Wednesday, 28 January 2009

27th, 28th & 29th January 1980

Sunday 27
Sam woke me at 10.00
went for a walk around the village
Stayed in all day
Watched TV & listened to records (aww dear vinyl on a radiogram lol)

Fi rang
Sam left at 7.30
he rang from Lime Street Station (Liverpool) at 8.15
Had a bath for 1 3/4 hours
Read some of 'The Yorkshire Ripper' by Michael Nicholson
Bed at 11.30

Monday 28
Got up at 8.00 feeling absolutely knackered
Came home at 12.00
Sam rang
He said he was very busy at work
Got and application form from Marks & Spencer
Cookery cancelled as lecturer has broncitis
Ann B & I came home at 3.30
Sam rang at 4.45
AnnB left at 5.15
Played with machine (before you say anything it was my sewing machine .. I think?)
Wrote thank you letters
Phoned Sam
he is being ever so nice (mmm???)

Tuesday 29
College at 10.00
Skived Business Studies
I will have to go in tomorrow or there will be trouble
Sociology lecturer is writing a reference for me
I think it is for the Midland Bank (gawd just think I could have been a banker!)
Finished at 5.00 today
Bought Bazil some toys
Sam phoned at 9.30
Really pleased to hear from him
He is working in Dudley tomorrow

Thought I would look up the Yorkshire Ripper after reading my diary. It would seem it was 12 months later (in January 1981) that he was actually caught so the book I was reading was just the theory behind the mass murder.
He is thought to have attacked approximately 23 women from 1969 to 1980, killing (that we know of) 13 of them.
I remember some of the story's at the time but figured as he was over in Yorkshire we were all safe, I hadn't realised that 2 of his victims were murdered in Manchester.
I recall the tapes played on the TV of someone claiming to be the Ripper and when caught claimed God had spoken to him through the radiator and told him to kill them (or was that just the Sun columnist??). Forensics were nowhere near as good as they are today ... but there was some catalogues of errors involved too .... he managed to killed two girls whilst on police bail for drink driving..... if they had DNA testing back then this would probably not have happened.
There is loads to read about Peter Sutcliffe, this one has loads of stuff.
On one site I read, although he is serving 30 years (i.e. life), he is due for parole board in 2010... surely not..............

But so not to end on a depressing note (as we only do happy on here) ... just check out BlazingMinds blog and Wordless Wednesday ... I am in awe that she chose a photo of mine .....Thank you sooo much K ;-)


Anonymous said...

Released in 2010? Yikes!

The radiogram is a hoot though. Mr. Frac's parents still had one in their home until not that long ago!

How's the show coming?

fracas said...

Oh hai. I think your comment counter only updates the number for each commenter, if the comment is left with a blogger id. I've used OpenID and my wordpress ID a couple of times now and it doesn't change my number. This is a test comment with my blogger ID to see if I'm right... or if the counter just doesn't like me at all. :-(

fracas said...

Verdict: No change. It just doesn't like me. I'm going to go pout an use my little doll and pins against it now. How dare it not tally me for my fraccy sis to know I come by and care about her and her blog. Sheesh.

(Now how does one make a doll look like a widget? It won't work unless there's some resemblance or some hair or nail clippings or something... and we all know widgets have no fingernails...)

Anonymous said...

an hour and a half in a bath? you must have had severely crinkled tootsies when you emerged from that but i guess you were pretty clean :-)

Somnambulist said...

nursey beat me to it... 100+ minutes in a bath?

Blazing Minds said...

My mum and dad used to have a radiogram when I was little, but I left it on all night and it blew up LOL, had to get a new stereo somehow ;) ;)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I saw your piccy over at Karen's - it is a goody!!! ....... see you later crinkly bottom - tee hee

fracas said...

Is there something unusual about an hour and a half in the bath?

(Fraccy sisters are never crinkly on the bottom. We never pass wind either. Just so you know....)

I see that either someone gave your comment tracker a spanking, or it was DP's fault. He seems to break the internet a lot, doesn't he?

70steen said...

Dear Frac
Radiograms are so cool now... we had one given to us when we first set up home but we chopped it up (OMG!!)

Show is going slowly .. I am using this weekend just to crack on with it ...

Don't understand the counter thing .. I think it is a bit slow like me and takes a while to click in... how do you make a widget wax doll? There must be a site doing them somewhere ... hey maybe it is a niche market??? ;-0

70steen said...

NM & Somn ~ there is something so glorious about lying in the bath for hours ... not very green but letting some water out and topping up again with hot.. loads of bubbles mmmm... my idea of some great R&R.... I wonder if I read the Yorkshire Ripper in the bath back then?

70steen said...

Blazing ~ hee hee my brother had a 'stack system' but I wasn't allowed to even breathe by it .....

70steen said...

thank you DP ~ I am chuffed to bits :-)

[ignoring crinkly bottoms comment.. tsk}

70steen said...

Dear Frac ~ I knew you would see my side of the story ... :-D

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Just in case anyone is interested I tiled the bathroom today ...... ho hum

70steen said...

hence the grouting today ;-)