Tuesday, 20 January 2009

20th & 21st January 1980

Sunday 20th
Woke up at 10.00
Basil sang all day
It gets on your nerves after a bit (oh poor Basil .. he was just so happy)
Did Sociology essay from 3 - 5.30 & 7.30 - 9.30 = knackered
Sam phoned at about 4.00 and again at 10.00
His parents had gone to Warrington to visit relatives
Tina is being a divel trying to get the bird
(Tina was our old tabby cat, she would have been about 13 then .. she lived until she was 21..The bird, however, drove her bananas.. a case of so near yet so far lol)

Monday 21
College at 9.00
Handed in 'Is Sociology Inevitably an Ideology'
(hey I got a 'B')
Nutrition was cancelled
Came home at 3.00 with Fi
Sam phoned at 9.00
He wasn't all talkative or responsive.... I give up!!
Tidied and rearranged the front room
Washed and ironed for everyone (god I sound like Cinderella!!)
Watched a scary film (huh I don't 'do' scary films) until 12.40

here is a bit of an 1980s quiz ( I got 70%).. if it doesn't work from here try this and click on quiz on the LHS of the page


Anonymous said...

I got 70% too. was doing so well then I got the last 3 wrong....

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I did done get 70% as well ...... is there a prize?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I think my Interweave connection is up to speed ...... just in case anyone cares .........

The Rev. said...

I'm not too late for the quiz, am I?!??!?!?

The Rev. said...

"Well Done!
You've finished the quiz.
Your answers were 80 per cent correct.
It isn't quite full marks,
but we're still be proud of you."

Woo hoo!!

70steen said...

YOH WTG REV.... it must be all that going around in circles lol

Your prize is a 70s hug :-)

70steen said...

oh and nice cup of tea... Earl Grey or Russian caravan ???

The Rev. said...

Earl Grey, please!

(And thank ya!)

70steen said...

Milk? Sugar?
I have mine like the Queen with a dash of milk ;-)