Tuesday, 23 December 2008

23rd December 1979

Stayed in all day
Watched 'The Bitch' on video
Went to Formby with Sam & Stan
Went to the Railway and the Bay Horse
Bed at 1.30 am

Well it had to happen ... it finally has arrived ... yes the cold bug that is circulating around the Uk has got me. Thankfully it is not the 'flu bug or that Noro virus thing, just a good old fashioned head cold with an annoying tickly cough and a head stuffed with cotton wool.
Managed to get my mince pies done and the apple & plum sauces and sponges for the trifles though.. I do feel a bit rubbish now!!

My Christmas Day Menu is done ... teen typed up a proper menu for my guests but we are having a few techy problems transfering it to print !!

Anyway Christmas Day is looking like this

Melon and Mandarins with rasberry coulis
Prawns in marie rose sauce on a bed of iceberg lettuce served with wholemeal bread soldiers

Main Course
Roasted duck
Roasted pork fillet
Medallions of chicken breast
chipolata sausages wrapped in bacon
Mashed and roasted potatoes
Roasted sweet potatoes and parsnips
Julienne carrots in honey
Balls of sage & onion stuffing
Pork & chestnut stuffing

Cumberland jelly with port
Plum sauce
Apple sauce

Choice of chocolate, syrup or toffee puddings served with ice cream, custard and or cream
Individual trifles
Selection of cheeses with crackers
Coffee and mince pies

Advent 23 ....the penultimate one .. that means only 2 more sleeps (yipeeee)

This is way cool I could play with it for hours ..... here are my first 2 I did

Have only had a quick go at this running dinosaur game .... level 2 scared me ;-(

It's a Knockout was very musch a 70s/80s TV programme in the UK. I actually went to watch some heats in Southport as a teen. This You Tube clip is Jeux Sans Frontieres where European nations compete ... Stuart Hall who presented the programme was renouned for his giggling whilst commentating


Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

HOLY COW! What a menu! You'll be cooking all DAY! I hope Santa brings a nice backrub & bubble bath for you! XOXOXOXO

John C said...

The cat doth freaketh me outeth. Lookatdemeyes, LOOKATDEMEYES! lol

Daddy Papersurfer said...

OK, what's the real menu?


Pikelet smothered in lard

Main Course

Roasted Black Pudding with pureed ferret and a selection of chips [chunky and French fries]


HP and tomato


A Mars bar cut up into individual proportions

[Sorry about the cold - hope you feel better soon - *hugs*]

Anonymous said...

holy cow indeed! are you really making ALL that food from scratch? are you mad woman?

70steen said...

ooo back rub Olga now you are talking ;-) x

70steen said...

LOOKATDEMEYES!... run away John arghhhhhh!!

70steen said...

DP shuuuuush I was trying to impress with my culinery skills and you give out all my secrets tsk !! ;-)

70steen said...

Nm ~ I love cooking and really it is no different to cooking a full Sunday roast ... everything will be prepared today and then just chuck it in the oven & pour a glass of Spanish sherry lol :-)

John C said...

:runs away like a mad teletubbie on fire screaming: