Tuesday, 19 May 2009

17th , 18th &19th May

Tuesday 17 1977
I have been made Deputy Head Girl.
Kate is just a prefect (oooo pass the milk meow)
Julie is calling for me @ 7.45am tomorrow
We will reach London @ about 12.15.
We will be home @ about 10.00

My how it has changed I can be in London from Manchester in less than 2 hours now .. phew at least it gets me out of flying down there!!!

Wednesday 18 1977
Going to London
It was great
Went to the Geological Museum, Harrods and various other places
Got home at 10.30 pm

I was taking Geology O'level as an extra ... I used to do it in my lunch time... wow how geeky is that??? I never did sit the exam as it was deemed to be too much with all my other subjects. Shame really as I am fascinated by old fossils ... oh hi DP didn't see you there *snigger*

Wednesday 19 1982
Stayed in (bloody hell that would be a first lol)

Went to watch the Manchester 10k run on Sunday. What a fabulous morning. Those who ran it I applaud you ... what an effort particularly the complete amateurs who have trained just so they can do this run and raise money for causes dear to their hearts. A very big WELL DONE everyone.
I took loads of photos and I will pop them up on Flickr soon ... I have put a few up on there already ... I wanted to capture the sheer elation and the looks of relief so positioned myself just beyond the finishing line. Teen was a bit 'ooo Mum ! he just threw up ' 'that man is foaming at the mouth' etc etc ... yes indeed if I had just run 10k I think I would be throwing up too lol
Over the loud speaker came these words 'If you are inspired by what you have seen today and want to tale part next year.. visit www. blar blar blar' Thanks but no thanks I still have nightmares from running lond distance at school .. I have always been in the Usain Bolt school of altheltics .. fast and done (He ran 150 metres in 14.43 seconds on Sunday down a stretch of road I walk down every day.. I am going to time myself walking it and will let you know how long it took me!! :-)

Thank you FuelMyBlog for featuring today the photo of deck chairs that were put out for the event on Sunday :-)

Teen left High Scool today. I can't tell you how fast the past 5 years have gone... it was like a blink of an eye.
She was a bt teary leaving but is eager to get to college on the next step of her life.
How sweet this morning. Because we live in the school grounds our house is a stopping off point for Teen's mates. Every morning it is a bit like Piccadilly Station I am up and down answering the door (I should have got them all keys cut!!) I make them cups of coffee whilst they wait for Teen to get ready ...
Anyway this morning one of her mates came to the door with a big bunch of flowers for me ... 'what they are for me ?' 'Yes' she replied' because you have been so lovely and kind to over the past 5 years'

Let's say Teen was not the only one teary today ......they are great Teens & think I will miss them calling ...... the end of an era ... I expect the next stage is them rolling in drunk off the last train (yes we are the nearest to the local train station lol)


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Blimey the teen is growing up fast ...and what a lovely friend with the flowers an' all. I'm actually as hopeful as I ever was about kids today - the vast majority are just fine .....

Please note I have ignored the 'deputy head girl' bit *bites tongue* and the 'old fossil' bit *sucks toast*

Anonymous said...

How come you live in school grounds?

Anonymous said...

I have succeeded in visiting our local museum looking at me old mates the dinosuars. I avoided becoming an exhibit (wonder if DP or GW can do the same - - -). I was allowed back out the door. And Teen's mates sound like the best!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Are you still having problems answering comments?

I'll help then ....

@DP Brilliant as usual

@NM Beautiful as ever

@Archie ..... oh .... hello


Anonymous said...

[making no reply, I tie DP's shoelaces together]

70steen said...

DP ~ yes I too have faith in the Teens of today they mostly get a bad press ... how is your tongue ?

Thank you for filling in for me ... just one problem ... there were no typos lol

70steen said...

NM ~ take a look on Google Maps it will explain it ;-)

70steen said...

Hee hee Archie ... did you keep moving so they didn't have time to stick an exhibit label on you ??

Yes Teens mates are lovely :-)

[nice wheeze the shoe lace trick *snigger*]