Sunday, 18 January 2009

18th & 19th January 1980

Friday 18
Only went to 2 lectures today
Talked to the Sociology lecturer for 2 hours
He can be 'human' when he wants to be (I liked my Sociology lecturer but he was one of the most sarcastic guys I had ever come across .. have met plenty though later lol)
Got boots reheeled £1.37
Home at 4.30
Phoned Sam at 7.45
He was in a delightful mood
I don't know why he takes stuff out on me?
Attempted more of my Sociology essay
Watched a silly American film
Bed at 12.30
Sam went to see Toyah Wilcox in concert

Saturday 19
Worked 9-6 as usual
£7.30 wages
Worked in London Street shop
Bought some file paper
Met Fi for lunch
Day passed quickly
Sam phoned at 7.15
He was in a better mood than yesterday - just as well
He was off to a postman's retirement party !!
Baby sat 7.45 - 1.30am
Kids = Ok
Me= Knackered

The new number one in the UK on the 19th January 1980 was The Pretenders with ' Brass in Pocket'.. fabulous song

Sam went to see Toyah Wilcox. On more than one occasion I have been toldthat I look like her. Not sure I do though.

Here are some others over the years that I have been told I look like.

I must admit I saw Linda McCartney in Harrods with all her body guards. Our eyes met and I had that fleeting 'doppleganger' moment ... I think she did too .. because as she walked off she turned back to look at me again !!

So who is your 'doppleganger'?

oh p.s. was there nothing on TV on Friday night ? My stats had dropped then suddenly ....


Anonymous said...

my doppelganger is Dianne Keaton in her Annie Hall days

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I met Linda McCartney once at a country auction - we used to share an antique restorer ......

In my prime .... last week ..... I have been mistaken for George Best and Eric Clapton. Tiggz and Penfold think I'm a cross between Bill Oddie and Bruce Forsythe .......

Annie Mouse said...

you also forget, helen hunt and arika jonnson.

Dp its a good game, good game your boys play...

70steen said...

NM ~ oh yes I remember you saying that you looked like Diane Keaton when I mentioned Annie Hall at one time... you know I can see the likeness .. I thought she was so funky in that film

70steen said...

DP ~ did you need restoring back then too lol

How young a Georgie Best & Eric??
Now I think Bill Oddie is a good likeness ;-)

70steen said...

hee hee oh yes I forgot about Helen Hunt lol (maybe 30 years ago)
Do you mean Ulrika Jonnson?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

It might have been Galloway and Sykes of course ......

Anonymous said...

I've been told over and over that I'm a dead ringer for Meg Ryan but I must admit that was mostly back in my thinner days. Also the lass from Crocodile Dundee whose name escapes me at the moment.

70steen said...

hee hee DP how about Morecambe??

70steen said...

Hi Melissa and welcome :-)

yes you do have a look of Meg R.. that gal off Croc Dundee..Linda Kozlowski... yep I can see that too

fracas said...

I get mistaken for others all the time... someone should get Mr. Frac some glasses!

lol. Seriously, I do get stopped often and asked if I'm other people but never celebs.. usually just some random name of someone they know and think I'm them.

My daughter gets told extremely often, that she looks like Scarlett Johannson. It annoys her, but it happens to her quite often.

The Rev. said...

For a brief moment I thought we were discussing Scientology.


70steen said...

Oh dear Frac you must have one of those 'faces'. A do too as people ask me things like 'didn't I meet you at blar blar ' etc few months ago a few people were walking towards me when I was on my way to work. The male in the group whispered to a gal, the others must have over heard and as they passed they all stared at me .. I thought OMG have I put on too much make up and I look like a clown... as they passed I heard one of the gals say 'I have no idea who she is??' lol
I put you and I down to being so gorgeeeeous :-)
How beautiful must your daughter look .. she should be delighted

70steen said...

Rev ~ *shudder*

So who do you look like?? :-)