Saturday, 7 March 2009

3rd - 8th March 1980

Due to my absence I won't write all my dairy entries for the 6 days I will just snip out bits & give a brief outline

Monday 3
It seems I skived the morning off college as I over slept. Strolled in there at 2pm and came home at 4.45... what a stressless Monday!!

Tuesday 4
I had my interview at Marks & Spencer. The interview was 1 1/4 hours long the woman interviewing was' masculine & bullying in a way .. I don't really know if I want the job anyway' Just as well as I didn't get it!! Wrote to Rolls Royce and International Stores for jobs too

Wednesday 5
I had my interview at the Midland Bank ... now I hoped I got this post ... but alas no I didn't ! Made quiche lorraine for tea and tidied my bedroom

Thursday 6
Actually went to college on time on this day only to get the bad news I only got 33% for my mock Sociology (of course the real exams I thought I was taking were mocks doh!!) Made a time plan for Food and Nutrition and washed my clothes to go away

Friday 7
Managed to go to college for an hour and worked for 2 hours (Got £2... OMG £1 an hour!!). I went to Stafford and we went to see the 'Photos' at Stafford Polytechnic but they weren't on so saw the 'Electronics' instead and apparently they were 'crap!'

Saturday 8
Got up at 12.00 & went to Stafford shopping. In the evening we went to 'Cinderella, Rockerfellas' night club ... 'good but expensive'

My how fast has my week off work gone... mind you I have been dashing around between the North West of England and Herefordshire... I have eaten out every day and not cooked a single meal .. so that is a result in itself.....

OK back to the 80s from Mode Avantgarde published in 1980 I found an article about shops in Manchester. I moved to Manchester C1985 and worked as a manager in a major department store at the time... sadly they don't have stores anymore.

The opening statement of the article says 'What Manchester does today, the rest of the country does tomorrow'
That quite surprised me as I never thought of Manchester being a fashion icon city then.. it certainly has that feel about it now though. The statement was qualified with the information that Manchester came up with the idea of free trade upon which Victorian prosperity was based... the city boasts the first canal, the firsy railway, the first civic aerodrome and the first computer.... Rutherford split the atom here and the first Rolls Royce was made!!

What a great menu ... apparently there is still a Beaujolais Restaurant in Manchester but it is now on Portland Street .. I must check it out

I have passed this salon many times ... pleased to see it survived into the 21st century

Lisa didn't survive, the property is now part of Habitat

Don't know where this boutique was located?

mmm there is still a mans shop on Old Bank Street....

This is not far from my office and is now a swish resturant called Luso

his interior designs have changed a bit !

what the man about town was wearing in 1980... nicely coiffured hair do!!


diane said...

I moved away from Manchester in 1976. I had my hair done at Pierre Alexander on my wedding day - don't remember any of the others though. I worked at Guys and Dolls - a huge 'boutique' on 4 floors on Oldham Street every Saturday. Those were the days... I got paid £1.25 a day for a Saturday and thought I was rich :)

Where do you find those magazines? Fascinating!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely wear those leopard skin trousers!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You must let me know exactly where this 'Manchester' is - it does sound as if it's on the cutting edge.
I believe I'd have to travel in an upward direction but is it left or right at the "Three Ferrets"? Do I did a passport? and will I need to hire a translator?

Daddy Papersurfer said...

"Do I did ..." does make sense up there I assume ..... tee hee

70steen said...

Hi Daine ... how swish you had your done at Pierre's .. it looks a very expensive place

I wonder what Guys and Dolls is now? Can you remeber where on Oldham Street it was. I was up there the other week at abakan fabrics. Oldham Street went a bit down the nick but there are some very 'individual' shops up there now.
The magazines I bought in 1980... & do remember bringing them to Manchester with me when I got a flat and I have trailed them around with me ever since (they lived in the loft until last year)

70steen said...

Funnily enough NM as I was scanning that picture I thought of you ;-)

70steen said...

DP ~ head Norff and veer left if you hit the sea you have veered to harsh to the left .....

'Do I did a passport?'..... any Souvern translators around ????

diane said...

It was next door to where C&A used to be, just along from 'Chelsea Girl'. I think Chelsea Girl got taken over by River Island.... Oh the memories are flooding back!

fracas said...

Oh wow. True story...

I worked at a (Fine Dining) restaurant here, that originally was supposed to be named Truffles. Apparently, there was a problem getting the a-ok from either the one in your neck of the woods, or the one in New York (I think) and so at the last minute, the restaurant was renamed.

Quirky... no?

(So... how come no news about the art?)

70steen said...

Diane ~ I must ask my mate who knows Manchester in the early 80s ... I wil take my camera up there and see what is there now (it is weird how cities shops move ... Chelsea Girl went into the Arndale in the late 80s )

70steen said...

wow dear Frac how spooky ! I doubt it was the Manchester one that was causing the problem unless it was connected to the one in NY?

[take a look over at Random ;-)]

Colin said...

I also worked at Guys&Dolls.
Great times.
Got paid commission for selling targets and earned over £100 on a Saturday then spent it all on clothes & Pips disco & Oscers (Slack Alice)
Guys & Dolls is now Aflecks Palace.
Pips on fennel street had a big tribute to David Bowie left outside by his followers who went to the Bowie/Roxy room there. It is now offices.