Wednesday, 8 April 2009

8th April 1980


So Fi passed her driving test. How envious was I back then. There was never any prospect then of me even attempting to take a driving test at 18. I had to wait for my 21st.

I so remember us zipping about in her Mums Citroen 2CV Dolly

Love cars and have just fallen in love with my next 'must have' vehicle... I have always had a soft spot for Volvos ... but this baby is a must
Just watched a programme on ITV about Super sized kids......very interesting you would expect children of very tall parents to have tall children... then there where those who had abnormlly tall kids due to a growth hormone inbalance.

My teen has been plagued with being taller than the average child. She has through out her younger years been put on the back row with the boys on school photos because she was tall. Also when she had tantrums as a real young 'un I had 'tuts' from folk who thought she was a lot older and shouldn't do that type of thing.

I am 5ft 4" & her father skirts 6ft..... thankfully she seems to have stopped growing at almost 16 and measures a gorgeous 5ft 9".

It got me to thinking that I used to plot her height and weight when she was younger... and at the age of 6 she was the height (and weight) of a 10 year old... she was always off the chart from day 1!!!!

I have now become a 'minimum' ;-)


gitwizard said...

It's always painful going through your school years if you are 'different' in any way.

When I was at school, I was one of the smallest kids in my year.

I thought I was going to get bullied, but became friends with everyone, and was 'adopted' as a mascot by the hardest boy in the school.

Nobody dared mess with me after that.
Love those 2CVs BTW, very weird to
drive though.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Volvos are the bee's knees - haven't driven anything else for years my dear .....

Because we moved so much we had a stick we used to measure the kids against which made a lovely record and momento .... until I used it by accident for something..... and yes, I was in trouble.

[glad to hear that the 'teen' has arrived home safe and sound]

70steen said...

GW ~ it is really tough for some kids growing up. Smart move hanging out with the big kids.
My Teen is ok about her height now as she says 'like who is going to have a go at me???' but she doesn't want to get any taller now

2CVs are so cool ... I have never driven one but anything with out power steering (my do you remember those days) is tricky

70steen said...

ovlov's are brill .. that C70 Ice certainly is the bees knees .. I just have to find a rich man to buy me one !!!!

Oh no you used the kids 'growing stick' for something else ... my word it is a wonder you can still hobble

[thank you ]