Friday, 11 July 2008

11th July 1979

Wednesday 11
Sam goes to Grand Prix
Come back home
Big heads this morning
Cleared up
Went to Stafford = boiling hot (humpf... not like today here... rain and gloom)
Sam & Stan left for Silverstone at 1.30
Will miss him
Me & Fi got home at 6.00 pm
Sam phoned later
Wish I could have stayed with him

Now Daddy Papersurfer has been complaining for days now (although it seems so much longer) about the amount of 'mustard' cardigans I have posted ... come on it was the 70s and 'mustard' was all the rage.
But just to placate him I have found a jaunty nautical knitting pattern (sorry I know I promised anchors but at least there is an out board motor!!)

Thank goodness it is Friday..... that usually means disco!

An excellent video (it is in Spanish, English and French) I must put a warning here there is some Boney M!!... but is reprieved with some Rolling Stones and Blondie (sub titled in Spanish, so you can sing a long and learn a language at the same time)

& some 70s music I certainly missed ..bear with this & you can la la la ... how fabulous, classic 70s images and music that was not available(or I was not aware of) in the UK :-)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

..... and in terylene and nylon, to get that *crackling* sensation when you remove it after a hard day out 'jolly rodgering'. The outboard motor is a bonus young 70's - you've done very well. You may splice the mainbrace but beware barnacles on your bottom!

70steen said...

The static you felt in the 70s was always a bonus .. or that is how we dealt with nylon! A lot of the searches on 70s have been about Bri Nylon (from a very early post I did about sheets and school shirts) that does worry me a bit!!!

Ask Annie about 'Jolly Rogering' she can fill you in about the sea shanty.

A barnacled bottom surely must be worse than a cellulite one ??

The Rev. said...

Barnacled bottom? Ouch- nothing worse than that, I tell ya from experience...

Anonymous said...

that looks like a very difficult pattern with all that writing over the front "Smith, the Wool Shop..."

70steen said...

hee hee Rev~ I have just read your post ..... maybe that is what you have a barnacled cheek ;-)

70steen said...

lol NM ~ yes you would have to be one hellva knitter to get that right :-)

tNb said...

Been distracted in the last few weeks but I'm back just in time for BONEY M! How did I know???

70steen said...

You know I have not mentioned BM for ages spooky.... I still have issues with the creepy guy so try not to think about them

[great to see you back but obviously you would rather be distracted ;-)]