Saturday, 24 January 2009

24th January 1980

Thursday 24
My Birthday - 18th
Got up at 8.30
Jumped on Sam to get him up (steady on now !! lol)
Opened me pressies
Got a really ace sewing machine off Mar & her fella
A Sekonda watch off Sam
An alarm clock off his sister
A sewing box off his mum & dad (which I still use)
£7.00 off relatives & lots of cards
Went to college at 10.30
Hit the Houghton Arms at 11.30
Art Centre at 12(it was Claire's 18th too)
& then drank & drank
Next few hours a bit of a blur
Got back to Fi's (somehow!)

Went for a meal at the 'Little Gourmet ' = ace
Got a silver initial on a chain from brothers girlfriend
Got loads of lovely pressies from people at college
It was a great day
Thank you everyone :-)

God only knows how I made it from drunk as a Lord to eating a meal fairly 'together' with the family hee hee


Daddy Papersurfer said...

So young ........ so innocent.

In the middle photograph it looks like discarded underwear over the back of the armchair - any comments?

After you've recovered from your hangover this morning, pop over to get your present and HAVE A LOVELY DAY!!



sylvied said...

Happy Birthday 70!!!

I expect you will be wearing these fabulous shoes of yours!!!?
Don't forget to take a snap!

Have a great day!!! xx

70steen said...

thank you DP and thank you for the yummy profiterols over at your place :-)

Yes it is indeed a pair of knickers.. new ones not disguarded ones, a gift from a friend ...they were very raunchy ones (I'll say no more lol)

off for some lunch, culture & shopping later at the Lowry cente... ahh I love Birthdays xxxx

70steen said...

Sylvie thank you x

Oh may just have to buy some special Birthday shoes ... if I do I will take a photo to add to the ones I have sent you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birflday from an occasional visitor. (I only visit on special occasions).

Oh, and please disregard anything wotshisname says about behaving. I do not believe in encouraging Goddesses to behave. The profiteroles are delicious.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Funny...I noticed those red knickers too! Geeesh...I wanna hear the story!

~Olga & Shawn

tNb said...

Happy Happy 70's Appreciation Day!!! Treat yourself, pamper yourself and giggle yourself silly :-) xx

70steen said...

Archie ....hi & mwah x
Like I will ever behave particularly when instructed to ... far too spirited I am afraid

Thank you so much for the lovely greeting :-)

70steen said...

Olga Mmmmmwwwwahhh & thank you

I have had a great day ... not how it was planned culture but lunch and plenty of shopping :-D

[the knicks were very naughty tee hee]

70steen said...

tNb ~ mwwwahh to you too & thank you :-)
yeah 70s Appreciation Day I like it lol

Managed to treat myself ... some new shoes and a few other bits ... and have had some giggles last night & today with Annie

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Aren't you glad you're not young enough to be my daughter? .......

70steen said...

not a day passes that I remind myself of that *snigger*

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Fraccy Sis! Like a good sis... I did NOT notice the knickers. ;-) There's a wish for you over at the fraccy blog. I do hope find it to your liking!

In one of the first pics, I couldn't help but notice you quite resemble a gal that was one of my own best friends at the time! Same face shape, hair parted on the side... rather a remarkable coincidence!

Claire said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you have had a lovely lovely day

purplefrog said...

happy belated birthday to you

Anonymous said...

dearest 70s - happy birthday. hope you got lots of sexy red knickers and shoes xx

(you look SO cute in those photos)

70steen said...

ooo Dear Frac thank you so much for the gift over at your place I will be sure to unwrap him carefully ... mmmmm ;-)

How weird I look like a best friend of yours ... it must be fate lol

hey I have just realised I am wearing the jumper that I had been knitting ... bright red whatever possessed me ??

70steen said...

Claire, Purplefrog & NM thank you so much .. I have had a simply gorgeous birthday weekend xxx

Daddy Papersurfer said...

How's the head today? I SAID ...... oh, never mind ........

Somnambulist said...

Many, many, many, many, many, many happy returns. Belatedly. (sorry!)

70steen said...

I think I am ok now ... hic!

70steen said...

many x 6 THANK YOUs to you Somn. :-)

Shinade said...

Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it. But, I have just risen from the dead.

I hope you had a fabulous day!!