Sunday, 11 January 2009

10th, 11th & 12th January 1980

Thursday 10
Had a test this morning in cookery = ok
Looked up careers in the library
Quite a boring day
came home at lunchtime
In the evening I took up the hem on Mums dress = difficult
Phoned Sam
He was at the Woolpack
He phoned back later
Looking forward to seeing him tomorrow
Fi rang cos everyone was out in her house
Almost finished sleeves on sweater

Friday 11
Didn't go to college in morning
Altered mums dress
Went in for Business Studies at 12.00
Home at 4.30
Finished Mums dress
Washed my hair
Sam arrived at 7.20
He'd got a lift off Dand from Lime Street Station to Formby
Went to Southport with my brother & sam
Went to the 'Houghton', 'The Art Centre', 'The Coronation' & 'Rummies' (all bars !!)
Got home at 11.10
Watched the O.G.W.T (The Old Grey Whistle Test) til 1.00 = excellent
Bands on where Police, 999, Siouxie & the Banshees etc

Saturday 12
Worked in London Street shop all day = good
£7.30 wages
Sam went to see Liverpool (1) v Southampton (1)
Got home at 6.30
Mum had gone to a 'Masons Do' (oh I remember now the dress I altered was a long fancy dress as she used to go to Ladies nights (apparently ladies festivals now) ... all toasting and ballroom dancing)
Went to town to the Grape Escape (wine bar) & the Sundowner (night club)
Had quite a good time as we've not been out alone for ages
Got home at 1.45 am
My 2 old cats have been very patient after the arrival of the pup
this was how they looked when the ball of fluff arrived

But it would seem that they have been plotting

But I think the dog has out bidded everyone

There is a new post on Dear Teddy ... please pop along and check it out..... a beautiful cause that involves knitting ......................


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Your father was a mason!!!?!! ..... that explains a lot ......

Perhaps you could get one of your animals to run through your comments and do a quick spell check? - it might improve things a tad ...... just a suggestion ...... anything to help ...... no, no, no ... no thanks required ......

diane said...

Layla is sooooo cute.

Just looking at the comment stats.

Me 4 (now 5)
DP 23

I feel bad now....

Annie Mouse said...

You drinking surely not......

i remember all those bars, the food was also nice in some of them, the coronation was one i liked.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've left loads more than that ..... she keeps deleting them ...... something about me being an idiot ....

70steen said...

DP ~oo gosh no I have no Masonic blood in my veins (oh I tell a lie my grandfather was a 'Buffalo')

My mum went along with her man friend whose mate was a Mason .. it was all silver shoes and matching handbags with big corsages all very bling

tsk to spell check ;-)

70steen said...

Daine ~ thank you she is such a cutey but Milo ... wow he is such a beauty .. must pop over and comment at how wussy he is on the lead lol

Don't feel bad that DP comments more... he just likes to toment me :-)

70steen said...

Annie ~ WB to bloggy stuff ...

I used to like the 'Corry' too, some great pubs and eating houses in Southport then and now :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ not sure how it works ... I thought it was a count over my last 100 posts .. but what do I know ... me delete you surely not hee hee

fracas said...

Drat. Your link to the Dear Teddy post is broken. I'll ave to head back to fracas to get it off the blogroll... and then I'll come back!

Love Elvis teddy... I'm thinking the post has something to do with his birthday week...

70steen said...

Dear Frac ~ thanks for the heads up I will repair the link thank you

Hard to believe Elvis would have been 74 if he had lived ...
ooo Snowy would be delighted if you featured him as he does a great 'Let me be your Teddy Bear ' :-)