Saturday, 16 May 2009

Eurovison Interlude

Tonight is the Eurovision Song Contest.

I have been a fan ever since I can recall
(mm the first one I seriously remember was in 1967 'Puppet on a String' sang by Sandie Shaw... I bounced on my bed aged 5 singing the song out loud to the radio. After that I recall listening to it on the radio under the covers as I was supposed to be asleep.)

So for your viewing delights I looked up who won in relation to the years of my diaries I still have & oh and where we came

22nd March 1975
... Winner was Teach-In from the Netherlands with 'Ding-a-Dong'

we came 2nd with the Shadows with 'Let me be the one'. Oh do listen to it ... it will be in your mental jukebox all day lol

oooo on that day I 'went to Mud concert it was great. I love Les Gray'.. .. .. loads of Tiger Feet dancing I expect

7th May 1977
.... top spot went to L'oisseau et l'enfant' by Marie Myrian from France ..we came 2nd with Lyndsey de Paul & Mike Moran 'Rock Bottom'

Oh that was the day I saw 'Our Kid' in Liverpool

Just had to show this one .... a typical 70s rubbish promo video ... but it is great lol

22nd April 1978
... Winner Isreal with "A-Ba-Ni-Bi" by Izhar Cohen & Alphabeta.. we came 11th with CoCo and "
The Bad Old Days" (complete rubbish!! but I will give Cheryl Baker some credit she was persistent)

On this day I worked from 10.30 - 6.15.. my mate Bev was in a nark with me.. Sam came round and we had a 'good time!!' (don't ask!!!!!)

19th April 1979
.. Winner Israel (again) with 'Hallejah' by Gali Atari (isn't that a game?) & Milk & Honey.. we came 7th with Black Lace and 'Mary Ann' (not surprised there at all ... that was rubbish too)
I got up at 10.00. Went to town & bought £3s worth of material to make a jacket

24th April 1982
.. Gosh Germany won with 'Ein bisschen Frieden' sang by Nicole (a tra la la la along with type of tune!) ... we were 7th with Bardo and 'One Step Further'

Went to a jumble sale... watched a football game Formby v Hyde (4-1 to Hyde).. partied at Mikes (mmm I wonder if it was a Euro Party?? Probably not)

23rd April 1983
.. Luxembourg won!(do they ever win anything??) .. Corrine Hermes (I had a Hermes scarf once and I cut it up for dolls bedding!!) ... we came 6th with 'I'm never giving up' by Sweet Dreams

Nothing in the diary except a reminder for my Mums Birthday !

5th May 1984
.. Winner 'Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley' (wtf!!) by Herreys from Sweden!! we came 7th behind this with 'Love games' by Belle and the Devotions

Superb EuroTrash !! God our song must have been complete pants !!!
Nothing in the diary let me think? .. May 1984?... ah yes! I was about to sit my final exams in Business and Finance with Marketing at the now John Moores University ...

15th May 1993
... Winner Ireland with Niamh Kavanagh & 'In your Eyes'... we came 2nd with a fellow Scouser Sonia with 'Better the Devil you Know'

Nothing in this diary for today but I do know I was way heavily pregnant with teen with only 4 weeks to go :-)

So tonight me and Teen will be watching it ... & ordering a take away ... more about that in another post.
So good luck Jade ... I think you may need it


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I, of course, have much better things to do eg. watch Britain's Got Talent - actually, I'll probably catch up later in the evening - it won't be the same with Terry Wogan gone missing ......

Gail said...

Who could ever forget Ding-A-Dong? It represents everything that Eurovision is about. I love the kitsch show but unfortunately will miss tonight's extravaganza. It will be Just My Luck if UK ends up winning!

fracas said...

I have no idea what you're talking about sis... but I'll cheer for your favorite. ;-)

Don't mind DP.. he might love to pledge better things to do but a little birdie told me he really plans to spend a great deal of time at some Loo-au he's having. I've sent air-freshener.

70steen said...

DP ~ I know is quite a quandary BGT & Eurovision at the same time ... how rubbish is that... I can see a bit of channel hopping going on ... know what you mean about not having Tez there ... it's like having Christmas without Santa !!

70steen said...

Hi Gail How are you? I must pop over and catch up :-)
I couldn't remember Ding-a-Dong but as soon as I heard it I was instantly flung back 30 years lol
I wonder if it will be a kitsch tonight as it has been in the past .. apparently the Russians have really pushed to the boat out ... have a lovely evening :-)

70steen said...

hee hee Dear Frac I suppose you wouldn't have any idea about Eurovision ... I guess it isn't big across the pond but I think somehow you would enjoy it :-)

DP has built that Loo-au in loo (lieu) of his new shed arriving I suspect lol

gitwizard said...

I'm sooo glad I don't have a TV. Terry Wogan is a radio God.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching it too. The mind boggles.....

and I can't believe you cut up a Hermes scarf!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Did we win!!!!!?! - tee hee

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Is this kinda like American Idol...but not?

70steen said...

GW ~ you missed a treat lol

NM ~ yes I cut up a Hermes ... I didn't realise until sometime later what it was & Mum would have had no idea about what the woman she cleaned for had given her .... ho hum

DP ~ mmm I think you know the answer to your question at least we didn't come last

Olga ~ no not really each country sends a representative to sing a song most are established singers in their countries ... don't know if there is a cross US type contest the same probably not

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You have to speak very slowly to Olga ....... you know why .....

70steen said...

do...... I?........ why?

sylvied said...

heheh...Sweden was worrying and France out of context...England could only say 4 words all in all a cracking Eurovision contest!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wanted Turkey to win!

sylvied said...

Marie Myriam looks just like Jane from the cruise reality show don't you think?

70steen said...

Sylvie ~ yes it was a cracking Eurovison ... each year I think it will lose its charm and every year I pleasantly surprised it hasn't lol

Must Google 'Jane and the Cruise' (I have no idea what that is?)

70steen said...

NM ~ I must you tube Turkey's entry I can't remember what that was like now ... I remember Greece's though .. he was quite cute ;-)

sylvied said...

Jane Mc Donald, from that cruise reality show, the singer!!! can't believe you don't know who I mean by Jane from the cruise show! lol!