Wednesday, 31 December 2008

31st December 1979

Got up at 12.00
Went into Stafford
Bought 2 M&S (Marks & Spencer) cookery books
Made spaghetti bolognese
Went to Hixon at 10.30 pm = great 'do'
I went as Charlie Chaplin
Sam went as a Teddy Boy
See new diary
happy new year

(hey we have matching 'mussies' lol)
Just to wish you all a very Happy New Year

I think my last diary entry has decided the 'diary of a 70s teens' fate.... roll on the 80s :-)
I am off this evening into an internet free zone (a strange old place to be sure).. I hope you all have a great time

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar.....Nouvelle année heureuse .......Glückliches neues Jahr ......Καλή χρονιά ...Nuovo anno felice ....Ano novo feliz ....С новым годом ...Feliz Año Nuevo (thank you Babelfish lol)

70s xxx


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I do love a gal with a 'tache' ...... will we see you later at the FMB party? - if not, have a fab time *hugs*

John C said...

I can't believe she blogged the WHOLE Thanggggg!

Congratulations, 70s.

...or rather, 80Sadult. Yuck yuck!

tNb said...

Happy New Year!! Have a great time without the Internet, with any luck it will still be here in '09! ;-)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

What IS this strange place you speak of?...the "internet free zone"...???

Where ever you are...have a safe and FUN time & I'll see ya next year! (Literally, I hope!) Mmmmmmmmmmmm-wah!

Bill said...

Condiments of the season to you, 70's!

70steen said...

DP ~ great 'tasche' hey ... be there or be square daddy oh!!

70steen said...

John C~ oh no adult 80s yuck yuck yuck ... don't like being an adult (mmm? no where did I put those 80s diaries???)

70steen said...

tNb ~ I have had to forgo non internet land due to unforeseen bad weather .. snow, freezing fog etc
So I am having an impromptu internet New Years do lol ;-)

70steen said...

Olga ~ never fear nature has taken care of the internet free zone

see you over at the party on FMB

I do hope you can make it over next year xoxox

70steen said...

William ~ condiments to you too I hope 09 is a blast for you x

The Rev. said...

Happiest of Happy New Years to you, my dear!

The Rev. said...

Oh, and definitely a good idea to stay in and skip the ice.

(Out my window it's fifty degrees (above zero)). Crazy.

Anonymous said...

love the costume xx

Erica said...

I loved reading this blog! I will continue to follow up...I also love the vintage photos in your blog and to the left. I remember tiger beat. Wow!

70steen said...

Hi Erica thank you and welcome to my blog :-)

I must pop along and visit you but I am just back form a long day in London and am soooo tired

I will add you to my friends list so I can find you again :-)