Wednesday, 22 April 2009

21st, 22nd &23rd April 1980

Monday 21
Got home from Northampton at 5.50

Tuesday 22

Wednesday 23
St.George's Day
Mar & her boyfriends birthdays

Bought Mar a cardy
& her boyfriend a tool box
Went to Manchester for the day
Bought a purple tube dress for £8.99 from Miss Selfridges
(ahh a 'tube dress' yes it is what it says on the tin.. a tube of material that touched every lump and bump... I was way skinnier in them days )
this is not me but this is
Today I would probably look like this is a purple tube dress

Sam's Grandad died. (He was such a lovely kind & gentle man)
Wishing my Mum a very Happy 78th Birthday on St. Georges Day :-)

Well I have done the dreaded decision thing......took poorly Wallis to the vets last night and he diagnosed kidney problems and recommended we could do this or that ... put her on a drip ... do tests ... she may last another few months with treatment ... or she may be too sick to recover etc etc !

She was horribly dehydrated despite the huge amounts of water she was drinking.

He injected loads of fluids in her and I brought her home.
She didn't perk up and I gave her milk which she drank with a passion ... this morning she threw it all up with some awful looking bile... I took her tonight at 6.10 back to the vets... held her and said goodbye...... she is now at peace and no longer in that awful distressed place ...she even looked happy. I know we made the right decision as she was not going to get better.

Her sister misses her and is looking for her around the house.... before I took her the pup was barking at her to play as they did play but she couldn't get up ..... Ok no more pets for me (but you know I lie!!)


gitwizard said...

It's very sad, but it's got to be the right thing to do, nothing worse than seeing them suffer.

When I was 13 I went to an Outward Bound type of boarding school. We had a long-haired Dachshund which I loved.

I came home for the holidays once to find that it had been let off the lead in the field over the road and run in the road and was killed.

At least it was quick, but I was distraught for weeks.

S'funny I don't even like the yappy things now.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about Wallis xx

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Are you going to have burial service? Some friends of ours have quite a pet cemetery including one our dogs [long story] and one of Frog dog's sisters ...... [just realised you know them - Chicken Licken and family!]

Hope you're all feeling a bit more settled today ...... *hugs*

70steen said...

Thank you all for your kind words .... Teen & I are a lot more settled today ... we have had a stressy few days

I left Wallis at the vets to be cremated and I am buying a small tree to plant in the garden for her (I know I am so soft)

DP ~ oh yes Chicken Licken & Rita ... what has happened to them they have gone very quiet ???

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I think they've got a life - tee hee.

Happy Birthday to Mummikins BTW - give her a big slobbery kiss from me - that'll throw her!!!!

diane said...

Very sad but I'm sure you made the right decision.

We do get attached to these dear little creatures don't we?

belinha said...

Oh, so sad to read this about your pet.My sister had a shar pei.It seems they have a short life,only 8 years.He's 4 years old now.She says that many times she imagine herself carrying the dog when he's old and not able to move.He's 24 kg,I can not take it-it's too heavy!They developped a kind of special communication,the dog and her.I allways loved dogs,now I like dogs a lot more.
I understand you so well.I never had dogs or cats.Only birds.Even when one died I miss him.Each one made different things.I do not have any birds anymore.I had birds for more than 20 years,periquitos!

I'm glad you liked the colourfull birds.:)

belinha said...

I wrote more about dogs but I now that you lost your cat...I like cats too.In fact I like animals in general.Look at what I've been looking for the past days.Someone sent this photos to my email.Porcupine is quite common in Portugal but I never saw one for real...I am IN lOVE with these photos.I can't stop looking at it!
Porcupine cute

70steen said...

Hi Belihna... I so love animals too, I am sure that if I had more land and didn't work full time I would have a loads of dogs and cats particularly abandoned and ill treated one.
love Shar-pei's but that is some weight ... my King Charles cavalier is about 6-7 kilos.

I want one of those porcupines they are so cute :-)

John C said...

I hear Freddy Mercury singing "Who wants to live forever".

...I'm sorry, 70s. (hugs)

70steen said...

John ~ Thank you :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ what is this 'life' you talk about so freely ... do you have knowledge of this outside of the interweave

Not sure Mar's old ticker could take such an advance from such a dashing chap such yourself (it's ok I am on strong painkillers don't be alarmed)

70steen said...

Diane ~ don't we just .... feeling veru sorry for her sister just now as she just can't work out where Wallis has gone and is missing her :(

John C said...

I think DPs gas is more freer than his life, rucka rucka RUCKA! (giggle snort)

fracas said...

<3 and hugs to you sis. Just read this.