Sunday, 29 March 2009

27th, 28th, 29th & 30th March 1980

Thursday 27
Got up at 10.00
Me & Fi went into college at 11.00
Sat chatting with Bernie & Claire til 3.00
Stayed in all night
Bed at 10.30

Friday 28
Got up at 10.45
Met Fi.Stan & Chez in town
Went to the Scarisbrick for a bevy

Had a really good laugh
Sam arrived at 7.30
Went to the Railway in Formby
Had a god night had a natter with 'my now ex -husband'
Sam and him reminiscing over old times
Home at 11.30
Watched 'Outer Limits' (so loved Outer Limits)
Bed at 1.00

Saturday 29
Work 9-6
Met Sam at 1.00
I was in both shops this morning = quite busy
Put 50p each way on RATHLEK but BEN NEVIS won
Only 4 horses finished
So much for 'my now ex husbands' "dead cert" MAN ALIVE
Went to the Art Centre & met Stan
Then went to the Snooty Fox & then a film (mmm I wonder what we saw??)
Home at 1.30

Sunday 30
Got up at 9.30
Went to Waterloo to Sam's Grans
It was a lovely day & we did her garden
Sam's grandad took us to Hillside & we went to Fi's
Came home at 5.30
Sam left at 7.30
I will so miss him
Watched Agatha Christies 'Why didn't they ask Evans?'

So the weekend is over once again .. how quickly does it pass by?
Today I went to my cousins Ruby Wedding do along with his retirement bit. It was lovely to catch up with him and family.

So what have I missed in the 1980 as number one hits since 'Coward of the County'.. Kenny Rodgers

Blondie 'Atomic' 1st March for 2 weeks
Fern Kenny 'Together we are beautiful' March 15th for 1 week

The Jam 'Going Underground' March 22nd for 3 weeks

An interesting month that went from a mix girl/boy sound to a complete girlie sound to a complete boy sound............


gitwizard said...

Can't remember if I told you I went
to school with Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69),
but my best mate at school lived opposite Paul Weller in Woking.

gitwizard said...

And Rick Astley, used to drink in our local in Worthing of course, (he
was quite a nice guy, despite the crap world wide Number 1).

fracas said...

Did you have a wee soap opera happening there? You really must tell us how you ended up with the (now ex-husband) instead of Sam.

Daddy Papersurfer said...

So Sam and Nowexhusband were comparing notes were they? ....... tsk

fracas said...

Arrrrrrrgh. Your counter thing hates me... always. I'm using the cauldron on it for sure now.

It said I had 2 comments, then I left some comments and it said I had 6 and then when I refreshed the page again it said I only had 2 again.

BUT... I noticed DP was here in between. I think he broke your counter like he broke the internet that time...

Therefore, I've decided DP needs to plan to take you and I out for a lovely dinner sometime. (Please send airline tickets to my box # DP... quick like a bunny...)

Whew. I feel better now.

shle3pyb4by said...

hey there! :)

ahh, it has been a while. just dropping in to say hello! :) xxx *twirl*

Expat mum said...

Ooh, I was playing the Jam this weekend. (That's Entertainment - one of my all time faves.)
I was born in the same hospital as Sting - but not in the same decade!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

@Fraccy - I'll add your latest request to the very very long list ....

shle3pyb4by said...

oh 70steen, just tagged you in my blog. :) i know you hate it, but if you feel free, please do it! xxx


70steen said...

GW ... wow Sham 69 that is a blast from the past .. love Paul Weller can your mate get his autigraph for me and whilst you are at it my niece just loves Rick Astley (yes I know but I have tried for years to dissuade her in this to no avail!!) )

70steen said...

Dear Frac .. hee hee almost 30 years on it does seem like the makings of a soap ... I may unravel and unveil how it all came to pass in future blogs... mm but there again ??? lol;-0

70steen said...

DP~ they were not comparing notes about me that is for sure ... maybe mutual ex's but who am I to say ?

70steen said...

Dear Frac the counter thing is pretty poo... must find a more reliable one .. feel free to break it then I won't feel bad about getting a swishier model

70steen said...

B4By HELLoooo where have you been ... but WB.
I will whizz over and pick up the tag tomorrow if that is ok I am so shle3py now ... hope all is well with you hun? x

70steen said...

HI EPM ~ how fab are the Jam .. I didn't particularly like them back in the day but love the sound today ...... you have just caused me a weak in the knees moment mentioning Sting he is a real 'corrrr' in my book ... what a claim to fame :-)

70steen said...

yes DP a table for 4 please Dear Frac, me, TG & you with fine wine and fayre ... try not to dribble please

gitwizard said...

I can do special blogggster party rates
as soon as i've fixed this aerofoil
expansion jolting device. Canada's cheap at the mo, or if you all want some sun, Orstralia will cost you a
littttle more............

gitwizard said...

I was also at school with Steve (Jock) Finnieston, knew you'd be
impressed. (Ask any OLD Chelsea
football fan).

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