Tuesday, 28 April 2009

28th April 1980

Monday 28
Sam's grand dad's funeral
Held at Thornton
Very upsetting (mmm of course it was, it was a funeral???)
Eats afterwards (well that made it better!)
Got home at 5.00
Miss Sam
Fi came round at 9.30
Phoned Sam
Well that is the last full entry in my 1980 diary
There are dates surrounding when I took my A' levels in June and some later in the year but nothing outstanding I don't think... so I must think what to write here??

Have I mentioned I have a new mobile phone? Well I have. It is an LG Cookie which my daughter said was 'poo' until she saw it came with a Wii & Wii Fit... suddenly it was the best phone on the planet .. strange that??

Yes of course I got a pink one !!

Must say I looooove the Wii particularly as it gave my age as 13 years younger than I really am.
Needless to say I am rubbish at most of the sports bar the tennis... the down hill slalom ....oh come on knocking down the flags is so much fun .... & the jogging just had me in fits of laughter as I wasn't wearing the right bra (I will leave that comment to the imagination!!)

Anyway back to the phone. I have actually discovered that you can make phone calls on it (it took a while) and I tried out the camera this weekend ... mmm I am way impressed!!

pup did not like this statue with his yellow painted on undies despite Teens attempts to say 'there there it is a lovely statue'! Pup never even noticed the other ones we passed.. how strange?

So where were we???


gitwizard said...

I know where you were, but i'll let your other readers have a guess.

I think the beach has a Byrds connection..............

gitwizard said...

Good cloudscapes BTW.

70steen said...

GW a very subtle link there ... well done :-D

& Thank you the mobile phone captured the cloudscape beautifully..

Somnambulist said...

I love the beachscape (I wanted to say something other than cloudscape :-) ) very impressive on a phone.

Not so much the statue...

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You were jogging on Easter Island giving yourself black-eyes .....easy peasy - pass the rock!

Anonymous said...

great camera in your phone. but I'm worried about your blog with no diary.... :-(

70steen said...

Somn ~ thank you it is a great place to visit if you ever get opp Norff .. I am way impressed with my phone camera... was reading the info and there is loads I can do with piccies ... oh I remember the time when mobiles just made phone calls

[oh btw there are 150 statues I think]

70steen said...

DP ~ not so fast there GOG... you will need to do more to win a stick of Southport rock ... you know I would love to go to Easter Island

70steen said...

NM ~ mmmm yes I am worried too .. I will just have to get my thinking cap on ;-)

fracas said...

Fraccy sis... those are awesome photos for a camera phone!

Some ideas about your blog.

You *were* a 70steen, so whatever you do with the blog, the name still works. You could continue writing the diary but write the future entries to be what you would've done if you could go back and change things.

Or... it could be the diary of a
70steen "now in her prime" or "all grown up" (or how sounds best to you) and just continue on as you do now only minus the past diary entries. A 70steen in the 21st Century? (that kind of idea...)

You could turn it into an all-fanzine blog. (DP might get a swelled head though...)

You could turn it into a knitting blog. (DP might have a wee breakdown though...)

What about a photo blog? Choose a photo of your own each day and write about why you took it.

Or an art blog?


You could have a contest asking for ideas and then choose the best one?

I'll keep my thinking cap on.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

70steen now in her prime? - I'll have to think about that one ....... tee hee

diane said...

Oh I want to go to that beach so badly...Crosby - David Crosby - Byrds! Ha!

I went to an Anthony Gormley exhibition at the Hayward Gallery a few years ago, it was stunning I love his work and have always wanted to see these figures. Your photos are fabulous - very atmospheric.

I reckon you should just continue to do what you do - just without the diary entries.

70steen said...

Dear Frac
ooo thank you for putting your thinking cap on ... some great suggestions there :-)

I think a knitting blog may just finish the GOG off hee hee his back clicked just reading that comment ;-)

I was thinking of a photo a day taken with my new mobile so that is a possibility which would be separate from the photos on my 'art blog' I have already.

I have had an idea about comparing days across dairies ... say this day in 1976/77/78 etc I will have to find where I have tucked the diaries away now ... watch this space and thank you again xx

70steen said...

Ahem DP I heard that ...... :-P

70steen said...

Oh Diane you and Milo would love it there ... when the tide is out it is awesome ... next time you are oop Norff I will meet you there :-)

fracas said...

Oh sis, he's just jealous since.... {{giggles}}

70steen said...

dear Frac *sniggering* loudly