Wednesday, 18 March 2009

18th March 1980

Tuesday 18
2.00 - Cookery Preparation paper
Got to college at 10.00
Came home at 11.30 cos I forgot my calculator (mmm I was a numpty then too!!)
Exam = ok
It was on the use of citrus fruits etc
I am making -
Orange & Date Tearing
Grapefruit and Orange cheesecake gateaux
Mackerel with lemon stuffing
Pissaladiere & tomato salad (anchovies where involved I do recall!)
(wowI could be on Master chef after all!!)
Got home at 5.45- no time to wash hair before I went out
Elvis Costello concert = ace
Chatted to Ben out of support group (Clive Langer and the Boxes) = nice
Went for a drink at the Snooty Fox with Chez and Ben
Got Elvis's autograph
It was his after show do there and he was staying there
Home at 12.00

(Yes I still have the ticket stub!! Wow I was no 16 issue, I realise that is a significant number for me... my ex was born on the 16th, as was my teen and I was married on the 16th too.. oh and 3 of my teens mates have birthdays on the 16th plus my god daughter was also born on the 16th .. spooky )
I do recall this night. I had not washed my hair and was wearing my hand knitted jumper I made and wore on my 18th birthday .. Ben (from the support band who where Ben Benson & the Boxes I believe and Clive Langer was the producer) sidled up to me in the foyer (when I was waiting for Chez .. who was in the Ladies) and asked if I would accompany him to the private party that Elvis Costello was having where he was staying. It was one of those ...'is he asking ME??' moments!
We did go along and Chez and I sat in the side lines and where plied with drink .. I wandered up asked Elvis C for his autograph and we left ... in haste ... hey I was 18 and had a boyfriend and was no where near as confident as I am now!!. .

Love Elvis Costello even now
classic 1980

& one of my very favs (ignore the overlay dubbed Italian I think?.. just go 2 mins in )
a wonderful song


gitwizard said...

Love E Costello's work, and his wife's...............

fracas said...

I don't suppose you saved the jumpsuit did you?

(DP was asking, he's just too shy...)

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite concerts ever was Elvis Costello at the Enmore Theatre. When the lights dimmed for his last encore and he played "I Want You" you could hear a pin drop

Daddy Papersurfer said...

You're a Groupie!!!!! I had my suspicions ........ tsk

70steen said...

GW ~ I so agree I have just borrowed a turntable that can record onto my PC.... can't wait to get my vinyl 'This Years Model' onto it and listen again :-)

70steen said...

NM ~ what a fabulous/ beautiful song .. I had temp forgotten about this

70steen said...

DP ~ groupie ?? I wish !! First 'Blood, Sweat and Tears' then 'Ben Benson'.. the world was my lobster!!