Saturday, 13 December 2008

12th & 13th December 1979

College 11.00 - 1.00
Dossed around town skiving til 3.00
came home
Washed, cleaned & cooked
went to see Mar in hospital
She looked groggy after the anesthetic
Spoke to Sam 2 x

Mar = out of hospital
came home at 4.30
Went to the supermarket and cooked the tea
Washed up
Washed my hair and had a bath
Packed for tomorrow
Sam phoned at 10.20 = he sounded in an ok mood
2nd and final works Christmas do yesterday. It was a quite a good laugh, some had been out for a meal so where fairly squiffy by the time I arrived at 4. I had not seen many of my new colleagues drunk before hee hee

So with my absence yesterday there are two days of advent to deal with
Advent 12 & 13

I had a go at this game last night under the influence of a few vodka & tonics ... not easy when your reactions are slightly off, I reckon it would be a good game for the police to use to prove you have drunk too much ... anyway just collect as many of the pink face things as you can .. 100 each level to keep you in the game. I got around 6000 points last night and I think it could be addictive (CKX is up to 40,060 on the easy level)

Love this Super Mario game ... must have another go tomorrow

This blog is excellent ... I have been laughing my little socks off at the 'sexy people' here ... must book mark this one and see what new faces come up

In Liverpool during the 08 celebrations the city was awash with Superlambananas.
The museum have done a special one for Christmas ... check out their Flikr site ... CKX has had his paint brush out too ...
I wonder how long this took to cut through with a bendy saw??

This is definitely ' dog revenge' sfter being put in a silly cone collar!! lol
awwww just simply sooo cute :-)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Mario games are usually good ...... now, when I was younger ........

That is one HUGE tree - their arms must have been very tired and I like the dog satellite dish ...... and it's snowing! I think Sylvie helped you .......

fracas said...

Oh, those are some of the sexiest people I've ever seen! I love 'unknown'. He has theee best haircut ever!

I looked for DP though... is he on an archive page?

John C said...

Recently I saw on the last two DVDs I rented teaser shots of Clockwork Orange. I never saw it before, so I'm hoping either my local library or Blockbuster rental can get their hands on a copy.

Uh...just asking, but are there little white things zig zagging on your side background of this blog, and if so, how long has that been going on?

Annie Mouse said...

you took pictures of the church right by my school with the bunny on and you didn't even pop in to see me. how sad

Anonymous said...

love the sexy peope site. but there are only 2 australians on it and no new zealanders....

70steen said...

DP ~ mario is always good but you must try the pink faced oick up game it is good
It is amazing in years gone by how they could master the biggest of things with just a rusty bendy thing .. lol

70steen said...

hee hee Dear Frac .. I didn't spot DP either but there were some 'possibles'
The unknown is a star .. great hair do lol :-)

70steen said...

Hi John
clockwork Orange is a classic UK movie .. can't guarantee whether you would enjoy it though .. would be interested to know what you think?

The zig zaggy side bar ?? dunno how long it has been there ..?? probably as long as I have changed my blog image !! It looks ok here is it annoying elsewhere ??

70steen said...

Annie hi .... I thought we had settled that & I thought you were elsewhere that day .. sorry :(

70steen said...

NM ~ what no New Zealanders...that can't be right lol :-)