Monday, 5 January 2009

5th & 6th January 1980

Saturday 5
Got up at 8.15
again feeling slightly tired
Shop boss was in a bad mood all morning (I can safely say that I hated that man and I am quite tolerant of folk really but he was the worst of all people I have ever worked for)
Fi met me for lunch
Worked in the London Street shop all afternoon
= different I suppose
Phoned Sam from Southport station (ahh the days of using telephone kiosks!)
He was dead sociable .. honest ! (a hint of sarcasm maybe?)
Phoned him again at 1/2 7
He wasn't too chatty then either
Oh well can't be helped!
He was off to the Woolpack - surprise, surprise
Knitted & watched TV all night
Went to bed at 11.00
Got paid £22.30

Sunday 6
Got up at 12.00
Made prawn cocktail
Alison came for dinner
Tidied my bedroom all day - phew what a job (hee hee remember this when I am nagging teen to tidy hers)
Did some knitting
Mum did the rib for the front
Phoned Sam
he seemed in a better mood than he did yesterday
Last night he went to a concert
some band called 'Breeze'
Washed my hair & had a bath
Wrote Sam a letter
Bed at 11.45 pm

This weekend I came across a couple of 1980s high class magazines I knew that were lurking in the loft. They cost me £1.50 a piece back then so no wonder I kept them lol One is Mode Avantgarde and the other Avantgarde International. I have did a quick search to see if they are still printing them and only came across a couple for sale from the late 70s on an auction site for £12 each
I have not had time to study them fully but this fashion statement for men really impressed me :-)


The Rev. said...

So glad you decided to push on into the 80's! Huzzah!!

Looking at that zine cover, I think I may have actually owned those pants at one time or another...

Anonymous said...

I don't want to go anywhere near a man wearing a "pumpkin shaped blouson"

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've never heard of Mode Avantgarde - thank heavens.

"He was dead sociable .. honest ! (a hint of sarcasm maybe?)" not sarcasm - surprise I reckon - miserable sod. [I know you read this 'Sam' - I hope you're ashamed of yourself - tee hee]

70steen said...

oh Rev... men in straight legged pants is sooo wrong ... thank goodness you are all grown up now ;-)

70steen said...

don't know about pumkin blousons NM....the guy on the left is pretty scary in his robotic get up .....

70steen said...

oh DP you will be getting me into bother when I next meet up with

diane said...

Those chaps look like extras from Star Trek...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Now, you be careful today - it's very icy ...... we don't want you having a tumble and having to have a few days off work ........

The Rev. said...

What, by the way, is a prawn cocktail?

70steen said...

Rev~ my goodness you don't know what 'prawn cocktail' is?? Suppose it is like me and the mystery of 'pulled pork'.. (still think that is so porno hee hee

here you go hun