Thursday, 9 April 2009

9th April 1980

'blank page' boo hoo


Yip yip yipeeeee I have finished for Easter. So looking forward to 10 days away from the office.
Have got a pretty full diary on my return though. I even had an invite to a meeting in December today ... DECEMBER!!!??? What has happened to my life it is becoming booked up before I can live it??? .... (mmm note to self start looking for a new job!)

Summer is approaching and I am looking to buy a gas barbeque...I said I never would but I am fed up with trying to get lighters to fire and having the temperature is all over the place .........

I saw this advertisement in my Advantgarde mag from 1980 the other day

click on the photo and check out the prices !!!

29 years later for just over £100 I could have this & for almost £700 you can buy this
My how dear were they in 1980 ??

It feels like a Friday night & I am surfing and chilling.

Indulging some brilliant 'Talking Heads' from the late 70s /early 80s ... superb


gitwizard said...

Great stuff by Talking Heads.
Never seen (or heard) Take Me To The River, David Byrne looks really young there, excellent backing singers too.

gitwizard said...

I was so into the vid, that I didn't notice all the colour's leached out of your blog, shall I send you some over, think I have a pallet in the back of the warehouse ?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm going to refrain from saying anything about gas *bites tongue*

10 days off! - typical - in my day I worked six and a half days a week, had half a morning's holiday a year and had to comb the seashore for lumps of coal to keep my wife and ten children warm in the winter ..... actually, I used to work 10 days a year and have the other 355 off. I used to look forward to leap years just to get that extra day - tee hee

70steen said...

GW ~ can't believe you have not heard 'Take me to the River' by Talking Heads before... it is great though isn't it??

Decided to have a bit of a make over ... the pink was getting on my nerves a bit ... the only thing with this template is that it makes my blog look a bit grown up !!!

So what colours have you in your pallet??

70steen said...

does TG know about the 'wife and 10 kids'????