Saturday, 23 May 2009

Monday 23 1983
Exams start
(I was now at Liverpool Polytechnic.. now John Moores University.. studying Business and Finance with Marketing... yes I hated Business studies aged 18 but after 2 years out of education I got an appetite for it. It is quiet amusing as I am doing a Foundation Degree course through work just now (following on from my 'Professional Cerificate in Management ' with Open Unversity and I am actually using one of the books I used back in 1983... 'Understanding Organisations' by Charles Handy somethings don't change I guess!)

Wednesday 23 1990
Went to Reading to set up new concession
(by now I was travelling the length & breath of the UK... one day Glasgow next day London. It was the best of jobs.. full expense account, company car... full autonomy in where I went and when I did it .... unfortunately in 1991 the company was taken over and I was made redundant. boo hoo! I did have my day in court though and successfully sued them for unfair dismissal... )

Thursday 24 1979
General Studies A'level
Exam in the morning = really difficult (how can General Studies be difficult . I have no idea if I passed it or not!)

Wednesday 25 1977
European Cup Final
Liverpool vBorussia Munchengladbach.(Yoh we won 3-1 tra la la)
I predicted the score
French aural exam in a.m.
German oral exam in p.m (how cruel & tough is that ....2 language eaxms in one day I bet I didn't know my bratwursts from my les saucisses by the end of it !!?)
Went to a part at the Dixieland with 'J' (after this day what else would I do except party lol)
All is not well with Blogger. I can comment sometimes and not others ... I can post images then I can't. Ok Google what is the crack here? I am even using Google Chrome now and I must admit the service is better than Firefox at the moment. I am tempted to move my blog elsewhere but being a technophobe I am resisting the draw of a sparkly new blog.. but I may yet be tempted. However I am not fully convinced it isn't something to do with my ISP!!!
Poor Gitwizard is also having similar problems.

Well it has been a lovely Bank Holiday weekend oop Norff... the sun has shone and I had my first breakfast of 2009 in the garden :-)
If anyone is interested it is a seedy kinda bread toasted with Philadelphia Light.. a cup of Earl Grey hosted by Olga and a read of a very interesting book accompanied by a cat on the table and puppy on my lap and birds twittering around me :-)

Today I headed to Southport and dropped Teen in the town then gardened for my mother ... she has a most amazingly large garden but not so amazing when you are 78 I suppose and are reliant on your kids to keep it under control.. but the sun shined and I got loads done ( the 'glass back' is complaining a bit tonight but it felt good to be out and doing stuff)

I have a tough week ahead and only 4 days to do what I have to do.. it is like this! ... what I have proposed (I can't tell you what ) .. have asked for comments from many and am having to piece it all together for a coherent paper by Friday.. no pressure !! I guess this is why I am in the job I am and why they pay me .... personally I would rather be in my sandals walking in the sand ... hey ho maybe one day !!


gitwizard said...

I am in awe of your academic quals, your Teen should learn from you.

Can't respond to comments at mine..................

This is still one of the best blogs on the blogoverse.

70steen said...

aw thank you GW ... I do feel quite a geek at times with typos (my teen calls me a geek too!)
I changed my template and went onto Google chrome and all seems well with the world just now.. maybe give that a go too?

*blushing* at your accolade .. really I am

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Well done on the 'day in court' thang. I once had to take an idiot goddess through the small claims court. It was hardly worth the worry but sometimes a peabrain has to do what a peabrain has to do.

Firefox has crashed for me several times recently but seems to have steadied down now. I've always had to refresh it every so often ..... and still giggling at the thought of you piecing together a 'coherent paper' - tee hee heeeeeeee

[Seriously - I have no idea how you cope - it would drive me completely nuts] [no need to respond to last remark ......] .........[ no, really]

Anonymous said...

I use Chrome and really like it. Why don't you ditch blogger and come on over to Wordpress. You know that's where the cool kids hang these days.....

Daddy Papersurfer said...

This inability to comment on your own blogs is very strange isn't it? ..... peaceful though - tee hee hee

gitwizard said...

Still can't comment at mine.I think a move to Wordpress is required.

Thankyou muchly 4 the link, luvving the 'internetlimbolandspace' BTW.

shle3pyb4by said...

hey there... :) having a bread with Philadelphia spread, and tea and cat, and a dog and the birds chirping happily... with sun shine... it is a bliss!! ;)

ah well... *twirl*

70steen said...

DP~ yes the court thang was a great day andexperience particularly as I defended myself and they brought in a barrister hee hee
The coherent paper is almost coherent .. 2 days hard slog .. my brain is mush [no comment... or else I shall.....]lol

70steen said...

NM~ I know all the cool kids in the class use WP I must look into it ... do you think I will be able to join such an elite group??

70steen said...

GW ~ lol yes it sort of sums up the state doesn't it and btw you are welcome

70steen said...

B4By hi *twirl*
Nice to see you ... ye it was great at the weekend and a lovely way to start the day .... the weather has been rubbish since though :(

fracas said...

If I pretend to be 78, will you come to Canada and help me with my garden too? ;-)

(I've just been at DP's, trying to convince him to do the same.)

shle3pyb4by said...

yeah, it is a bit weird with the weather. seriously. even the same over here. 5 minutes it was sunny, then somehow it breaks into heavy rains? phew! really really strange!! is that what you called the global warming? hmm... confusing!