Tuesday, 16 December 2008

16th December 1979

Sam = sick all morning (mmm too much to drink maybe??)
His grandparents from Manchester came down
Stayed in all day & night
Played Monopoly
I lost (nothing new there when it comes to playing games lol)
Watched 'Bananas' Woody Allen
Went to bed at 1.00 am

A big thank you to Nurse Myra for this brilliant card (just couldn't find a decent knitting Christmas card over here .. maybe I have found a niche market??) and gorgeous present, (which I have had to prise from Teen's hand ... 'awww Mum that is so cute can I have it?' ... ermm NO)

Nurse Myra also asked in my comments yesterday what New Zealand Christmas decoration I have ..... here it is..... a cute green kiwi lol

Advent Day 16

I love the internet and the world it has opened up but this site has confirmed just why I love it so much. The photography here is awesome and what amazing pieces of art.

Not had time to play this game yet as my old boy PC won't load it (need to try on young lappytop once Teen lets go of it!)... apparently it is addictive .. CKX is stuck at level 11

Can't get into the post it note fun either :-(

this is really a contented photo .....just love it, how peaceful must that be lying on your back on a lilly pad gazing up at the sky!

How 'mean' looking are these kids .. glad they are caged in lol


Anonymous said...

gosh that card got there quick!

I want to live in the castle featured on the landscape site and then I could spend my days creating sticky note streamers

John C said...

Bananas! Now that I understand! Can you pass the orb, please m'lady?

The Rev. said...

Those kids Lifers? They've got that thousand yard stare in their eyes...

70steen said...

NM ~ I am afraid that my parcel to you won't get there in time I was a week past Christmas 'guaranteed' to arrive date :(

The photos are fabulous aren't they .. they are the things dreams are made of :)

70steen said...

Passing the orb over John ... hee hee

70steen said...

Rev ~ haven't they just ... I am so glad I am not their mother ... ;-)

John C said...

No way, I'm "Woody Allenin'" all over it with my hands.

I think that this scene in particular was the inspiration for the similar 'telepathy link' machine in "Demolition Man" with Sylvester Stallone.