Sunday, 15 March 2009

16th March 1980

Sunday 16
Got up at 1 o'clock (gawd to sleep in until 1pm bliss!!)
Clocks went forward 1hr - British Summer Time begins (this year it is the 29th .. how do they work it out??)
Machined zip into jeans
Phoned Sam he was in quite a good mood!
Ann B phoned
Sorted out cookery recipe
Had a bath & hair wash
Sam phoned at 10.00
Wrote off to 5 jobs
Bed at 12 o'clock

What a fabulously gorgeous weekend it has been. The sun has shone and I have felt like I have actually had a weekend as I have been out and about & done some Spring cleaning. I understand why we do Spring cleaning because when the sun eventually shines in after the winter you realise how 'minging' everywhere looks after the darkness of winter (you realise at this time of year how you have for the past 5 or so months have gone to work in the dark & returned in the dark and the weekends are dull and dreary).
This weekend I have done this ... yes I pegged washing out for the first time since September!

How wonderful it is to see your washing dry naturally outdoors (and heaving a hugh sigh of relief that your electric bill will go down as the dryer isn't on constantly)

I went walking in woodland with the pup ... enjoying the sights of Spring

I got a bit scared at one stage as I could hear something behind me... it is quite remote where I walked the pup ... I looked round and spotted a squirrel. When he saw me he picked something up and scooted up a tree. Intrigued I had to see what he had so I followed where he had gone ...

just fabulous he was chewing on a huge bar of chocolate

see even squirrels need chocolate


fracas said...

I'm jealous.

Washing on the line... flowers? Not fair fraccy sis, not fair.

We've still got FEET of snow on the ground and while it's warmed up to from anywhere between 0 and -8 (Celsius), with wind chills, it can still feel like -10 to -20. We're happy to have it of course, since it was only last week it was -49 with the wind chill, but washing on the line just isn't possible unless one enjoys an icicle or two where the sun don't shine.

(And John... if that's you, pleeeeeeease don't tell me about it.) ;-)

John C said...

...I haunt her, and proud of it.

As for you, dear 70s...this touched my heart having more than my fair share of times trodden into the snow with loads of warm laundry from the wringer washer mom used...which was her first machine.


Daddy Papersurfer said...

I love the squirrel picture!!!! I spotted it on Twitpic as well - should become a classic!!!! - [particularly as you misspelt 'squirrel' at Twitpic .... tsk]

Weather lovely down here as well - there's must be something wrong!

Anonymous said...

wow your whites are whiter than white

diane said...

And it is nice here again today. It is SO energising isn't it? I even managed to visit all of DP's multiple blog posts today. He does get about doesn't he?

I want chocolate!

Somnambulist said...

Nothing like a pound of Cadbury's finest to shake off the hibernation wobbles.

Gitwizard said...

Love the squirrel shot, BTW I have a blog, hope the URL worked. And i've got a widget on there too, wow! this is exciting (i'm easily pleased) but I have so much to learn, thanks for the encouragement, mwah.

70steen said...

Oh dear Frac are you still playing snow people over there ? aww I am sorry but I hope you enjoyed the springy piccies from what is usually a wet and dreary Manchester.
What you need to do is hang some washing out, let it freeze and take a photo ... your neighbours (& family) will think you have totally lost it but it would be funny ;-) x

70steen said...

aww JC I am glad I have stirred up some warm memories ;-)

70steen said...

DP ~ thanks ... I know I hit send and realised I had missed an 'r'... to late to go back then doh !!

You is down Souff you always have nice weather down there or is it just a BBC spin??

70steen said...

NM ~ I must admit I am a bit 'anal' over whites... I have been brought up to separate the colours, blacks and whites carefully ...I know so many people who chuck everything in together and some of their washing is that eeeww shade of grey :-)

70steen said...

Hi Diane... doesn't the sun just bring on the energy buzz... I love it. DP is a gad about indeed ... he is quite sprightly for an old git isn't he?
I think that squirrel had heard I like chocolate (a bit like my friends kids who would hide theirs from me .. not my doing but their mum being mischievous and telling them I would steal it all lol) :-)

70steen said...

Somn ~ good point ... I am just baffled where he got it from .. it was huge. I wonder if he pinched it from Tesco ??

70steen said...

GW ~ well done that boy .... and you have a widget too .. you must be so proud lol

I have been and commented I must now add you to things. You must add yourself to FuelmyBlog too

To Blogdom and beyond the fun has just begun :-) x

gitwizard said...

I've only just started 70s, it sure is fun, but I don't know if FMB needs the likes of me........

70steen said...

GW ~ have courage. FMB is the most friendliest of places .. in 2 years I have not ventured far from the heart of what they are. I friendly, welcoming community of lovely bloggers .. which have the unique 'vetting' of blogs which is the human eye.... I blog coz I like doing it .. it is not for money it is for me .. and FMB give you that...