Sunday, 4 January 2009

3rd & 4th January 1980

Thursday 3
Got up at 8.15
Worked 9.15 - 6.00
Did lots of sorting out - return of sales etc (a busy time of year post Christmas in a fashion boutique)
Sam rang at 8.00
He said he was going into Stafford with Mark
He also said he would phone again but didn't
Watched 'Murder on the Orient Express' on my brothers video
(this was such a novelty having a video player, it was a 'beta max' too, which was to be the future but turned out not to be. The machine was a huge top loading thing. It was also a time when you had to pay a large deposit to hire films from the video shop. No Blockbusters in those days!!)
Bed at 11.30
I am up to the arm holes on my jumper

Friday 4
Got up at 8.15
Went to work for 9.15
Packed, listed and returned loads of stock all morning so it made the day go quick.
Got home at 6.30
Sam phoned at 7.30
he was going to the Woolpack
His parents were away in Wolverhampton
Went to 'The Railway' in Formby with Stan
Met up with loads of people
Got home at 11.00
Waited up until 12.15 for Sam to ring
but he didn't
Last night it was announced who the new and 11th Dr Who is going to be.... Matt Smith
Can't say that I have ever heard of him but I suppose over the years I hadn't heard of others until they became Dr Who.
The most memorable one for me was Tom Baker, maybe because he had such a long run as the Dr (1974 -1981) but he was not a favourite of mine ... I have loved watching Jon Pertwee (Dr 3), Christopher Eccleston (Dr 9) and David Tennant Dr 10).

Look forward to 2010 to see how the Dr regenerates .... gosh it seems such a long time off!!!

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diane said...

I'm not sure about him....I shall have to wait and see I suppose and make the most of David Tennant as long as he lasts. Mind you, I didn't really like DT when they first announced he was taking over from Christopher Eccleston.
Just don't like change.... :-)

Anonymous said...

oooh I remember having to pay a deposit to borrow videos.... that seems a long time agao now.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I've said it to Diane and I'll say it to you, Matt Smith will be great - he's excellent.

[Sorry you've got to go to work today ....... in a way. I'm waiting for the BT engineer to turn up although the snow might put him/her off!]

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Not back from the grindstone yet? oh dear .......

fracas said...

Can't say it means much to me.

Dr. Who?

Have you heard from Donny yet?

70steen said...

gosh Diane with Dr Who the main thing is the 'change' or 'regenerating'

I wish I could master the regenerating thing ... wouldn't it be great

I imagine that the beeb know what they are doing (I hope) and Matt will come up trumps ;-)

70steen said...

NM ~ I remember it was a Kings ransom to join these video places and having big arguments with Mum when she wouldn't let us 'part with good money to sit in someone elses pocket!' lol

70steen said...

DP ~ yes I said above the beeb know what they are doing .. I am quite looking forward to it

[sorry to hear via forum that you still have internet treacle ;(]

70steen said...

Dear Frac~ I am shocked and stunned that you ask 'Dr Who'?
The only time I have heard that is in a knock knock joke

as in
'Knock, Knock'
'Who's there?'
'Dr Who ?'

hee hee

no I have not heard from Donny. I think he has fallen out with me now I have replaced 'I love Donny' with 'Now in the 80s' :-(