Sunday, 12 April 2009

11th, 12th & 13th April 1980

Friday 11
Stayed in all day
Went up to a party in Bingley
It was crap
We all went back to Sam's for drink
Loads stayed over

Saturday 12
At Woolpack all 'avo
Took Afghan for a long walk
Went to the Wagon & Horses for drink
We all dossed around the village green and had chips

Sunday 13

well I am back home after a couple of days spent with my Mum on the glorious NW coast of England. I love going home and smelling the sea air albeit it does zonk me out. It is so true what they say about a change of air .. believe me! (mm must get it together and look at how much a property will cost me there ??)

On Saturday we went to the sea front at Southport. It was a beautiful clear day and you could see Blackpool .. beautiful sky

Today we went to Liverpool, visited the new landing stages on the Mersey, Sefton Park where we went as small kids, and Crosby beach to see Gormleys sculptures (the tide was in so we only saw a head)

Yesterday morning I walked the pup around the village where I grew up. Passing houses were my best friends used to lived .. 'J' would be mortified at number 25 the current owners have left it go to rack and ruin...Number 43 'L's' house, number 67 were Mrs C lived has new PVC windows and looks really posh...number 71 with its own private drive where we were threatened if we kicked the stones up the drive (hey we were kids and we kicked).

Number 85 was my home from the age of 3.. it has new PVC windows that my brother put in after he bought it from my mother 25 years ago.. it still looks how I remember it.. Across the road the 'new houses' that were built in the 70s (there were trees and railway sidings there before the houses.. I know coz we used to play in the train carriages and trees) they look so established now 30 years on.. my either side next door neighbours were Mrs G & Mr & Mrs B (I only know Mr & Mrs first names (as we would call them Aunty M & Uncle B) ... I still don't know Mrs G's name!! My next doors kids called me 'aunty' and still do even though the youngest are 19)
The village has changed a lot .. the 'Outer Limits' shop is now a laundrette, Tesco is a restaurant but the chocolate Box' is still a newsagents that sells kiddy sweets and cheap toys ... superb I wil be adding more photos of my Easter break on Flickr later ... so you can click on the Flickr image in my side bar to view or if you are too lazy click here.... it certainly isn't 'grim up North' ;-)

thinking of running a competition as I have bars of Southport Rock to give away ... haven't decided on the game yet??


Daddy Papersurfer said...

The first person to comment gets a stick of rock obviously and the first person to say how lovely you're looking this evening my dear gets one as well ........

Daddy Papersurfer said...

The house where I was born and brought up in was demolished .... somewhere I've got a film of it being torn down. The almond tree that was in the front garden is still there though - I checked on Google Street View ......

Daddy Papersurfer said...

The second person who comments also gets a stick of rock ..... but not the third, that would be greedy - tee heeeeeeee

70steen said...

mmmm DP I sense a teeny weeny tad of desperation there in your comment .. I may be imagining that though???

I will sit back and conjure up a great quiz Q over the next couple of days ,,, I have 5 sticks to give away but the number one comment will get an added extra prize too ;-D

The house were I was born is still standing albeit the current owners have left it to go a bit to rack and ruin .. oh you must so find the film of your birthplace and convert it onto blog .. we would love so to see it

Daddy Papersurfer said...

If I had two sticks of rock I could use them to knit with ...... just sayin' - tee hee

gitwizard said...

My little Sis had sticks of rock made with LINSI and BEN and a red heart running through, when she got married.

fracas said...

I have an idea fraccy sis. DP's begging... err comments have inspired me.

You should have a wee knitting contest where all those who want a bar, knit something small, take a photo and post it with a link to your blog. The first five posts could be the winner. Perhaps that would give DP something to do other than spending so much time trimming hedges. ;-)

Glad to see you had a lovely Easter. Mine... not so much, but finally being able to have a read of my fraccy friends has really been a charm. <3

70steen said...

GW ~ how sweet love heart sticks of rock for a wedding ... wish I'd have thought of that one

70steen said...

Dear Frac ~ hi hun lovely to see you back :-D

What a completely spiffing idea a knitting comp ... wow you really are the brains of this establishment ....
sorry to hear your Easter was not too grand but we really are pleased to have you back... I must pop over & visit x <3

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I'm not so sure about a knitting contest .........