Thursday, 22 January 2009

22nd January 1980

Tuesday 22
College at 10.00 am
Went to town for dinner as usual
Fi had her hair trimmed
Cookery was cancelled (I had not realised, until I read my diary, just how many of my lecturers didn't happen .. along with my skiving off it is no wonder my exam results were rubbish!!)
Got home at 3.30
Had a bath
Watched TV & copied up loads of Business Studies notes
Sam phoned at 8.15
He was in an extremely good mood
He is as changeable as the wind
Looking forward to seeing him now tomorrow
Can't say I was yesterday!

I have just been looking at my Flickr account to see what recent activity has been going on and to upload some images onto FuelMyBlog Flickr Group. Well I had a WoW moment. Most of my piccies have one or two views .. Layla has a few more as does my cat Wally .. but this photos has 443 views...... It is untouched, it is how it was taken.. I do love it as it is of one of my favourite places to visit .. Liverpool's water front .. it shows the development in the area along with the old and the new plus it being a windy day ... 443.. wow............... do join up on Flickr & the FMB group, you know you want to ;-)



Anonymous said...

443? that is worth a WoW!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm not surprised - it's a very good photograph.

It's very windy although the evidence is barely apparent. Are the cranes at rest because of the weather or because it's the weekend? always good to have a picture that poses a question. A false perspective is created by the shank of the anchor and the booms of the cranes which draws the eye from the natural vanishing point as defined by the bricks. There is a figure wearing a t-shirt, his back turned and hunched into the wind. Is he feeling cold? another question - and so on .... whoops, sorry, I thought I was lecturing again ........ tee hee

The Rev. said...

Wish I had time for a bath.

Technically, I have time - I just don't fit in the tub anymore (length, not width, thank God)

70steen said...

NM ~ I know I am so amazed ... and it has had no comments either how bizarre
I am putting down to a misprint on the stats lol

70steen said...

Oh DP ~ you wax so lyrically .. that is bloody marvellous I see you ain't lost the knack ..... I think I may have to come to you write the blurb for my exhibition x

70steen said...

REV ~ Baths are sooo good ... what you don't fit in one?? Are you 7ft tall or do they make baths really small in Memphis ?? lol

Somnambulist said...

I apologise for sending the link to December's edition of "Mega-Construction Crane Weekly".

Somnambulist said...'s surprisingly popular.

70steen said...

ahh the culprit doth shows himself ;-)

Stinkypaw said...

Just in case you don't post anything until Saturday, just came by to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!
All the best my dear!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

When's your birthday? nobody tells me anything ..... tsk

Anonymous said...

it's your birthday soon? really?

70steen said...

Stinkypaw awww thank you so much.... I had forgotten about your 'list' I must link it up to here so I don't miss others :) x

70steen said...

Birthday did someone mention Birthday ?? hee hee