Saturday, 20 December 2008

20th December 1979

Got up at 10.00
Went into Stafford to meet Sam
Went to the Nags Head
Met up with Sam's sister and went to the Malt & Hops & The Top of the World
Stayed in all night

Apart from take the pup on a big hike (to clear my head) I have done nothing today. It was actually quite nice :-)
Just got back from taking teen to meet up with her mates at a restaurant for a birthday bash. Last week we bought a 'joint' pair of shoes. Some how I don't think they will ever be allowed near my feet ... my teen is 5ft 9" tall and with these on she must be 6ft... how tiny did I feel!!.....she looked stunning though :-)

Advent 20
This is an odd website about upside down dogs
Perhaps I should send pups photo in (she was 12 weeks old here)

The game today is good ... except my grey cells are a bit pickled after last nights partying into the wee small hours .... it is a word game to train your brain

Some people are so clever ... awesome

I have a very special visitor from across the pond who has just arrived ... I will be posting about him very soon here hopefully tomorrow ????


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Teen is 5'9"!!!?! - blimey - you'd better stop feeding her.

It's good to have a day doing nothing ...... or a week ............ or several months ........

70steen said...

she has always been tall .... when she was 3 she was 3ft tall .... thankfully, I think, she has stopped growing now.. (thought this last year then suddenly another inch appeared!!!)

Anonymous said...

those shoes are divine - you two must be in shoe heaven

70steen said...

NM~ Teen has certainly inherited my shoegene lol :-)