Sunday, 5 April 2009

31st March 1980

Monday 31
Got up at 8.10
At work for 9.00 (how did I do that then? I love a leisurely get up and off to work these days .. saying that we didn't have the internet that draws you before work.. saying that too it was not until recently that I used to log in before work .. I do it even more so now as we are barred from looking at our external e mail accounts .. plus I shower and hair wash daily now .......)

The manageress & one of the staff were ill today
Quite busy with orders coming in
Phoned Sam at 12.35 but no body answered the phone
Home at 6.15
Fi phoned
She came round with Hels for 1/2 hour
Got my photos from my birthday back = good (erm my birthday was in January!! .. my how times have changed with digital and not having to send to Truprint.. can't believe they have survived the digital age )
Phoned Sam
He has been promoted at work
Watched the 'Fox'
Bed at 10.10
Just turned the page onto April and there is nothing there ...... skipped through more pages and the 1980 diary is not complete .. just sporadic ramblings here and there through 1980 !!
Dam and blast what am I going to do???

Considered for this post what change there had been in the top spot in the UK music charts but
The Jam was still number one with 'Going Underground'.
I need to get on and do some serious 1980s research ......

Meanwhile I found my A'level Cookery display photo

The theme was 'The use of citrus fruits' and the menu was....(it all sounds so yuk!!)
Orange & date tea-ring
Grapefruit and orange cheesecake gateau
Mackerel with orange stuffing
Lemon curd

Pissaladière & tomato stuffing (hee hee I remember making this and I had no idea what anchovies were at the time. I bought a tin of them and laid them on top thinking eeeeeww!!)

(sorry can't alter the font on this bit so it is in your face slightly!!)

I showed the photo to my Mum .. she reminded me that it was my Grannies bowls that I used and the coffee set she had in the 70s ... that coffee set is in a box in my shed just now)

Nowadays I am wondering about what was the wine on offer on the photo ??? lol

oh as an aside it is my dad's 88th Birthday today... however, he only got half way through to the age of 44 ...


gitwizard said...

Is it mine or yours that's playing up?
On my gigglereader preview window, your post is showing some amazing eggs, I think you called them 'tea eggs'.
When I clicked on your site to see it in all it's technicolour glory, that whole part of your post, including photee, has disappeared ???

gitwizard said...

Ok, forget that, it wasn't part of your post at all.

Worth a look though, it's at 'Lifehacker'.

70steen said...


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I always remember the date when my Dad died - which is quite handy actually as he died on our wedding anniversary!

That coffee set is sooooooo retro - still don't like it though - must be something to do with my age ... tee hee

John C said...

GW's havin' a flashback. Somebody talk him down. :)

70steen said...

DP ~ so a date that is engraved in your mind... I just think now wow my dad died younger than I am now .. quite a scary thought.

I don't like the coffee set either ... that is why it is a box in the shed... one day though it may appear on the Antiques Roadshow lol

70steen said...

JC ~ lol I'll go over and have a chat :-)