Sunday, 26 April 2009

24th, 25th & 26th April 1980

Thursday 24 ~ blank
Friday 25 ~blank

Saturday 26
Worked 9 - 6
Got a 70p pay rise (lets not get excited that wasn't per hour it was per day)
Quite busy all day
Sam was at Donnington Park watching 'Pro Cars'
Baby say 9pm - 3am (I bet I only got a couple of quid for it too)
Sam arrived at 11.00

Had a lovely day out yesterday I and my friend H went to a craft fair thingy at Aintree Racecourse. Tickets kindly sourced and delivered by Annie Mouse.
Got there just after 9.45 am and it busy already. Spent a fortune on craft stuff... ribbons, papers, beads indeed all sorts of interesting stuff ... not to mention bits and bobs for Teens GCSE Textiles practical exam tomorrow and Tuesday ..... She is making a corset ..... Nurse Myra will be so pleased.

Oh and did I mention ... two small paper cupped Cappuchinos were £5.... 5 QUID!!!!

However, the more I go to these things the more I am convincing myse
lf I need to pack up work and do art stuff .... now where did I put that rich sugardaddy ?????

Oh talking of 'daddy's'
DP you would have loved this display .... a knitted picnic ... superb...
The detail is so cool
I got a bit carried away when visiting the knitting bit ... I said I would send them my knitting patterns that I liberated from a charity shop e.g these 80s classics......

mmm I am not sure if I can part with them ?????

[reminder to self .... sort out rock competition!!! ]


gitwizard said...

DP told me you were crafty.

But seriously, I didn't know you were into crafts or I would have sent YOU this link as well, you may have seen this site already, if so just tell me to shut up. Hope you're feeling better.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm sure you can part with them - I really think that they should GO!!!

Love the knitted picnic though - that's very clever...... and cool link GW ........

Not too sure about the 'rock' competition now - I might get toothache ..... I'm sooooo cruel - [hope it's a bit better now - hamster head! - *hugs*]

70steen said...

GW ~ what an interesting site ... love the tree cut outs and the phonebook dress .... thank you for the link :-)

70steen said...

DP ~ do you really think they should go ?? I thought you liked them lol

[ still looking like a lob sided hamster .... the pain is totally paonful... here's hoping tomorrow being another day brings some respite... and sleep thanks for the *hugz*]

Anonymous said...

she's making a corset????? send me photos sweetie!

70steen said...

NM ~ yes she is. When it comes back from the examiners they put their work out in an exhibition ... so I will take some photos :)