures of Ainsdale and Tranche remind me of so much of a movie called Forest Gump. The hero of the movie,Tom Hanks, runs on the road continuously for three years and there are such places shown in the movie.

God! I have started writing so much .:p May be I am comfortable talking to you.:)

70steen said...

Claire ~ really thirsty work from what I gather.. Cocktails & Happy Hour what a lethal combo lol :-)

Poor EW he looks so forlorn ....:(

70steen said...

DP ~ I think you may find that Olga is in the recovery position after her barking visit to the UK hee hee

mmm yep!! no planes for me :)

not sure if it is wrong to be attracted to drawings ... years ago when you were a lad, before cameras were invented I guess you only had drawings to rely upon *snigger*!!

70steen said...

NM~ there are some lovely shoes there , I love the white wedges ...

70steen said...

SB ~ the fashions there are great and certainly wouldn't look out of date today.
Oh I never thought that yes you would not be able to freely wear such strappy clothing... but great to hear you have a 'secret' collection of goodies :-)

You know I have never seen Forest Gump... it was based in America I think so I reckon this type of beach must be fairly common around the world.

Oh & chatter away all you like ... it is really nice that you feel comfortable to do so here :-)

Drowsey Monkey said...

good grief, I started to comment on this post a couple of times ... and blogger ate it.

Anyway, I'm still laughing at the suspicious guy about to steal the headlight! HAHAHAHA!

catscratch said...

I don't think Olga is all that innocent. I hope she behaves herself when she's here. I fear she'll want to stay on the statue of Dolly Parton at Dollywood when she comes :)

70steen said...

oo SC... welcome.... & thank you for j.Donovan lol

I can not confirm or deny Olgas habits .. just a tip ... lock away the wine or she will want to become Dolly and beyond .. if you get my drift? ;-)