Monday, 20 April 2009

19th & 20th April 1980

Saturday 19
Went into town (Northampton)
Disco in th p.m

Sunday 20
Marlborough Daily Express International Aurora Championship at Silverstone =
freezing cold & quite boring
(ahh how racing has changed when cigarettes monopolised the sponsorship of motor racing now it it is 'high caffeine blow your socks off bouncing off the walls drink'(non -alcoholic of course) )

Just watched Ashes to Ashes ... superb . Based in 1982. An Audi Quattro. Bad Fashion. And so un PC but verging on getting PC. Plus everyone smoked every where........

By 1982 I had ceased to be a teen and was back to 'learning' after 18 months of being the lowest of the low in civil servant terms (I was a casual administrative assistant who just did stacks of filing all day .. it was indescribably boring.. despite me having my transistor radio with an ear piece so I could listen to Radio One all day (oh you could say I was listening to my 'tranny today' back then without fear of upsetting someone!!)... ipods eat your heart out lol)
I announced to my Mum I wanted to go to Uni/Poly and was met with ... 'neither of your brothers did that, sp what do you want to do that for?'
That was the biggest spur I needed and in 1982 I signed up for a Business and Finance course with Marketing. I actually wanted to do European Studies with a language but I think I was the only person that signed up for it and the course didn't run (How un-forward thinking were we then??)

On a sad note today I think that one of my cats is dying. Dear Wallis. She has gone from being very active to losing weight in a week and not eating today although she has been eating ok up to now. She is 13.
I found her on the bathroom floor earlier flat out and dribbling. I picked her up and she purred for me, I have brought her down stairs and have made her comfortable.
Wally is really Teen's cat and her sister Jess is mine. She has wanted a lot to do with me as she is a one person (so I was happy she purred earlier when I gently lifted her up and cuddled her) but adores Teen as she does her.
When I got the 2 cats it was when ex & I were parting and we still had an old cat Rocky at home.
Wally adored him as he did her and she would follow him everywhere, when he died she was distraught ... unlike Jess who loved human company& didn't notice Rocky's demise at all.
Dark days ahead I feel .... many tears from Teen & I.....

Taken this weekend (pets chilling in the sunshine)
I have made a really comfy bed for her in the kitchen tonight ...


gitwizard said...

Oh, that's sad, but I suppose 13 is a good innings for a cat ?

Strange then that in the 1970s part of your post, you talk about Ashes to Ashes. Condolences to you and your teen.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Blimey - you and Tango [and a few weeks ago Tiggz] all suffering from elderly pets. It's amazing how close we get to them isn't it?

Re: Ashes to Ashes - love the un-pc stuff and the fag ash - by gum, those were the days ..... in a way .... at least you could be less self-conscious with humour ...... ho hum.

sylvied said...

sorry to hear about your cat - DP is right we get so attached to pets xx {hugs}

Somnambulist said...

Hope her last days are happy ones...

Diane said...

So sad, 13 years is a long time to become attached to a pet.
Hope you and Teen are OK x

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Just checking back to see how you are .........

70steen said...

Thank you everyone so much.
I took her to the vets tonight (yes she made it through the last 24 hours) ... her kidneys are swollen and the vet said he could send her to the Pet Hospital for tests or give her that final jab! He has given her fluids and several other injections and some lovely cat food ..... she won't eat the cat food and continues to drink loads ...I think we will only have one more day with her and then it will be good bye.
She is comfortable, at home and having warm gentle cuddles :(
Teen & I have cried loads and there will be more tears before the week is out (hey I cry at Lassie films so there is no hope for me!!!)