Sunday, 14 December 2008

14th December 1979

Friday 14
Go to Stafford

Got to Stafford at 4.45
Met Sam at 5
went for Christmas dinner at the Woolpack
= nice but such a lot of food
Home at 11.00

An exhausting weekend of cleaning, putting up decorations and Christmas shopping. I have decided on duck & pork for xmas dinner (sounds a bit pornographic when you put the 2 together lol).. only to be told by my mum my brothers don't like duck... sheesh!!#
The trees are up ... the main tree is a 'memory tree'.. it has bits from around the world .. places I have visited and places friends have visited & old stuff that mean things to me and teen. It is not changed theme wise to match the decor.
It is a delight to see my teen aww & ahh as she unwraps them and remembers them from previous years ..

This Santa is as old as me .. my gran bought it for me when I was a kid
This came from from Florida on my teens first Christmas

Then there is the Angel Tree in the conservatory.. it has an aray of angels from conventional ones to pigs, bears and disco divas lol

Advent 14
This is Loverly
Much easier tree decorating than doing it for real... btw it is -10 in the North Pole brrrrr

I am so rubbish at cricket in the real world why I thought I would be better 'virtual'.. I was deluded...

Is it christmas yet??


nursemyra said...

LOVE your trees and especially the old santa - he's a darling.

what's the story behind the aussie decoration?

fracas said...

Mirror balls on your tree 70s... lol, lol, lol... but only because I have them too! How funny is that?

We finally did the tree last night. I will have some pics shortly if for no other reason now than to prove the mirror ball conspiracy. ;-)

70steen said...

Thank you NM ~ the Aussie dec was bought by my friend who went to Oz, Singapore, Hong Kong & New Zealand last Christmas ... so I have one decoration from each of the countries. She went to Sydney in 2000 so have a Milenium kangaroo too :-)

70steen said...

hee hee Dear Frac ~ of course I have glitter balls on my tree... oo 'glitterball conspiracy' ... that could be a cool name of a book lol ;-)

nursemyra said...

what did she bring you from new zealand?

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

The best part of decorating the tree is FOR SURE the memories each ornament evokes...

70steen said...

NM ~ I have posted the New Zealand dec tonight :-) so cute

70steen said...

isn't it just Olga... every year I and teen say stuff like 'oh I has forgotten about this'... ' aww I remember when .. ' etc ... I fear my teen has inherited my 'Dory' gene (reference 'Nemo')