Sunday, 3 May 2009

2nd & 3rd May

Tuesday 2 1978 (extracts)

Maths CSE paper 2
2 hrs 10 minutes

Start 9.30 am

Sad Cafe concert 7.30

Have failed my Maths exam with flying colours = quite hard (actually I passed got a Grade 1 which was equivalent to a GCE Grade C... I was amazed I can tell you!!)
Sad cafe = brilliant
Played pool in the 'Brick' afterwards
Got home at 11.00 pm

Wednesday 3 1977
Bev went to Liverpool mit Budge (obviously practicing my German )
Saw G, he's had his hair cut it looks ok
Sat with Trace in biology told her I fancied G (I wonder if that was wise??)

Gawd I have been decorating all day and am bloody knackered. I did the hall at Easter and thus the decorating bug has spread through my veins.
The dining room was last done ages ago in ivory but have never really liked it because it always looked dull and dingy. Now it is white with the alcoves in 'Willow tree' by Dulux .... it is looking better already.
Next it will be freshening up the kitchen and I have decided to turn the conservatory into a studio.
I need somewhere I can put all my art stuff plus Teen is taking graphic design, textiles, media studies and English A'levels at college in September so she will need somewhere to work too. Plus she has been mithering to get the dress makers mannequin down from the loft.

She is quite a beast (the mannequin not Teen ... although??? lol) so she needs some considered space

Oh well off to watch the new series with Martin Clunes trolling around Britain ... it looks promisingly good


gitwizard said...

I used to work as a painter/decorator years ago, really enjoyed it apart from constantly smelling of white spirit, I always seemed to get as much paint on me as I did on whatever I was painting

70steen said...

no white spirit here unless it is vodka lol ... I tend to pick water based paints these days .. it is easier on the clean up

I do enjoy painting as I find it is a shut down for my brain but I must confess I am a really messy painter ... loads of me covered in paint .. mmmm when Teen was a young 'un I was painting her bedroom and had a whole tin of yellow paint poured on my head ..... handy hint take tin off step ladder before moving ladder !!

gitwizard said...

Pity you weren't blogging back then, would've made a good 'Mellow Yellow' shot! But I guess you weren't feeling so mellow?

Anonymous said...

What is Martin Clunes doing now? Still behaving badly?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

I think an investment in a large studio complex in the garden is called for. The teen is obviously going to need space as well as your good self. Build it with a lovely view over the playing fields - I reckon about £4000 should do it .... money well spent.

Now, about shutting down your brain .... have you tried a peg?

Anonymous said...

that green may well be the same green my new bedroom is painted. I know it's from the Dulux range....

70steen said...

hee hee GW yes that would have made a good piccy and post ... it was one of those 'should I laugh or cry?' I laughed lol

70steen said...

DP ~ great suggestion but alas flawed ... 1. where do I get 4 grand from? 2. Do I really want the scruffy spotty erks from the school looking at me & 3. SPIDERS!!!!

p.s. do pegs work??

70steen said...

Hi Archie ~ Martin is no longer behaving badly he is all grown up now ... it has the promise of a great 3 part series 'Islands of Britain'

70steen said...

NM~ I have green in my bedroom too ... it is very relaxing :-)

fracas said...

Oh lol... we are a bunch, aren't we? A few months back, I purchased a sagey green suedey kind of runner for the buffet sideboard and top of the piano. It's to be the color of the feature wall in the dining room. We've been waiting for the warmer weather to paint because daughter has trouble with the smells and need the fresh air to come through to air it out more quickly.

Isn't that a hoot? All of us choosing the same kind of color to use?

Must be something witchy afoot...

70steen said...

Subtle green is obviously a goddess colour and great minds think alike around the world of course ;-)