Monday, 6 April 2009

6th April 1980

Sunday 6

Yes a big FAT nothing!!!
But quite like the Snoopy post of the day though.

So 29 years ago it was Easter Sunday ... 29 years on it is an ordinary Monday .. yuk!
As there was blank diary entry back then I will tell you about my 'none' Easter Sunday in 2009

Got up at 6.45 am
Fed the cats and walked the pup
Had a shower
Whilst getting ready for work flicked on the TV in my bedroom
Heard 'blar blar blar... Rome ....' blar blar blar'
Did they say Rome ?? My Teen is in Rome !
I turned around to look at the TV screen and saw the guardia and rubble
My heart stopped.. there had been an earthquake in Italy

I texted my teen 'R U ok?'
reply 'yes, why?'
I texted 'there has been an earthquake'
reply 'yes I know I felt the tremor.. it was fun'

My heart started beating again... but felt such sadness for those who who were not so fortunate
(of all the places around the world that my teen had decided to visit without me, on her first ever flight it had to be somewhere that had an earthquake... note to self must do seismic research before she jets off in the future!)

Set off for work at 9
20 minutes door to door .. everyone must be on holiday!
Had 3 Telephone conferences today.. about 3 different subjects .. I know now how Worzel Gummige must have felt!!
All in all I have done business with 40 people 'virtually' today
Home at 5.30
Walked the pup
Ex rang re Teen
Rang Mum
Hel rang
Scanned stuff

have decided they want a T-shirt designing .. my old boy PC is pretty poor at graphic stuff so had to use pencil and pad (not exactly the back of a fag packet but close)

the words could be substituted by ....

'Everyone is a mad fuel scientist, and life is their lab'
'If I don't blog to empty my mind, I go mad' ... a slant on Lord Byron
'Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you FUEL' .. a slant on Aldous Huxley
' Better Fuel with the rest of the world than to be wise alone'.. slant on Baltasar Gracian


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Why on earth didn't you go into fashion design? - tee hee

Like the new take on Byron although I'd add in brackets "but it doesn't seem to be having much affect".

[Glad to hear that the teen is OK *hugs*]

Somnambulist said...

Excellent. I'd add in small letters after Lord Byron... "(Daddy Papersurfer didn't blog for decades and look what happened to him)"

gitwizard said...

The grammatical police have been stood down.
Glad to hear teen's OK.
I have a friend out there somewhere.
Last I heard, she was in beautiful Viterbo north of Rome.

sylvied said...

very good entry for this competition 70 :) liking "Better Fuel with the rest of the world than to be wise alone'.. slant on Baltasar Gracian"

70steen said...

DP~ wow do you really think I would make it in the fashion industry ??

Liking the additional bit to Byron :-)

[ thank you x]

70steen said...

hee hee Somn loving that addition even more *chuckle* :-)

70steen said...

Thank you GW

I hope your friend is ok. It must be a real worry just now to a lot of folk ... it is truly all very sad

70steen said...

Sylvie thank you :-)

I must admit I like that one too.

I also thought this could be changed from 'Everyone is a mad fuel scientist, and life is their lab' to
'Everyone is a mad fuel scientist, and FMB is their lab' :-)

Diane said...

My son is travelling in the Far East having just missed Cyclone Hamish in Australia, so I sympathise. He didn't notice an earth tremor when he was in LA and was most put out!
Latest news is he has lost first his camera (and 800 photographs) and now his passport and is now stranded in Bali until it can be replaced.
I can think of worse places to be stranded....

I like the Lord Byron-esque quote!

Diane said...

PS forgot to say 'Glad you teen is OK'. Kids eh?

70steen said...

Gawd Diane what are kids like ?? I guess I have loads more of this to come... next time I am wearing ear plugs so not to hear any news lol

OMG he has lost both his camera and passport??? Oh dear I guess you don't want the details surrounding that revelation .....

yep there are worse places to hang out and wait for a new passport as you say. :-)

Hope he gets on ok x