Friday, 13 March 2009

13th March 1980

Thursday 13
Started cooking at 8.30 am
Finished at 12.00
Went back to Fi's absolutely knackered (I think taking A'level Food and Nutrition taught me I really didn't want to be a Master Chef... cheffing is really tough!)
Decided to go to the Jumble Sale at St. Paul's Church
Bought a purple jumper for 10p, a beige jumper for 10p, a jacket for Sam 20p and a t-shirt for 10p
(what happened to church jumble sales where you would have tables full of clothes that wifeys would fight over and there was always that 'certain' smell about the place.. I suspect they have been taken over today by car boot sales, dinating to charity shops and E Bay!!)
Got home at 4.30
Stayed in all night
Sam phoned at 4.40 & 11.00

Today is another Friday the 13th also it is Red Nose Day.

I Love RND. (click here)
I have bought my T-shirt
. Got Michelle Keegan to sign my tag.

Unfortunately I am going to a 'stuffy' meeting so I will wear my pin badge instead
(some folk just don't have a sense of humour)
Teen has her t-shirt and is wearing it to school for a 50p donation

I have bought 4 noses ........ the dog ate one..... I have followed Chris Moyles and the other celebs climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money and have sent my support and money. What a brilliant achievement they all got to the top and raised almost £2 million..

Teen & I will be sat in front of the TV tonight laughing at the humour and crying at the pain of those far less fortunate than ourselves ......
Please if you can donate then do so ... just a £1
will make such a difference to someones life ...... & please pop along to the webpage and see just what it is all about

70s x


Daddy Papersurfer said...

Its RED NOSE DAY!!!?! - I had nooooo idea ....... tee hee

John C said...

I live for Friday the 13th. It's the one holiday that comes around the most.

Killing boogeymen is such fun, tee hee.

fracas said...

I just asked over at FMB... since I wear the nose every day, should I take it off today? (The nose I mean...)

Now red thong day... that's more along the fraccy lines. Everyone wearing a pair of red thongs over their pants... that's funny.

I'm off now... have some red thong day arranging to do...

Anonymous said...

australians celebrate RND in June. I wonder why it's different

70steen said...

Dp ~ so were you really sat there watching it wearing just a red nose and a smile or is that a vicious rumour going around Twitterdom??

70steen said...

Hey JC ~ you have had 2 F13s already this year you must be delighted lol :-)

70steen said...

Dear Frac ~ yeah red thong day... I think I have a pair in my drawers !!!

70steen said...

NM ~ I hadn't realised RND was a global thing ??

Daddy Papersurfer said...

It's OK now - I'm back to normal - wearing a thong ...... "Just a thong at twilight" tra-la

Daddy Papersurfer said...

..... very similar look to Fraccy actually ....

Steven said...

Hope you all enjoyed RND, I was enjoying flu, so I didn't even need a false RN.
Is that a silly spaniel 70's, i'll send you loads of photos of my sister's dogs, the world's most photographed canines.

John C said...

I won't wear a thong...unless you pay me of course.

...70s, not you DP. Paleeeeez!

70steen said...

yes Steven that is one silly Spaniel ... but a gorgeous one too. When you make your blog you could post pictures of your red nose and your sisters dogs... go on you know you want to :-)

70steen said...

JC ~ how much???

fracas said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. DP in a thong. Not fair to do such a thing to a tired mom whose been taking care of sick children all weekend.

Similar look to fraccy though DP? Honestly, you must be drunk (or daft) to suggest such a thing!

{{I'll leave that determination up to the others...}}

John C said... much would you pay me to fly over the pond and due a professional dance...just for you alone, of course.