Tuesday, 9 December 2008

9th December 1979

Sunday 9
Went to Makro at 9.30
Bought a pair of grey boots and various other bits and bobs
(I so loved those grey boots I wore them untl they could not be worn again ... unfortunately they weren't Jimmy Choo's like the photo.. but not dissimilar in style....)
Stayed in all day and all night
Spoke toSam 2x
He sounded tired

Today is Donny Osmond's 51st Birthday and my goodness he is looking good.
Happy Birthday Donny ... swoon.

Yesterday I missed that there was a new number one record in the UK in 1979.. Dr. Hook was knocked off the top spot by another 'swoon' of mine Sting and the Police .... Walking on the Moon

Day 9 of Advent

This website is clever it works out what a measurement looks like in an alternative form. CKX's (who does the calendar) height is equivalent to 34 AA batteries end to end .. my height is equivalent to 1.2 Alskan moose antlers (span) or 25 US dollars laid end to end... hee hee my weight is 13 domestic cats (time to diet to get down to 10 cats)

The game, again I have had no time to master any of it ... it is a tennis game .. & has possible addictive promise lol

This is facinating.. I tied on my pup tonight but she only wanted to give me a doggy snog (eeeew)... guess it is her way of telling me to stop singing... maybe the pups on this video thought the same 'hey guys pretend to be a sleep and he will stop singing'

I swear I will never moan about Manchester traffic again after seeing this photo


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I tell you what - you can have Donny if I can have Sting [that sounds really odd - please ignore].

Anonymous said...

you only need to lose half a kitten :-)

Somnambulist said...

Walking On The Moon.. my all time fave Police song, can't believe it's nearly 30...

Feeling old. Back to bed I think!

fracas said...

Those boots are pretty awesome, and OMG to the traffic!

I saw Donny's birthday on Entertainment Tonight yesterday and I thought of you sis! ;-)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

The tennis game is rubbish! ..... or perhaps it's me ........

70steen said...

Dp ~ just can't ignore that statement .. is there something you want to share with the group??
It's ok you are amongst friends........

70steen said...

NM ~ you are simply gorgeous just the way you are
[your Xmas pressy maybe a bit late as last posting to Oz from UK was last Saturday !!! DoH!!]

70steen said...

Somn.. doing 70steen has me aghast at how long ago all of this was!! I have friends I have known 35 years .. it is all to scary by half! But are we old? Nah! The 40s are the new 30s ...(I know this is true as I have a teen who acts at times like a 5 year old lol]

Love Walking in the Moon ;-)

70steen said...

Dear Frac as you know I love awesome shoes and boots :-)

Tonight as I left Manchester grid locked (as Manchester United were at home to some Danish team & my train was delayed an hour!!} I thought of that photo

Not that I watch much telly .. but there was nothing I saw about Donny's B'day over here ;-(

[Posted your pressie today..]

70steen said...

DP I can't get to grips with the tennis game at all.... maybe you will do better than level 13 on the balls ???