Friday, 2 January 2009

2nd January 1980

Got up at 11.00 when Sam phoned
It was his first day back at work after Christmas
Phoned Fi to wish her a Happy New Year
Went into town with Mum at 2.00
Looked at sewing machines
The one I liked was £239.00 ~ a bit steep eh!! (hey I wrote in my diary like I write in my blog lol)
Bought some red fluffy wool to knit myself a jumper
Got home at 5.00
Watched TV and knitted
Watched 'Beggar man Thief' - Irwin Shaw
Sam phoned at 11.oo pm
He had been to the Woolpack to watch the darts competition
The Saracen's Head won
Now let me get this into perspective? ... a sewing machine priced £239 in 1980

Average earnings in the UK were in the region of £6oo / month ,, we were below the average earnings living oop North and a one parent family .. so the sewing machine was over a 3rd of the average monthly wage .. so really I would suspect 1/2 our average monthly wage ........ (I hate to say this but that was the sewing machine I got! It served me really well though and only gave up on me 2 years ago)

oh Beggar Man Thief Loved it with Nick Nolte as a follow on from Rich man, Poor man

there was something about Nick Nolte .. not in his looks but character and delivery he had that je ne sais quoi!!!


Anonymous said...

hmmmm... I liked nick nolte back then too :-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I have a brief connection!!!!!

Nursemyra licked Nick Nolte!!!!?! ...... oooooh, liked ..... phew

diane said...

Happy New Year!

Sorry haven't been around for ages - am trying to get back to normal (or what passes for normal!)

Nick Nolte? Such a 'lived in' face. Me like!

fracas said...

Can't say Nolte ever did a thing for me... but then again, I don't often say who does.

It's best to keep 'em guessing. ;-)

70steen said...

NM & Diane ... very interesting face and yes very lived in
Dear Frac ... so who do you hold a candle for .. come on you can tell us

DP ~ 'shakes head'.......*snigger*