Tuesday, 2 December 2008

2nd December 1979

Sunday 2
Got up at 12.15 pm
Went to the village for a paper

Stayed in all afternoon
Watched 'Hot Rock'
Alison rang

Sam left at 7.45 pm

His train was late

He rang from Lime Street

My oh my it is cold 'oop Norff' just now. Last night it rained, then it froze, then it snowed and then it froze again... Thank goodness I learned how to ice skate as it was treacherous on foot all the way to work.

I am off to London tomorrow & I think my arrival coincides with the Queens procession passing by for the State Opening of Parliament ... it will be chaotic as my meeting is on Parliament Street right near Westminster & ministers are threatening to disrupt the event following the arrest of the shadow minister Damien Green... .

I just love the age old pomp and ceremony that we still trying to hang on to here in th UK ...things like firstly, the cellars of the Palace of Westminster are searched by the Yeomen of the Guard in order to prevent a modern-day Gunpowder Plot. I suppose it is a very safe day to visit the capital as security will be 110%
Needless to say I will be taking my camera and hopefully will get some reasonable snaps ......

Ok day 2 of the Advent calendar

Here is a clever and very busy clock ... tried to embed it in my side bar but couldn't get it to fit :(

game ....... well lets just say that a 7 year old chimpanzee is more reactive than me .. my best score is 2 :-( (just don't blink it is that fast... )

Continuing on the chimpanzee theme how cool is this little chap from a Japanese television show

I wonder which blogger this is?? lol


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I scored 4 AND I'm half asleep ..... de dum de dum de dum de dum.

I'm putting some knitting up on my post tomorrow - wonders will never cease .......

70steen said...

have you heard that expression 'no body loves a smart arse?'... just askin' lol

Knitting? Did you say KNITTING? Do you have a temperature, has Sylvie changed your meds???

Oh My WORD!!!!Will I sleep tonight??

Anonymous said...

May I have a chimpanzee for xmas?

70steen said...

How cute are they NM.. both me and Teen want one too... I have mailed Santa for all of us :-)