Friday, 3 April 2009

Iffyton High Street .. in a town near you!!!

In March FuelMyBlog asked its viewers if they would like a free t-shirt. A free T-shirt? Erm of course I would.
The T-shirt was to come from Uncle Iffy at Iffyton High Street.

I followed the links and came across a virtual high street with great graphics. It looked so exciting.

Imagine then my deep disappointment because of having a severe internet headache and a connection slower than the slowest snail ever ....I could only view the 'Street' but couldn't interact with it all.

All 'seems' to be Bill Whizz at the moment but the connection is not constant (grrr Sir Branston Pickle) ... however, I have been able to have a good fossick around the site now and it is tremendous.
I have even met Uncle Iffy (ok virtually) and oh how he reminds of me of certain other bloggers .. barking mad in true British eccentric style ... wonderful :-)

Due to my blip on the internet I was allowed another chance to order a free T-Shirt (thank you so much FMB and Uncle Iffy x)

With the help of my teen we studied the site and we selected the one we both liked ... ordered it in a size that would fit us both & off the order went.

Yesterday I got home from work. Teen was out and on the dining room table was this


ArHHH! I know what was innit oops in it

The T-shirt had arrived (in spiffing clickity quick time I must say) and had been claimed (so much for getting one that fits us both. I have no chance !!)

I texted teen 'where are you? luxx'
Reply '@ trfrd cntr. T-shirt is ace. CU l8r. Lu loads xx'

A quick translation..... she was at the Trafford Centre.

She bounced through the door at 9 pm and was so excited.

'you'll never guess Mum!'
'I expect not! What?' I replied

'I got asked twice where I had got my T-shirt from. Firstly some 'randomer' girl stopped me and said' I love your T-shirt. Where did you get it from?' I told her my Mum got it off the internet. She asked what site but I told her I didn't know' she said

'Iffyton High Street' I replied

' Like I would remember that??... Then I went into Republic and the girl behind the till said 'cool T-shirt it is so individual, I would love one like that, where did you get it from?'

I butted in 'ermm My Mum got it off the internet'
'yeah that is what I said and I didn't know from where from!!' she added

Kids hey !!

But be proud indeed Uncle Iffy your t-shirts have hit the streets of Manchester and have not gone unnoticed... it really is a great product and if this one is anything to go on I will be ordering more ... but could you do me a favour? Could you send me some business cards and I will make sure Teen hands them out with each enquiry.

She is off to Rome on Sunday and the now 'fav' T-shirt is off to Italy with her .. I will give her a note as to where she got it from should some one say 'Amo la vostra camicia in cui lo avete comprato' (not that she would have a clue what they actually said lol

Iffyton T Shirt


gitwizard said...

Your teen is off to Rome AGAIN?

What, have you got a holiday home over there ?

Can I book a week in July, and do you have the number for 'StupidlyCheapCrapCarHireButIfYou BringItBackWithAScratchWe'llEmptyYourVisaAccount' ?

boat tart said...

Hi 7o's...bumped into mister woppit today and he said you had asked for my email me and we can have a chat...I am from Manchester!! Yes I know that you are originally from Liverpool...... but thanks for thinking of me...sorry not been around cyber space been a bit boattart x x x

Daddy Papersurfer said...

So the teen snaffled it huh!?! ..... tsk and double tsk.

I've hidden mine from the TG - tee hee

They're nice aren't they but Iffyton are obviously deranged giving away t-shirts....... still there you go ..... Uncle Iffy is probably just past it - poor ol' fella .....

70steen said...

GW ~ no the first post on here about Rome was about her going and me being a stressy mum at her flying
Would love a holiday home anywhere...

70steen said...

BT hi mwahx
where have you been hiding? Oh yes my teen is after a prom dress and I thought ahhhh BT so I messaged Mr W and he kindly pointed me to your site ... which is fabulous

I will drop you an e mail later ... hope all is well with you ?? x

70steen said...

DP ~ yes they are great shirts and good quality.
Deranged? surely not ?? is that not a normal state of mind (in fact a qualification) to be on blogsphere lol

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Certainly not in my case!!!! .... tsk ...... I have standards you know .... rather low admittedly but standards none the less ......

gitwizard said...

Don't listen to him 70s, my uncle is his psychiatrist.

gitwizard said...

Uncle Dave said he had sent DP a spoof letter recently.

He's thinking of upping DP's medication, it's very sad..............

70steen said...

GW ~ I haven't been listening in a while now lol

Oh usually Sylvie & I administer his medication in the cupboard ... I am so glad someone else is taking on that responsibility ;-)