Wednesday, 13 May 2009

11th, 12th & 13th May

Wednesday 11 1977
We may be getting a phone through my brothers work (can you imagine not having a phone?)
The 4th Year boys went to Woodvale airfield (obviously they thought us gals wouldn't be interested ... suppose they were right!! No make up and fashion to be had there)
The Red Arrows were there (I get do an 'ah!' feeling when I think of the Red Arrows, I have seen them so many, many times whilst growing up...I certainly am humbled by how skillful these guys are. I so remember the first time I saw the red, white and blue smoke and thought it was magic!)

In 1975 there was a partial eclipse (according to my diary!)

Thursday 12 1977
Watched Top of the Pops
Sketched on school field (it must have been a sunny day as this was rare to be able to go out and have a lesson on the field)
Played rounders after school
My back is hurting (ahh yes .. so young to have a crook back that has plagued me ever since ... gawd 32 years tsk!!)

In 1978 I was taking my German translation exam and it was hard. Afterwards we all went to the pub..... (my Teen had her first GCSE today Religious Education .. she thought part of it was tough.. she came home and got into her PJs and chilled ... my what a difference!!)

Tuesday 13 1982
Played snooker in the snooker club (well what else would you play in a snooker club??)

I had a lovely drive down to Hereford and back on Monday. The sun shone and only encountered 2 tractors and one very annoying lorry driver who was trying to make me overtake a cement lorry that was going 40mph instead of 50 on single lane windy roads!! So thank you the man from DB Plastics Ltd for making 10 miles of my journey 'interesting' to say the least you wally!! (yes I have decided I will name and shame, I think that driver needs to listen to the soothing music on their website!!)

Oh there was another blip on the journey. I was driving along listening to Radio One, as I said the sun was shining but I noticed just how much roadkill there was I passed... badgers, pheasants, rabbits, foxes, etc .... when suddenly two bunnies appeared at the side of the road frolicking around as they do and one shot out in the road in front of me. I swerved but Thumper got a huge thump from my back wheel..... so sad :(

Driving back from a shopping trip in Warrington this evening Teen flicked through the radio stations to Key 103 and we came across this ... 'DP's Happy Hour' .... surely this is an oxymoronic statement of the man himself does he have a happy hour??? Answers on a postcard pwwwease!! lol

On an even lighter note... somethings just make you laugh out loud in public and this card did it for me this evening whilst in the supermarket ... superb (as I am having a busy old full on week)


gitwizard said...

Wasn't too sure of your new 'Diary' at first, but now I love it, you definitely have a talent blogging-wise.

Was a bit dismayed by you saying that you were listening to Radio1. Daytime Radio1??????

OK, I'm an ol'git too, but DAYTIME RADIO1???????

Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Annie Nightingale, Rob d'Bank, Fabio & Grooverider, Gilles Peterson all class acts................pleeeease
don't tell me you listen to that moron Chris Moyles....

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I had no idea I was a radio star *preens* ..... and an aptly named show as well - I'm always happy and upbeat. Now about the 'ickle bummy wabbit you murdered ......

[Did you see that there's a female pilot on the Red Arrow Team now? - I hope she can park properly - tee hee]

70steen said...

Thank GW you are too kind re your comment about me being blog-wise lol

I am just about to burst your bubble I LOVE Chris Moyles and his team they so make me laugh in the morning on the way to work ... it is a whole heap of micky taking mates... a bit like my last job and I loved it ,,,, soz!

70steen said...

DP ~ I was sniggering to myself when it said on the radio 'hey this is DPs Happy Hour' how funny

awww don't mention the ickle bittle bunny wabbit...I am that murderer yes I confess 'only could have caught me gov' [I did have to try very hard not to cry .. my makeup would have been ruined]

Talking of make up I hope the girl Red Arrow pilot doesn't try the old lippy in the rear view mirror maneuver whilst flying over my head !!